Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

All I Want for Christmas Eve…

… is what I always do for Christmas Eve:

1. I go to our Christmas Eve candlelight service and take in the lights and the candles and the carols and just really get into that Christmassy feeling.

2. After church, if the weather is good, we drive around and take in all the gorgeous and gorgeously tacky decoration lights in various neighborhoods.  And of course wishing everybody we pass a “Merry Christmas”!

3.  Then we arrive home to eat and drink some good Christmas dessert and some egg nog or some hot cocoa, depending on the mood. And then we watch whatever Christmas program is broadcast on PBS, usually the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas special.

But this Christmas Eve would have to be different! Because I would have The Voice added to the mix! 😀

(or is that the special Christmas Eve I have to wait for another year? And how long until that DVD is available?)

A year is a long time to wait for such pure beauty and ethereal glory that is The Voice! No wonder I got sick this weekend (feeling much better today but still recovering).

BTW, peeps, please forgive my feistiness from this morning; the slight fever I had affected my response to a certain Buble-loving commenter, but GGdoors, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! for that post that had me ROTFLMAO – “cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed” – OMG! 😆

Anyway, if I could have one thing wrapped under the Christmas tree this year, I bet you can all guess what it (or he) would be! 😀

These gems come pretty close:

Angels from the Realms of Glory

The Cat and the Mouse

Joy to the World

Silent Night