Happy Birthday, David!

Here’s to the joys of turning 20!

Interesting, but I have no clear memories of my 20th birthday because my 21st birthday – when I could legally drink! – was such a joyous and drunken celebration.

Still, it’s a momentous occasion: 2 decades on this earth. Already, David has done so much at this young age. Here’s hoping for many more decades to come and a new year of blessings and musical enrichment!

Don’t forget to tweet #HappyBdayArchie today! Happy birthday, David! 😀

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  1. happy birthday to david – here’s hoping he’s having a grand old time, and getting lotsa love from his friends, family and fans 🙂

    • I smiled when reading some of the terms you used to describe MelWEG in the previous thread (e.g., strong, prickly, brusque) because she reminds me of Hillary Clinton (whom I admire for her strength).

      • i wonder desertrat… if melinda were a man, would she be catching the flack and the criticism for many of these personality traits that have some in the fandom riled up…. men who exhibit the kind of take charge, aggressive go get em, take no prisoner style are usually thought of as leaders, strong, decisive, capable – and respected… women who exhibit these traits are labeled as bxxxxxs, or other hateful things… it this were ray, per se, would the fandom have grumbled, but accepted the message of ‘no taping, illegal’ a lot better… just sussing out some things in my head, and some undertones in a lot of those tweets flying back and forth the last few days… is her sex working against her in situations like this… i hope i’m not overly generalizing here, i’m just working through these ideas going through my head, and i’m going to speak from my pov, and my truth… some people just cannot handle or know how to process strong women – it runs counter to the ‘script’ they have been fed, or have bought into all their lives, be it from society, family, religion, what have you… from personal experiences in my career, in a heavily male dominated industry, it has been women who tend to lob the hardest verbal jabs and judgments at other women, while the males exhibiting the same or worse traits were tolerated, and in many cases rewarded for their behavior. smh. oh well. i just hope peaceful coexistence and mutual respect can be arrived at on both sides, eventually. if not, maybe we can coax henry kissinger, or madelyn albright out of retirement to negotiate a detente between mgmt and the fans – 😀

      • GG_doorsfan: Good points! I do think Ray was “allowed” to be gruff and direct (he was also often very kind) and didn’t take much flak for it. On the other hand, he was David’s stage manager and most fans felt he was also David’s bodyguard.

        So some of what you mention – the gender perception difference – is probably happening. Melinda has a different role, and I suspect she is playing it as she sees it. If she can promote David in the style to which we want him to become accustomed 🙂 then I’m sure all will be forgiven in the fan community and as his star rises, she’ll get the cudos she deserves.

      • PS – For me, the jury is still out on whether WEG and Melinda are doing a good job. He has had some highly visible events and some coming up. I’m still watching to see where they take him.

      • GG being a woman who has had to be tough I probably have been called names. But when I am dealng with who I consider our customers/clients- I
        know that percepton and reputaton is everythng- I do my best to be postive, diplomatic and warm. It is not just an act because I have come to believe what people say about you and your organzation is everythng and it only takes one or two instances to spread like wildfire. Strong custormer service and client relations is also what is best for the organzation. I have no problem wth tough- but if you are n a business where you are the front line person who deals wth the publc a great deal- you simply must have or develop those skills. My perception is Ray was tough- but also kind hearted. He quiickly
        realized the importance of getting the word out to the “masses” via the fan sites and what ever semblance of an offical fan site was there at the time. He sent messages about please not gettng to the venue too early due to cold- He explained at length why no presents at the last venue- not that they were not appreciated- He explained why he hadt to be tough and protective due to safety issues. At the end of the day- He could have not done those little details- but quite quickly he seemed to give off the vibe that David was special- the fans were special and the relationship was worth a little added kindness and explantions. That is somethng that hopefully we wlll see more of wth Melinda- or maybe we will not… but that does not mean she does not know what she is doing, or agressvely working for David. We may be a bit spoiled as you said I have to remark that I never heard about one incident where Jeff, Laurie, Lupe or anyone at an event to assist David was anythng but gracious- and I have to believe David has been approached alot over those years.

      • sorry- GG I should correct- you did not say the fan base was a bit spoiled and I do think you make many excellent points.

  2. David looks happy and well rested:


    (Fox12 Oregon interview via Snarky Archies.)

  3. Oh, and I hope WEG can do something about the “official” iTunes reviews of David’s albums because they have nothing to do with his music.

  4. Have a great birthday David!! So glad you’re twenty now, so you’re kinda closer to my age lol.

  5. Happy Birthday to David.

  6. I hope David has a wonderful and peaceful bday and end-of-year – after his concert that is. He deserves to get some down time. As for Melinda I guess she’s been doing a good job – what do I know? I just don’t like it when she addresses fans. Requests or reprimands regardless, she never seems to come across right. Are agents supposed to do that? Or should David do that? I really don’t know!

  7. hi marlie – i’m taking it step by step, one promo at a time w/weg, lol… i am giving them a bit of a learning curve, a little benefit of the doubt during this start up/burn in phase with the fans, and all the other things they are responsible for as managers of david’s career. i’m a realist – they cannot fix and begin turning around the problems and missed opportunities that occurred over a 2 year span in 2 months, but what they have been able to secure for him, so far, is encouraging. the fox new years eve appearance is a real coup… that one has usually been reserved for the most recent idol winner, but s9’s, nor the s9 runner up were invited to appear. david is 2 years past the big idol hoopla, has no radio presence – how did he manage to secure this kind of a plum promo spot… having a good, aggressive, well connected mgmt team going to bat for you might have made the difference. i hope in 2011 weg can secure more of the same, or even more hi profile appearances and bookings for him.

    • I agree! I hope we will continue to see visible bookings during the coming year.

    • GG- You basically took the words out of my mouth…It takes an aggressive, no-nonsense person to do the job that Melinda’s doing. If she was sweet like David, she probably wouldn’t be as good at her job. I can overlook her curtness if she keeps the good promo coming. And compared to previous mgmt, pffft. WEG accomplished in one week what they couldn’t do in 2 years…Also, she’s said several times that we need to be patient to see changes start to happen; they just arrived on the scene & can’t “fix” everything at once…And when she says “It’s up to the fans”, that used to hit me wrong. But if you read between the lines, I’m starting to think she means, “Yeah, I know JIVE hasn’t done their job. Which is why it’s important that you keep doing yours.”

      • Although I do have an issue w/ the “no cellcast” thing. (I’ve been gone, so am just catching up with what happened). Last night this didn’t bother me, but this morning for some reason it is…I can understand both sides. I understand why David might not want cellcasts, and why the fans do. I’m not sure that David or WEG are aware, though, of the role that ccc’s play in keeping the interest of fans who can’t travel. Maybe if the issue comes up tonight, ppl could politely tell Mel that no cellcast/vids = no contact = David losing fans? Or suggest to her alternative ways to get “footage?” IDK what the solution is, really.

  8. ‘On the other hand, he was David’s stage manager and most fans felt he was also David’s bodyguard’

    hi marlie…. ray and melinda – a fun study in compare/contrast re their roles for david… here’s a quickie, off the top of my head…

    ray was charged with managing and making sure the operational, technical and physical security needs for david were met. this was to ensure that everything david and the band/crew needed every day and night to put on the best possible performance were taken care of… ray issued a couple ‘smackdowns’ to fans that were not well received… e.g. lining up at the buses after shows, not bringing gifts to david on the final show of the tour, a couple other things i can’t remember, lol… he was very blunt and no nonsense many times with fans regarding things relative to david, his physical security, etc. i remember grumblings, but nothing like the vitriol directed at melinda. her job /role is tougher, and i’m sure she is earning every penny, lol. her role is more visible, and imo carries with it more expectations – if she succeeds, she’s toasted, as a great manager, rah rah… if she fails or falls short in in any capacity to meet expectations, as a mgr, or in her relationship with his fans, she’s gonna be roasted. the results of her and weg’s efforts may have direct impact on the kind of touring david will do – solo, small or medium size venues, domestic or international, who pays for what, what about sponsors, will he tour as an opener for a bigger artist, etc. etc. all i ask for from weg and she is professionalism,[competence] and results that are visible and tangible in managing david. she doesn’t have to be my bff, i never have to even know she exists – i just want to see some results, and see david begin getting the kind of gigs and bookings and appearances that elevate him, and his talent, as they deserve. it will take time, it won’t be smooth sailing easy breezy peasy, but i’m prepared to give weg time to earn my deepest trust.

  9. The Good Day LA interview was strange, but not because of David. He seems to be disliked for not playing the cheap publicity game, which is sad.

  10. So, I take it there is no cell cast tonight? 🙂
    Not trying to stir up trouble- seriously asking

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