David in All His Dorky Glory

Thanks for alerting me to this one, Rae! 🙂

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  1. Why can’t he just say who his manager is?

    • maybe because he doesn’t have a manager ?

      MelindaWEG seemed so invested tweeting fans about what to do and all … so it was legitimate for the fans to think that she was his manager…

      Nothing makes sense and I give up trying to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. You know what, (since AI) the only persistant thing we can count on is D’s amazing voice, the rest is just amateurish, unprofessional (and cheap).
      Less than 2 weeks before the album’s release and Jive asked on twitter what we think about it so far. Yeah, they are a joke lol

      • Oh, I wanted to say maybe he doesn’t have an official manager YET and MelindaWEG can’t tell now and she’s waiting for an official announcement ? Well, all this is just speculation lol (it seems that I can’t stop myself from trying to understand lol !).

      • Yup, it gets kinda tiring. My SVB(TTP)R efforts will be limited to B-ing a single copy of the album (which sounds amazing so far). Record labels and professional managers, if any, need to do their part as well.

    • I just can’t get caught up in the behind the scenes shenanigans anymore. I’m just gonna enjoy the music!! At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

      I just listened to a clip of an interview David did with one of the Utah DJ’s. D says he’ll be in NY October 5th (as desertrat had mentioned) but he’s not sure what he’s doing. Really?? This better be ninja David at work!

      BTW, I loved the B98 interview. I really enjoyed his perspective on autotune before he decided we would find it boring! Come on, David! Speak your mind!

      • I agree! I loved hearing what he had to say about autotune. He has such great opinions about all things music- and when that is the topic- he is totally in his confort zone, I love how he really gets into his response- and no David it was not too complicated for us. I consider David a musical mentor.

        He is charming, and honest, sincere, funny and totally disarming all at the same time. Closing in on 3 years since fame- and so thoughtful. I am sure that Jive has struggled with an artist like him that is not about ego or sales but music and honesty. Probably almost like speaking two different languages.

    • I wonder if he is contractually bound not to say anything until the paperwork is finalized?

  2. Some celebrities have “pat” answers for the questions that they are asked and then it isn’t so akward for them in front of a camera or on the radio. David always tries to think about each question before answering. He wants to be truthful and give an answer that sounds like it is the first time being asked. But, at the same time he doesn’t want to reveal his personal life. This makes him look akward and dorky at times. Should David have “pat” answers ready for interviews? Us long time fans think that David is “adorkable” and wouldn’t want him to be anything else then what he is.
    Also, I have noticed that David starts out his conversations with the crowd pretty much the same way while stuggling to calm his nerves. He is most comfortable just singing, of course. I love “dorky” David for now. When he is older and more mature I am sure that he will be a old pro except I will miss the old “dorky” David. Right now it is just too cute!

    • That’s one thing that Simon stated as one of the reasons why David shouldn’t win AI. He said David’s awkwardness would be difficult to handle in interviews etc. BULL.

      I think David just needs time to think about his answer and wants to get it just right. He is so insightful, so eloquent, so wise when he is actually given the time to speak without stupid interviewers cutting him off. And you can see that he’s honest, because he does ramble and acts human, rather than having prepared answers or just talk and talk without really saying anything, which is what i.e. politicians do. Go David and your dorkiness – I love it and I love you.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! How wonderful and sweet and dorky and adorable and awesome is he!!??!

    I love this interview and don’t really care who his manager is and just want the cd (one please).

  4. And I love how he is so visual/demostrative. 🙂 They way he demonstrates the clerk checking him out… moving the things along- not looking up. I have noticed that tendancy so many times before- He draws things out with his hands. to describe…. See that same thing on the hand motions for songs- Barriers driving the car, Elevator drawing the square box, etc…

  5. Wake up everyone! We need more stream, vote, buy!! Call Jive and your local DJs and tell them to do the same. I would help but I’m very busy sending out cryptic tweets. 😉

    • LOL. Love your avatar. ALM FTW!

      • Actually, I think all David’s twitter fans should change their avatar to this and then tweet her w/cryptic messages until she reveals who she is. She seem to have a since of humor and drama – I think she’s get a laugh out of a prank like that.

      • *** should say “seems to have a sense of humor …”

    • LOLOL Are you saying you don’t like this lady? If one can not divulge certain things, I feel one should stay quiet, as David would. Too many cryptic messages for my patience (or lack of LOL).

  6. when I hear these interviews, I’d give my life to understand English. I can only get parts or read a few comments to understand what David is saying.
    I wish to see a subtitled interview ever, I know, is a tall order, but since I met David a few dreams I have met.
    With David in the interviews, some miracle might happen.

  7. Hi Peter or Burkey
    What is the TTPR of SVB?

    • Tweet, Text, Pre-order, Request.

    • noy really sure…this is peter’s specialty…..lol

      T= tweet
      R= request
      T & P= not sure

      we should add W for write letters..that was another one Melinda told us to do

      • Write letters? Wow. How is it possible that we have completely overlooked this important duty in our never-ending endeavors to become better fans?

        Let’s see… That makes it SVB(TTP)RW.

      • I just might have to make a SVB(TTP)RW t shirt. Or a button. Hey, a coffee mug.

      • Peter, Did you forget E and C (as in email and call radio program directors, also per Melinda). And don’t forget G (as in gifting) and another T (traveling to multiple shows)
        Burkey is right — so much to do and so little time. 🙂

  8. Why does it have to be so frustrating and stressful to be a fan of David? It seems like we as a group have never moved beyond all the AI anxiety and added to that mix – the recent and not so recent behind the scene drama of his label and management. At this point I am just waiting to see if the much sought-after info will be on his CD. Who would have thought it would be so hard to be a fan? Unbelievable!

    • His voice is glorious, but everything else about his appearances and performances is almost always a little amateurish and disorganized, which I find frustrating, because he is so immensely talented.

      • Agreed! I mostly lurk at David sites but I’m needing to share in the fanbase anxieties. Radio does not play David.He is relatively unknown to the general public.I fear for the initail numbers of TOSOD.If the single sold @30k the album should be about the same…Maybe he’s satisfied with the grass root approach and just wants to share his talents to different levels of audiences. Jive seems to bank on the AI fanbase…which at this point is small and mighty. I will support the “voice” and the person always, as he brightens my world. Just wish he’d get the recognition he so deserves. Thanks for letting me vent!

  9. 54 63 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 183 289 -106 0.482

    138 109 DAVID ARCHULETA Elevator 48 23 25 0.106

    #63 for SBL
    #109 for E

    both are dropping

  10. Pure speculation on my part, but I have struggled with this. I can’t get it off my mind. I am just going to throw it out there for discussion. What do you all think about it?

    There is lots of talk on various sites about payola as the way to get played on the radio. I do not know if that is true or not, but wouldn’t be surprised–so much else in this world revolves around being able to buy your way to the top.

    If that is, in fact, the case, and David were unwilling to participate in such a system, or have his management (whoever that is), then he would have to depend on whatever else influences radio play besides “greasing the wheels” with cash.

    By the way, I rarely comment, but am a faithful reader and am in awe of your insightful posts and followup discussions.

    • I think radio play is almost entirely based on payola. DJs’ comments about there having been too many/not enough requests are amusing, IMO.

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