Monthly Archives: November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

May you and yours enjoy the holidays with The Voice! 🙂  David will perform in the Dallas Thanksgiving Parade today.

The Voice That Sets You Weeping

It didn’t take long for me to dust off my Christmas from the Heart album by our favorite artist, now that I’m getting hearth and home ready for my Thanksgiving guests.  But how quickly I forgot about the impact of the Voice.

Inexplicably and without warning, “What Child is This” started playing, which set me to weeping in the middle of my errands.  It’s just one of those songs you can’t just let play in the background while doing other things.  It commands your attention, you stop what you’re doing, and you let those soul-piercing vocals enter into you.  Washed and renewed like the newly baptized, you tremble, and then you weep.

I had forgotten the power of The Voice.  And this song just brought it back.

I need to remember to keep playing this album when I have folks over.  There’s still work to be done for others to discover the power and the truth behind David.

David at the Grove

Thanks to Snarkies for their live blog and up-to-date info and of course to the Archies for their tireless work in sharing their live experiences!

First Noel

Have Yourself a Merry Little Chrismas duet with Charice (Is this their first time performing it live? According to the SD poll, this was the most anticipated carol at the event)

Melodies of Christmas

“Research Has Shown…”

Just a review of David’s time (and interview) in the Philippines last week (thanks for sharing this video, Embe!):

I love that David fought for everything on this album, from the tracks to the album cover, but if the “research has shown” certain things, does this mean David had to gamble that his sophomore album wouldn’t do as well as his debut? I mean, he did say, “I don’t care what the research says!”

Kicking Off the Holiday Season

So, tomorrow, David will be performing with Charice and Jesee McCartney at the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Grove in LA!

He’ll be in the Dallas Thanksgiving Parade for Thanksgiving (not quite Macy’s, but at least he’s going to be somewhere on TV – alas, my New York programming won’t be showing this, so I do hope Archies will be providing online vids).

At any rate, remember this previous Christmas Tree Lighting performance back in 2008?

And while you’re at it, please take this poll. 🙂