Suspicions, Conspiracies, Music, and David

The other night I was so busy that I got home from work pretty late.  And just before going to bed, I decided to do what a lot of other folks tend to do in our Internet-based culture: I wasted time and just surfed the web (and not just for all things David Archuleta!)

When you do things like that, you’d be amazed at the crazy, time-wasting information that’s out there. One persistent item that’s been rolling around for some time is the belief in the “Illuminati.”

For those not in the know, that’s supposed to be some secret society that promotes devil worship and the occult, and apparently, the powers that be in the music industry are involved.  Supposedly, pop artists like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rhianna, and a host of others promote these beliefs through coded hand signs and other symbols in their music videos and concerts. (Ever wondered about that sign Jay-Z and his posse throws up at their shows? Have you pondered why so many artists, like Gaga and Ri-Ri, cover up one eye? Did Kanye and Jennifer Hudson sacrifice their mothers to achieve fame and success? It’s all part of the Occult! Gasp!)

A good conspiracy theorist promoting these ideas includes the Vigilant Citizen.

So, of course, if you believe all this about the music industry, this might help explain why David isn’t dominating the pop charts. He has not sold his soul yet!

Now, I tend to think this is all foolishness.  Although I will admit this much: The moment David does a music video where he’s covering up one eye, promoting himself as the ancient Egyptian deity Horus or refers to himself as an alter ego (a la Beyonce’s “Sasha Fierce”) is the moment I start believing these rumors and myths.

Apart from that, Pfft!!!

These conspiracy theories really do illustrate that far too many of us have far too much time on our hands. Why can’t we do something more productive like, say, keep a blog about our favorite pop artist who’s NOT promoting evil and destruction? 🙂

As my mom always said: “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop,” and what better way for the Dark One to show his powers than to inhabit some idle Internet surfer’s mind with ideas that “devil worship” and the “occult” is all around us?

Now, do I think the music industry, as a whole, is nefarious and destructive for the masses? Absolutely! But for one reason only: they are PROMOTING MEDIOCRITY! That is far more destructive than any “secret occult sign” coded in a music video.

When a David Archuleta can’t get radio play but some piece of fluff fly-by-night schmuck dominates the airwaves, that seems to me more problematic than some “Illuminati” attempts to rule the world.

And let’s get real, folks: if the Illuminati is as powerful as they are rumored to be and are running the music industry, then why the heck are they incapable of selling music the way they used to in the days of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion?

Hmmm, could it be that “mediocrity” will never push the masses to clear the shelves?

We as Archies may have our own “conspiracy theories” and “suspicions” about Jive’s plans for David’s sophomore album, but I think it’s fair to rule out that it isn’t because David refuses to sell his soul to an occult secret society!

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  1. 51 49 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 351 304 47 0.865

    #49 on top 40 radio…..went backwards one spot 😦

  2. HG I have also heard some things a while back about Gaga. To a certain point this may be true. I consider myself to be a religious person. I do think the reason David is not promoted more is cause of his religion. Which I think is sad. His religious beliefs should not matter when it comes to his music. So many artists seem to have no religion or morals at all. Not trying to bash another artist here…but I saw on an interview a while back that JB said that he was doing all of this for God. Well, that didn’t sit with me good at all when he said that! I don’t think swooning the teens, acting cool, giving kissing lessons, or making tons of money by being the biggest pop star is helping out God any lol. He didn’t give God the credit for his success, just said he was doing it for God. I guess to try to make people think he really is a good person? Oh how I would have been afraid to say something like that! lol! A lot of the singers out there think they are bigger than life. They have such a big ego. It’s like they are trying to rule the world. They are so bold and are trying to make a statement. What are they trying to get across to fans? David is one of the best out there today, so why is he not being promoted more?

  3. I don’t believe the stories re. celebspromoting “Illuminati” but they make for an interesting read. If anything, I believe that some celebs welcome the attention that the controversy brings.

    Re. David, I feel that he’s wants to be recognized for his musicality first and foremost and right now, top 40 radio isn’t about that.

  4. I have read about that and like DR thought it was interesting. I am not buying it- but at the same time, there probably are artists into cult or satanic worship- just like occurs in the general population.

    In thinking about the whole “pop” scene, David knows what it is like.-since that is where he chooses to be, I think perhaps he sees himselve as a bit of a non-judgmental example, bright light, etc in a sometimes dark industry. It may be more challanging than he expected- but he is probalby where he needs to be- even if we wish it were easier.

    I don’t think it is religion “per se” just youth and the AI image still hanging on. The radio industry needs to give him a second look. He has matured and is better than ever as a performer and artist. I also HOPE the songs that do not make the album get sold to other artists and become big hits- at least some of them. He can then gain credibility as a songwriter.

    There are many decent clear artists- who have had big hits- and don’t seem to be comging from the dark side haha. Five for Fighting, Script, Fray, Alicia Keys, Sara B, Natasha B, Daughtry, David’s buddy Shontelle with Impossible. I am sure you all can name many many more.

    • My spelling is bad- as is my typing. Thanks for not laughing at me. I meant to say “clean” artists who have made it big with big hits. I do think there are alot of signs, symbals etc that may be satanic type stuff. Not sure if it is done seriously or in an effort to look tough. I am stil trying to figure out Lady Gaga myself – but I don’t see Beyonce in that group no matter how you cut it. There is a place for David in the music industry- because millions of fans world wide cannot be wrong. To 40 radio just may be too small or ( snall minded) for him.

  5. The religious question is an interesting one. I don’t think that the lack of promo is due to his religion, mostly because David rarely makes it a public issue, although it is evident in some actions, such as cleaning up lyrics to some song covers.

  6. This moved me to tears. What does top 40 matter when you can touch a soul?

  7. Okay, first, the Illuminati IS WHAT IT IS( A Secret Society of Satanist). Ex members and non-members in the idustry who DO know have admitted that it is QUITE REAL and NOT FOOLISHNESS AT ALL!!! People like Professor Griff(Ex Memeber of Public Enemy) and Tiffany Evans who is still in the industry mind you!

    There IS NO YET for DAVID ARCHULETA! He’s a Christian, was raised in a Christian home and ISN’T MONEY & FAME OBSESSED like the puppets you just mentioned! He serves an AWESOME God who IS ABLE TO KEEP and PROTECT HIM as well as smart Godly parents who obviously help keep him grounded. I DOUBT HE WILL EVER JOIN The ILLUMINATI or any other SATANIC ORDER!!! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  8. NotSoFoolishIsIt

    Umm, this is not foolishness! Former Illuminati programmers have stated that the Illuminati absolutely is a secret society and admitted that several celebs have joined. They tell you the tricks they themselves have used to brainwash the people who are a part of it. I have zero doubts that David Archuleta IS NOT a part of this society, as he is Mormon and openly displays his love for The Lord in a sincere respectful manner. Whereas the fake Christian Illuminati cleverly yet somewhat quietly mock God in every way.

    However, who do you think is providing the research about secret societies such as The Illuminati and all saying the very same things about them? The WELL INFORMED! Ex members! So when someone who was involved states it, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, but a FACT! It’s not foolishness, we just need to wake up and be more aware of what is and HAS BEEN all around us for so long!

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