Look Who’s Representin’!

Great work, once again, from David’s Arch Angels:

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  1. Huge thanks to Pecan Pie, Pastel and the many others we may not know for organizing the fans to focus on things that are important to the world and to David. David looked so proud of his “arch angels” last night but, his inspiration to do good cannot be denied.

  2. Very nice. (He didn’t perform, though, which shows just how R the VRS is.)

  3. Well, I had the good fortune to be at the event last night as well and will add my congratulations to those who put forth the effort to raise the money that they did. It was an amazing array of celebrities from all walks of life. I was a “seat filler” and was able to volunteer to be one of the people writing on the wall behind the phone banks during the show so I was on the stage behind Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Jay Leno, etc. for a few times throughout the show. I saw David earlier in the day just outside wardrobe and was about 10 feet away from him and his aunt but couldn’t “break ranks” to go over and say hi. It was chaotic backstage to say the least! Saw him on the phone banks during the half hour internet segment at the end of the show but was on the other side of the room. He looked great, as usual. It was a sobering event with all of the people in the audience but an uplifting one hearing of the advances. It was also a very fun event and being on the stage (only one writing on the wall at about minute 27) was a blast!!

    • thanks for the recap Mikesd/ 🙂 Good to “see” you. Wow how exciting for you. Even though David did not perform- he was definately among the elite in the entertainment business- right where he belongs. Gotta think good old Ryan is impressed with the staying power of the Archuleta. The money raised by the fans of David again shows, just like the book sales of COS- that he is a force to dealt with. I think Jive realizes that which is why David seems to be getting more control in his musical direction. YAAA. I am proud to be on of the over 1000 members on Pecan Pie’s team and help in my small way. This type of exposure is wonderful for David’s image and career ( even though we know that is not why he is there) I think we have all lost people to cancer. My mother was only 64 and just last year, I lost a very close friend whowas in her early 40’s.

  4. This is from today’s the Wash. Post – list of SU2C participants:

    “Sally Field, Sanjay Gupta, Will Smith, Stevie Wonder. “American Idol” sweetie pie David Archuleta and his Archuleta’s Angels and the Crush Kids’ Cancer team.

    Mikesd, thx for the update! The SU2C event along with the televised 9/11 remembrances has really put me in a reflective mode.

  5. NY Times Music section—>page 4

    DAVID ARCHULETA Things could be getting tough for David Archuleta around now. He came in second on “American Idol” in 2008, and so came cloaked in underdog status for a while; he made a better-than-necessary first record, shoring up his innocent puppy persona and showing off the lovely fog of his super-earnest, bubblegum-soul voice. He’s still only 19, but “The Other Side of Down” will have more to prove. Oct. 5. Jive. (B. R.)


    • talk about saying something and saying nothing- this critic should run for office. A review that says nothing about the music and sure sounds like they did not listen to the CD.

      • Haha, Rae, it didn’t even occur to me that the writer of the NY Times blurb might have actually listened to TOSOD!

    • Deep collective breath. Hoping for great reviews for the album but not that I have put my huge pro D bias aside- no doubt this album will be more closely scrutinzed.

    • This reads like a snarky blog post; I expect more from the NY Times. 😐

  6. It was good to finally see pecan pie. I’ll bet David gave her a big hug this time. And, I’ll bet this time she let him. She certainly deserved it. What a go getter!

  7. David announces that Elevator will be his next single. It’s at the very end.

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