The Voice That Sets You Weeping

It didn’t take long for me to dust off my Christmas from the Heart album by our favorite artist, now that I’m getting hearth and home ready for my Thanksgiving guests.  But how quickly I forgot about the impact of the Voice.

Inexplicably and without warning, “What Child is This” started playing, which set me to weeping in the middle of my errands.  It’s just one of those songs you can’t just let play in the background while doing other things.  It commands your attention, you stop what you’re doing, and you let those soul-piercing vocals enter into you.  Washed and renewed like the newly baptized, you tremble, and then you weep.

I had forgotten the power of The Voice.  And this song just brought it back.

I need to remember to keep playing this album when I have folks over.  There’s still work to be done for others to discover the power and the truth behind David.

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  1. From CFTH album, this one is my favorite!

  2. Earlier Melinda tweeted: “What are you top 5 @Davidarchie sites and why…”

    I started to give a shout out to Soul David but then I selfishly asked myself, do I want her reading my comments? 🙂 Anyhow, she says she’s going to visit all the sites the fans mentioned to her.

    • hmmm,,, interesting, I love Soul David- but I also felt it was not my place to “invite” management over here. I do appreciate that Melinda is tryng to get a handle on David’s fans and what they are about- so good! But I also personally don’t like oversight- real or imagined, 🙂

    • By all means, give Soul David a shout out! 🙂

  3. David is “ambushed” by Charice fans. My question, who’s the woman w/the blonde hair and black hat? Gina Orr? (publicist and Bowersox’s manager)

  4. OMG OMG how I miss the CFTH tour. I could use one of those every year! I love love love love WCIS, I play it so loud in my car that I’m surprised I haven’t damaged my hearing! He is so amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. Hi everyone!

    WCIT is definitely my fave on the album closely followed by Silent Night. In these two songs David’s gentle phrasing is exquisite and its as if he is seeking to depict a manger scene come to life. I can actually “see” an infant fast asleep while the adults look on in hushed awe. In my culture we make a big deal about manger scenes as we have a strong Catholic heritage. Most homes for Christmas give mangers or creches a place of honor, so perhaps that is why I am most drawn to these songs along with Ave Maria.

  6. OK 🙂 This is what I just tweeted. I am also raelovingangels on Twitter so if anyone wants to retweet me, that would move it toward the top of tweets to Melinda.

    Happy Thanksgiving @MelindaWEG! David inspires creativity/fansites across age/national boundaries. My fav little corner blog is Soul David.

    I agree with FG. I really think David should do a Christmas tour every year. It could be a new Holiday tradtion. He shines, it is something impotrant to him, and so very special.

  7. Interesting article by Dave Stewart (Dave Stewart, is a BRIT Award winning English musician, songwriter and record producer)—>

    apparently he was pretty unhappy about the recent AMA show……

    NEWS – Stewart’s drunken rant at AMAs
    Monday November 22, 03:26 PM , world entertainment news

    “Dave Stewart has launched a drunken broadside against music industry bosses, accusing them of ruining young talent in a desperate bid to make money.”

    “I love new young artists with something to say, in any style of music. What would Lennon think if he was alive, he would throw up…”

    • Wow! Thanks for the link. I was not drinking while watching but a some of the performances and winners made me want to.

    • That was refreshing. Thanks!

    • Thanks for posting this. This quote, “…ruining young talent in a desperate bid to make money…”, reminds me of what has happened to Demi Lovato.

      During an interview on the Asian promo tour, David was asked about Demi. He mentioned how tough it is to be young and to have so many demands on your time. He then stated that it’s tough when everyone constantly wants something from you. I’m not a fan of Demi’s music but I do wish her a full recovery from whatever is ailing her.

  8. this is beautiful……..

    David Archuleta – My Open Letter
    Thank You for Being You
    Pamela Pike, Yahoo! Contributor Network
    Nov 23, 2010

    “What is it about you that draw people from all ages and walks of life? Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sons, fathers and grandfathers admire you”

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