“Elevator” Music Video Concepts

David’s new single “Elevator” is really catchy, and I can’t get it out of my head. 

Here’s hoping it really takes off (“goes up, up, up!”) and does something more impressive than SBL (provided Jive gets off its lazy behind and actually, you know, promotes it).

Starting with a really cool music video! Now, I’ve already gone on record to register my disappointment in the SBL video for its lack of originality, but a song like “Elevator” could be a whole lot of fun.

I’m thinking something along the lines of an “Inception” movie spoof! That elevator shaft scene (pictured above) was all kinds of cool (and then, you know, David could reference his “Zero Gravity” song, which also never got off the ground).

So, here’s what I’m thinking of a music video for “Elevator” (kind of related to my dream the other night – hee hee!).  David’s in a hotel lobby getting ready for his next gig. He comes across a crowd of fans, and they start chasing him down the corridor.  He finds a quick exit in a corner stairwell, waits for the crowd to pass, then he rushes right onto an elevator. Inside “Zero Gravity” plays, like “elevator music” (literally), and David quickly pushes the door-close button to escape. 

What he doesn’t realize is there’s someone on the elevator with him (preferably a recognizable celebrity rather than an anonymous video girl). She says: “Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Archuleta?”

David: “I’ve heard that before. haha!”

The elevator suddenly stops. David and the stranger panic. 

David: “What’s going on?”

Suddenly, the elevator drops, and they’re screaming. But before it hits bottom, the scene cuts to David singing at his gig at an arena. Screaming fans await his performance.

The scene cuts back to David and the stranger floating in “zero gravity” elevator, and the music video will cut back and forth between the concert arena and David and the stranger floating up through the shaft, then into the hotel corridor, then through an open hotel suite, and right out through a window, where they seem to be “flying” over the city and finally over the concert arena where David is performing.

Final scene: elevator doors open on a hotel floor, and David shyly says goodbye to the stranger in the elevator as he gets off. Cut back to the stranger, who shyly returns the goodbye then waits for the doors to close before she starts screaming and calling her friend on her cell: “OMG! You will not believe who I just shared an elevator with!” 

Just thought to share. I think that would be cute. What music video concept do you have in mind for “Elevator”? 🙂

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  1. LOL! I could envision that video. Would be so cool! Also, throwing in the ZG song it just a great idea.

  2. HG, I love your idea; mine’s not nearly as creative. I think David should do something that shows his sense of humor and his affinity for cartoons.

    On his way to a concert, he rides up an elevator with some of his friends. They exit the elevator and enter a room w/a band playing. The band consists of him and his friends doing a spoof of the cartoon “Archie” characters while they sing “Elevator”. The scene w/the band would appear in pencil-sketch animation (eg, A-Ha’s “Take on Me”).

    Talk about surreal, look at David & his mom on the elevator from 3:40-3:47.

  3. I prefer my idea:

    I’m the leading lady. I’ve travelled all the way from Finland to see David in concert. I’m in the hotel lobby, dragging my luggage to the elevator. I get in and the doors begin to shut, when a beautiful hand with long fingers stops them. David steps inside and sees me standing in the corner. He greets me with a joyful “HI!” and I can’t say a word being gobsmacked.

    “Hey… are you okay?” he asks, but I remain silent. David starts to get worried. “Is something wrong? Why won’t you say anything?” he keeps asking while I try to come up with something, anything, even a sound! “Well… maybe this’ll get you talking” he says and starts taking his shirt off. I watch him open-mouthed when the vision in front of me starts to blur and suddenly all I see is black.

    I wake up to David giving me mouth to mouth, so I pretend to be unconcious for a while. I flutter my eyes open seducingly and David smiles at me, saying “Thank goodness you’re alive! Listen, let’s go to my hotel room so you can lay down”. The elevator doors open and David leads me to his suite. The door closes behind us but opens one last time as David hangs a “Do not disturb” sign on the doorknob.

    The friggin’ end.

    But yours was okay too, HG.

  4. Great ideas all. Elevator would surely make a great video, So many great concepts there! ( guys in suits with “manager” label on their jackets standing at every floor, hehe) 😆

  5. David gets into the elevator by himself but there are people already in it. Some people he recognizes. They are people who have helped him on his musical journey. He gives them a little smile. The other people he doesn’t recognize. He gives them a nod. David pushes the button to go to the top floor. As the door opens to let others out, David recognizes that the door has opened to images of some aspect of his life. It’s good. One of the people on the elevator invites him out where he briefly relieves that part of his life in a whirlwind of memories. The person is someone that has helped him during that time or someone that David has helped. The person stays in the room (or not) and David is suddenly thrust back into the elevator. The next stop is another aspect of his life and the same thing happens. This time a person abruptly pushes him out the door of the elevator. David has fallen to the ground and no one is helping to pick him up. He is in a dizzy whirlwind of people shouting at him and trying to tempt him to do something that he doesn’t want to do or is unsure of. He desperately wants to get back on the elevator to escape. With people grabbing him he finally breaks free. This goes on for two more stops (good and bad) until David reaches the floor that he wants. At the top, the door opens and it is his family, friends, and fans smiling and welcoming him into their world which is really the world he wants. David is relieved. As he steps out of the elevator the doors close behind him and he moves towards his goals (maybe the stage with a mic in his hand that someone has given him) with these people encouraging him with words like, we’re so proud of you, good job, we’re are with you all the way, we love you, we’re here to support you, etc.) . David, beams with joy as he shakes hands with fans and hugs family. Everyone is happy for him.

    Well, that was fun! I haven’t figured out what the bad and good situations would be but you get the idea, I hope.

  6. Elevator is up on pick it or kick it @ Disney…


  7. I love your video idea! LOL
    Jumping of your great idea…..

    David gets into the Elevator alone talking on the phone to someone – re an appointment- what floor are you on again Huh? Sorry I cannot hear you. He mutters to himself- hmm.. maybe it was 4- stops at 4- no that is not it…. stops at 5- no that is not it…. then says must be 6. Doors slam shut loud.

    Zero Gravity is playing on the elevator- he starts humming along to Zero Gravity- muttering- wow what a great song that is- wonder why I never heard this before on the radio?

    He starts to get lost in the song. shuts his eyes and starts floating out to the arena- Cut to the arena- where he is performing …He is performing Elevator with screaming people- ( sort of like that black and white touch my hands video)

    Final scene, David on stage singing, toward the end of Elevator you see fading out…………….and you hear a man’s voice saying wake up, wake up. David is wakes up startled! He is on a plane in a seat ( first class of course)…. Standing over him a man in an Airplane Steward uniform zoom in- It’s Bob Newhart- saying- Sir we have arrived at your destination. David says- Wow, you won’t believe the crazy dream I just had. The end.

    • haha- and when he is humming along to Zero gravity he mutters- who is that artist- he sounds familiar. Sorry- I need to stop or I will keep tweeking for the next hour and spam myself 50 times.

    • If we’re going to spoof Inception, let’s take it all the way! 😉

      LOL @Bob Newhart.

    • OMG, I just got the Bob Newhart reference. That’s funny!

      • I am quite sure I just totally dated myself with that Newhart dream reference.

      • Newhart was one of my fav shows, esp. Larry, Daryl & Daryl. I just watched the last 10 min. of the final episode to see that dream sequence. I had forgotten all about it. Thx for the laugh!

  8. These video ideas are great! Jive needs to hire one of us. 🙂 And Embe, yours is hilarious.

  9. 356 138 DAVID ARCHULETA Elevator 23 2 21 0.056

    Elevator is #138 on top 40 radio

    it might be fun to watch these numbers 🙂

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