The Art of Collaboration

Greener Setting Series #2

The idea of Kanye West collaborating on a song with Justin Bieber gives me the heebie jeebies.

I mean, this shouldn’t be a surprise, really.  The fetus has already worked with other hip hop artists like Ludacris and Sean Kingston, but after Snoop Dogg’s collaboration with Katy Perry this summer, I really wish hip hop and pop (or what some folks call the “Hood meets Suburbia”) would part ways.

My issue, of course, is that this trend in collaboration seems less of a musical innovation and more of a cross-marketing gimmick (an attempt to appeal to different fanbases).  I suppose there is nothing fundamentally wrong with that, but rather than inspire an “oh cool! What an awesome sound!” from me, I instead go “YAWN!!!”

I mean, I don’t know if I’m opposed to David laying down his incredible Voice on a rap song by Eminem or if his label thinks he would top the charts if Ludacris added a catchy hook to one of his pop songs.  However, I think it would be far more interesting if he collaborated with another Idol alum.

So, now I’m wondering: what in the world is wrong with 19, and why haven’t they done further explorations of duos and collaborations among the Idols?  I think that would be a great marketing strategy, not to mention giving Idols an opportunity to 1) remove the inane “competition” that their fanbases pursue after the show and 2) place the emphasis on music-making, in which the more successful Idols could boost the less successful ones and introduce different audiences to each other.

I say all this because I think it’s absurd that David has not done a collaboration with his label mates Jordin Sparks and Allison Iraheta.  Or something cool and laid back with Kris Allen. It would also be unique if they shook things up a bit and had different Idols collaborating from different genres.

Like, say, a Fantasia/Adam Lambert collaboration, or a Carrie Underwood/Jennifer Hudson diva song, or how about Kelly Clarkson partnering with Kris Allen?

And, my dream duo: Melinda Doolittle and Elliott Yamin! (Of course, David pairing up with either vocalist would be vocal music heaven to me).

And wouldn’t David be over the moon if he did a duet with Tamyra Gray?

It’s obvious the Idols respect each other and looked like they had a fabulous time at their reunion this past Season Finale on AI.  I think it’s the kind of musical community worth building and something I could see David fully supporting.

It would be awesome if some of the past “divas,” like Syesha Mercado, Latoya London, Kimberly Locke, Lakisha Jones, et al, actually teamed up to give us an En Vogue 2.0.

Whoever is managing the Idols (19 or whoever), it’s time to recognize the most obvious trend: the art of collaboration is where it’s at!

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  1. This morning, our SVB(TT) efforts are rewarded with a #938 (and a nice picture of Jeff).

  2. FG, what a great idea! I vote for David to collaborate with Kris Allan or Jordan.

    In other news, The Other Side of Down (Deluxe version) is available for preorder at iTunes It’s already #50 on pop albums. Yay!

  3. I mean HG — should have grabbed my coffee before getting online!

  4. I love the idea of collaborations! A different collaboration every year?

  5. HG I have thought this all along. Duets seem to be the thing right now and is really popular. So why don’t they put david with someone else to sing? Even when he sang that cheesy song with Miley cyrus he made her sound good. Her voice range is kind of limited and sings low to me and David can sing low (smooth as butta lol) so to me they actually sounded good together. I wish he could sing with Jordin, Tamara, Melinda, or even Shontelle. It would be so gooooood!!! If he had a song on the album as a 2nd single with someone else, it would do great! Jordin really done better on her first album because of the duet with Chris Brown. He was so popular then that it helped her I think.

    • My vote goes to… Shontelle!

      If that’s not possible, then to someone not even remotely related to Idol.

  6. I like the idea of a David/Shontelle duet esp. since they have a few shows together. Also, I think Fantasia and Adam would be great in a duet. They both know how to bring on the drama when they sing.

    I just browsed the “Hood meets Surburbia” link. It’s been years since I’ve seen that Fat Boys/Beach Boys “Wipe Out” video. That was a classic back in the day.

    • yes- David/Shontelle duet would be fantastic. I could see David/Jordin also- but honesetly don’t see to many other AI except I love Jennifer Hudson.

      But David/Sontelle or I would love to see David/Pink- yep David/Pink that is what I said. 🙂

  7. From the previous thread, the melody of TAGGB reminds me of “”O-o-h Child” … “things are gonna get easier, o-o-h child, things are gonna get brighter.”

    I think TAGGB is a good duet song for David and Shontelle to perform at their York, PA “Barn Dance” concert.

    • I will hook on to Dr’s comment to post a MGR i made. you all saw that walk as David came on stage at MDA? I just had to work it LOL



  8. 48 50 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 359 340 19 0.908

    #50 top 40 radio

    down 2 spots…..this is the other side of up! 😦

  9. Now this is encouraging: TOSOD is #6 on iTunes pop albums

  10. So all the Radio adds are in for today & SBL got a whopping “1” add! A song titled “F**K You” got 25 adds? I am done listening to radio or even requesting. It gets me nowhere but frustrated.
    Even the radio stations that have added SBL on their playlist are barely playing it. I think this is the death of SBL.
    Jive did a *great* job promoting this song that they actually picked themselves. Jive should be proud of themselves….yuck!

    • Elevator is the second single. I can’t believe it ! Maybe the release of SBL as first single was a compromise between Jive and David… D never really was enthousiastic about the song and he only performed it once on tv (I loved hearing a new song at the telethon but he should have sung SBL, the other performers sang their current songs).
      I think it’s a big waste of a great song made for radio !
      Oh, and I really want Mike K to stop tweeting infos about David. I think he should have let David make the announcement or Jive !

      The lack of promo or any apparant investment from Jive make me wonder if this is going to be D’s last album with them …

      yeah, I’m in a good mood lol

      • So here’s the question ……..if Jive is the one that wanted & picked SBL then why didn’t they promote it?? They even spent money on a music video.

        and I agree, Mike K is too vocal on twitter. Looking for attention?

        David either has no management or the wrong management (which seems to be very secretive).

      • I just want to add that I have nothing against Elevator. It’s a good song for the album but as a single I’m not sure. But what do I know, I thought SBL will be a hit lol. Now I just think that it doesn’t matter what the second single is, what matters is if Jive will push it. I don’t think they did for SBL and I’d be surprised if they push this one !

      • I don’t know Burkey. Nothing seems to make sense for me !

        Nothing new about the bad management lol and I don’t know why it’s a secret.

        And about Mike K, I’m just going to say that sometimes a good friend is not always a good guide or good advisor. Even more when the good friend has interest in your carreer …

      • exactly, or family. Friends & family are for other parts of your lie.

      • woops…….life

      • BTW, I don’t think David has management. it seems that he’s only doing the radio promo tour and that’s Jive in charge of that right ?

  11. New Archu-duty: Jive wants us to propose a setlist for an upcoming concert, based on the titles ALONE. (See OS). Really Jive? A watershed moment for Jive’s manipulations of the fans.

    • yeh Jive, now really, fans are supposed to pick a setlist without ever hearing the songs………..and that is who David is working for.

      It may explain somewhat why SBL is flopping.

      and yes, YJFOD, I think you are correct, manipulation of the fans for sure!

      • Burkey, Now that the fans are on an uproar over this, I bet tomorrow Jive leaks a snippet or photo to appease and/or distract the fans. This seems to be their modus operandi.

    • I laughed when I saw Jive’s tweet. They have their priorities lol !
      How can we decide which songs we want him to sing when we haven’t heard them yet ?

      • I have not seen the tweet yet- will check it out. lol, that is hysterical. What that tells me is they really know very little about David’s fan base,

      • ok I get it now. The twwet from Jive was to drive people to the official site- ( not sure if it was Jive’s idea or whomeve is managing the site- but I am glad to see them doing something with it) It is really smart little tactic to drive traffic there and engage the fans and generate interest. haha of course this fans base already on the tracklist yesterday…

        Cleaver idea- a bit random but definatley would kinda cute.

    • I don’t care about the order of the songs but I can’t wait to hear them ! You, US fans, are really lucky to be able to pre order the album ! I hope it will be available for me soon too. I just bought SBL on i-tunes France and on It wasn’t available before.

      • Annnnd once again the dog whistle has blown and the army of fans have come to the rescue of pre-order numbers to push it to the top 10 in iTunes. (I count myself in that number) What happens the day after…..

        Sadly Jive knows us too well….

      • I’m happy that the album pre sale is doing great !

        and yes, Jive knows us too well but they should know that they can’t count only on the fans eternally. Do they know the concept of “new fans” or is it an unknown thing for them ?

  12. In fact, I have been thinking about who David could tour with. I love the smaller venues and even in this economy, in my opionion David would fill.’

    But if he were to open for a huge artist and get exposure to new fans, I would say someone like Beyonce or Pink.

    • Beyonce and Pink are really good choices. Maybe Alicia Keys too ? And if he had to do a duet with a former AI contestant, I’d love it to be with Kelly Clarkson.

  13. OK Burks and Cmoi, I’m in the dark about this. How important IS management when a cd has to be released?

    • well I am just learning this over the past 2 years

      I guess mgmt is very important when a single is released. They are the ones that grease the radio stations palms. No mgmt= no airplay= no new fans= flop

      At least that is my understanding.

      • Sooo…. did David shoot himself in the foot with SBL if he still has no management?

      • and no tv promo ! no management = zero exposure. David said he was invited to performfor Capitol 4th and I’m sure he performed at the telethon because of Nigel L. and the radio promo is a Jive thing. That’s why I can’t blame Jive about SBL probable flop (I still hope the song is going to do better !) even if they have their share of responsability.

  14. I don’t see how Jive can invest in David’s career and promote him if they are never on the same page. Can you honestly say David showed even a modicum of enthusiasm about SBL? And David doesn’t have management. #ManInCap is back and Mike K is talking out of his ass again.

    If Elevator is indeed the new single, David is intent on flopping.
    RIP SBL.

    • hahaha…..yep, flop #2 is on its way…..

    • We don’t know if Elevator will be a flop. Everything is possible with good promo. And really I’m not so sure now about what is a hit and what’s not lol

    • Oh my, Elevator is the new single?????????????

      No wonder David didn’t push SBL too hard. He wanted to move on to Elevator. Problem is Elevator is a huge roll of the dice and (sorry) kind of a novelty song!!!! What on earth? And Jive can’t possibly be happy having spent $$$$ on the SBL video with no return. David is “following his bliss” 100% with this album…I think he is making some mistakes here…

    • Val, you may be on to something. Do you think David is subconsciously intent on flopping, so he can exit his JIve contract and get out of the pop pressure cooker….maybe go on a mission?????

      • Maybe he is. That or we’ve just been introduced to self-indulgent David. Who woulda thunk??? Sorry, I don’t know what else to think. Nothing in his late behaviour makes much sense to me. I think he’s finally going through his rebellious teen phase. Next he’ll stop shaving and then he’ll torture his loyal fans with bad guitar playing in the next tour. 😉

      • Not sure if I’m putting this comment in the right place but Val – I totally agree.

  15. Why is everyone saying David does not have management? Did I miss something?
    Someone set up all those radio gigs- was that Jive? And Jive paid for two people to go with David to the Six Flags event. I don’t know if any other Jive people are going to any other appearances but that one Jive guy on Twitter was supposed to be responsible for promotions- right?

  16. Oh and Cmoi have been meaning to say your English is excellent- IDK if that is your first language but you certainly express yourself well.

    • Thank you ! The thing is I never know if I make sense when I comment here lol. English is my 3rd language but I think I’m better at Spanish which is my 4th language learnt at school, maybe because it’s a latin language just like French …

      • I think the fansites and the forums about David helped me a lot with my English lol but sometimes I just mix French and English and pray for it to be understandable haha !

  17. Did you guys see Mike’s response to a fan who reacted in horror about Elevator being the next single??

    @speckkkk sorry to tell you, but it’s so very him.
    about 2 hours ago via Osfoora for iPhone in reply to speckkkk

    I don’t get why the single has to be “so David.” David is a vocalist, meant to move people with his singing. It’s about interpretation. I hate to say it but I think this whole “Elevator” thing is a bit “indulgent” as Simon would say!

    • Something about his twitter behavior irks 😡 me. Where’s Steve Fekete?

    • Couldn’t agree more. This shouldn’t be an ego trip – especially, if this is Mike’s ego trip! I fear David is being misguided by this guy. This is JMHO as I don’t have a VRS.

  18. Well, I don’t follow Mike K so could care less what he has to say. (Does he remind anyone else of a certain person from Team Utah?).

    As for “Elevator” being the next single…meh! It doesn’t have any real “hook” to play on radio (heh, maybe this is one song that should be subject to a hip-hop remix).

    Whatever. David is a 19 yro who needs guidance, and I’m not sure he’s getting any. But he’ll recover (and no, I don’t think this is a “self-indulgent” or self-sabotage move).

    A sucktastic song can still be a hit if it gets the right promo, and Elevator is far from sucking.

    I just wish they would give SBL a chance because it’s a really good song that deserves its chance in the spotlight.

  19. David said several times while making this cd that it wasn’t about finding the next big him but showing his personality.

    • Oops! It wasn’t about finding the next big “hit”.

    • Good for him, then. I hope he nails that with this album and gets this out of the way.

      I’m sure this era will be interesting, even if not entirely satisfying.

  20. Wow. I used to love coming to this site and the fact that we were all David fans and cared about him. But obviously by talking crap about the people who have been there for him and the people he cares about, you guys don’t really care. You guys are so invested on this and have turned this into such a negative site talking crap about everything and everyone. This is not what David talks about when he says we’re the best fans in the world. SBL always had a chance and still has one. David has made it clear he doesn’t mind if his album becomes multi platinum or not he wants people to relate to his music. Sure Jive and David could’ve made David as famous as Bieber and they could market him to become a huge global star but I know that David wants this so bad. I can feel it. He wouldn’t have tried out for two huge public tv compettitions if the boy didn’t want it. I trust that he knows what he’s doing. So good bye Soul David it was a good run while it lasted.

    • Well if SBL was zooming up the chart I think there would be alot less stress right now. Everyone here wants David to be a success and hope for a mega hit- for SBL- or any single, for that matter….Hits will help assure continued music- They are trying to vett out why that is not occuring.

      • ITA Raelovingangels ! and the lack of transparance is a problem too (about Jive plan if it exists and the management team if there is one). Which leads to a lot of speculation and frustration about what’s going on … And to be honest, the unofficial informations are not helping !

        All I know is that I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and I just wish David a lot of luck (he’ll need it !). I’ll do my part and support him the best I can !

    • My friend, I hate to tell you that most of the fan sites are venting similar frustrations.

  21. Diana, the only person I see talking crap on this site is you!

    How dare you try and censor people’s voices here because some actually feel comfortable enough to express their real concerns and frustrations with what’s going on with David.

    Sorry we can’t all be puppies and kittens and rainbows for you.

    So you want to leave Soul David, do you? Good riddance!

    (And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.)

  22. I think all this uproar is actually good for Team David. There are many lessons to be learned from today.
    One – throwing a perfectly acceptable single under the bus before it even had a chance to flop on its own is foolhardy. The fans may or may not have minded Elevator as a consideration for 2nd single, but why at the expense of a song the fans have heavily invested in with nothing to show for their efforts.
    Two – unofficial confirmation of new single news from someone who has a personal interest before such word from Jive or David.
    Three – releasing a quirky, fan-polarizing song without properly researched feedback. For every fan who loves it there are about five who do not. After all – fans ultimately choose with their pocketbooks.
    Four – David, David, David….as much as we love him dearly, for the first time fans are moving beyond Jive and beginning to question his motives and actions as well.
    What a mind-blowing day for the fandom!

  23. all of this mayhem can only mean one thing…………..

    @manincap is back.


  24. I’m just posting this because I think it’s funny :

    # oninovertop @MikeKMusic I hope that new mix is very different from the one played on the WPRO radio station. That one wasn’t good at all. bad vocals 2.

    # mikekmusic @oninovertop it’s very different and what you heard was a horrible mp3

    “a horrible mp3” lol !!!! and why is he replying to the fans about the song when it’s not yet officially release ? He should have just not said anything at all to begin with.

    • why would David give a radio station a “horrible MP3”?

      Mike probably didn’t expect this type of feedback when he boasted about the song hmm?

      • A lot of questions like why when he sang at the telethon it was the demo track ? and about Elevator why did he gave the song to the radio station if it wasn’t mixed yet ?

      • yeah this makes no sense…both of these things were kind of unprofessional flubs, which could only mean a certain gentleman fond of chapeaux was responsible!!!

      • I don’t know who was responsible but so far the key word for this era is “unprofessional”. You can add to the list the performances of a dance song without a band lol (and I like the acoustic version of SBL but I don’t think it was the right thing to do to attract possible future fans).

  25. Does anyone get the impression that MikeK is really


    #manincap in disguise??!!!

    • lmao!!!!!!

      call the ArchuFBI immediately!!!


    • Something to look forward to, I guess…


      2 dope songs on David Archuleta’s new album “Falling Stars” & “Complain”. Produced by @emanuelKiriakou Can’t wait 4 Archie fans to hear.

      about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific

  26. Gosh, after reading all the comments, suspicions, and conspiracies 🙂 I have nothing much to add so I’ll steal a line from Silverfox’s prayer:

    Separate him from those who have agendas other than for his well-being.”


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