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“Falling Stars” (thanks, Pete!)


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  1. this management thing is sooo confusing…….just what is going on.. 😦

    Apparently Melinda Bell (@MelindaWEG) is NOT David’s new management. From Twitter 5 hours ago:

    heyitsfrederick @MelindaWEG Hey Melinda!! Is David Archuleta managed by WEG now?

    MelindaWEG @heyitsfrederick nope

    MelindaWEG @heyitsfrederick why did you ask that?

    heyitsfrederick @MelindaWEG I was just wondering since you tweeted about him a few times (and I wish he was!) I love WEG!

    MelindaWEG @heyitsfrederick thanks

  2. more info about straight up entertainment group from their myspace… it seems she is still affiliated w/weg, but has spun off her own separate mgmt arm. so she could indeed have been telling the truth when asked about weg being his mgmt. it’s a parsing of words and a semantics thing, but remember she is a pr professional – it’s what they do, and the very good ones get results 😉

    About StraightUp Entertainment Group

    StraightUp Entertainment Group…the name says it all.

    StraightUp originated based on the opinion that there is a whole lot of talk that delivers nothing but empty results in the Entertainment Industry today. It’s time to leave all the hot air behind and bring some real, StraightUp Entertainment to the table.

    Melinda Bell, CEO of StraightUp Entertainment Group, started StraightUp in 2005. Melinda has spent years learning and working side by side with her mentor and friend Johnny Wright, CEO of Wright Entertainment Group, and continues to serve as the Sr. Vice President of WEG. With years of Entertainment Industry experience behind her, she has helped launch the careers and worked on the management teams of recording artists such as *NSYNC, Britney Spears, P.Diddy, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, AKON, Christina Milian, Nick Cannon, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake just to name a few.

    In 1999, she was named Executive Director and Executive Producer of *NSYNC’s foundation and annual celebrity charity weekend, *NSYNC’s Challenge For The Children. Over 7 successful years, CFTC raised over $4 million for various children’s charities as well as setting the standard in quality celebrity-driven fundraiser initiatives.

    StraightUp Entertainment Group Specializes In: Artist Management, Marketing, Branding & Imaging, Special Projects, Special Events, Corporate Sponsorship, Film & Television

    Read more:

  3. 51 60 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 186 307 -121 0.49

    165 109 DAVID ARCHULETA Elevator 50 13 37 0.116

    #60 top 40 radio for SBL &
    # 109 for Elevator

  4. I am sure everyone has seen this- but this interview is just classic hysterical Archuleta. – “What happens when you go to the grocery store? Well first I look at the fruit section… then/” I am sure there may be diverse points of view- but I for one hope that whom ever is big D’s management they recognize that his honest dorkiness is part of his uniquie charm. Please don’t try to package him into some slicked up Beaverbox- What is that phrase from the Little Prince? Unique au monde. ( pardon my French)

  5. And also announcing plans for a tour next year?

  6. She’s not David’s manager? Bah. The secrecy continues…

    • Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…..

      what a mess…….this is not good for fans or David

      it will bite him in the b*** in the end

      why the secrecy???

    • just for clarification….from twitter….bah humbug!

      archanimal92 @MelindaWEG are you @DavidArchie’s new management? lol
      about 10 hours ago via web

      MelindaWEG @archanimal92 nope about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to archanimal92

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