Joy on a Loop

And wonders and wo-o-o-nders / oooooooooooof hi-i-is / h-i-s loooooooooooove!!!

Yeah, I’m back to my ODD Christmas from the Heart habits.  And I’m stuck on David’s ridiculously “takin’ it to church” long notes on this baby! 🙂

In other news, David was featured on EXTRA (how did I miss this? Of course, I wouldn’t know what channel I would have found this treat)

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  1. I’m usually not at home in time to catch “Extra”, thanks for the clip! David sure got a lot of face time for the Grove performance. 🙂 Hearing JTTW is making me want to play my CD; my plan had been to hold off on playing Christmas music until Dec.

    Off topic — I’m glad that David and the band are rehearsing in Orlando. Since Melinda has worked with NSYNC, JoBro, Britney, etc., I believe we’re in for a few surprises during David’s next performance. I’m not expecting Justin Timberlake dance moves but I do expect to see something flashier than what we’ve seen in the past.

    • I hope he doesn’t learn any of those Britney moves….lol

    • oh and yaaa for the face time on Extra, Great great opportunity. Wonder if Mario is a fan? Some who wrote the piece and highlighted David sure is.

      • I thought the same thing, rae. Whoever produced the piece loves David. It was basically all him and Mario. lol

        I love JTTW, also. I can honestly say I’ve listened to CFTH all year long. You just can’t put a time frame on great music!

  2. Flashy David lol. We know David can bust out a move- if he just doesn’t hold back. I would love to see him on Dancing with the Stars. I do think he may be a little embarased by his partner’s sure to be skimpy costumes- but hey- he will get over it.

  3. Just stopping by real quick to let everyone know about the Group Birthday Card that a few sites have posted. Apparently a fan plans on handing it to David Dec. 17th. Thanks.

  4. AllAccess has Lee DeWyze’s “O Holy Night” up under “cool new music”. I’ll be nice and only say that this has left me speechless. If you decide to listen, just wait until you hear the end.

    • i ain’t skeered to say what i really think about dewyze’s ‘o holy night’… this guy just cannot sing. and i don’t say that with any malice in my heart, or any negative emotion. he. just. cannot. sing. can somebody please explain to me how he won idol, lol.. i am beginning to think he was simon’s last revenge on tptb at idol, 19e and m, and his way of contributing to the disintegration of the idol brand before his shiny new show comes a calling. these dudes simon fuller and cowell and nigel play hardball that is not above messing with contestants careers, and that has to be considered when trying to make sense out of the how this guy even made it out of the hollywood rounds, let alone win, lol… i usually trust david’s taste in music, but i will go on record as saying to him that he got it all wrong when he seemed to pick dewyze for the win. he’s not perfect after all, lol… all this just my loopy, snarky, but honest opinion. i still stand behind the dewyze cannot sing comment, lol 😀

      • I agree, especially after listening to David’s rendition of OHN. 😆

      • hg – chile…. i don’t know how else to say it, lol… i had tears from laughter in my eyes by the end of that, er, ‘rendition’… it was more like an ‘execution’, lol… i feel bad for this guy… as the winner, he has nowhere to hide, no cover to make up for the lack of singing ability, coupled w/lack of charisma, and the inevitable lack of sales… and people have the audacity to criticize david, or doubt his ability to overcome and survive in this business… sheesh… david ain’t got nooooo worries, after listening to dewyze, lol… not being mean, just 4 real. 😆

    • I listened to it. As David would say… “interesting”. lol

  5. I am glad that David is in Orlando rehearsing too. I think it will be interesting to see what influence Melinda and WEG will have on his performance. I think this all good news. I loved the Extra piece.

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