For the Long Haul

It seems to me that, if we are to believe hearsay – that Jive sees David as a “long term investment” and that this latest promo shows their support of his music career (despite the long, slow climb out of obscurity for a single like “Something ‘Bout Love”) – then we need to keep the faith.

I think it was the fan roller coaster story, in which David’s label set up a fan moment on a Six Flags roller coaster ride, that made me rethink the label strategy.  What if these little moments – the fan package deal for the Arch Angels, the Tosh comedy episode, the various radio station visits and fan meet-and-greet moments, the “family” event performances at amusement parks and the like – are part of that “long term” deal? What if the goal is not to sell  a chart-burning single but to simply sell David to a core fan community that will grow up with him?

What if Jive has no intention of turning David into Bieber – which they could have before Bieber became Bieber – because they do intend to launch David when he’s more mature? What if these are the “growing pains” of maturing his fanbase until he’s of a certain age when he can sing the songs he’s supposed to sing?

What if they are quietly catering to his “teen pop star” image so he can subtly grow out of it?  As a result, there’s no real push for his pop music to chart if only to avoid trumpeting this public image, which will be really hard to escape when David is, say, 25.

If David is in it for the “long haul,” is this all part of a bigger plan?

I guess I’m trying to connect these interesting appearances to the lack of SBL radio play (while “Crush” is still getting more radio play of late).

Is this the “long-term investment” game plan?

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  1. HG. CHILLS on a warm, sticky Sunday morning. I do believe you are on to something when you say Jive wants to foster a portion of the fan base that will “grow up” right along with David with family friendly/community appearances. Thanks for writing it with such clarity and making such sense out of it.

  2. 54 51 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 323 294 29 0.823

    still #51 on top 40 radio

  3. I agree with this to a degree…maybe this is why we see David working with solid producers, but not the top tier. Maybe that’s why he’s getting promo, but not the premium appearances of a Bieber. A moderately expensive album that is made, moderate promo, moderate profit anticipated? Surely not every artist is expected to have JT or Britney level success…perhaps David is for now on their second tier, with the idea of taking him to the next level once he is ready…?

    Honestly I am not worried, should the Jive deal go away after this album I think other labels will be waiting in the wings, Hollywood Records and Decca are two I can think of that might be a better fit too and allow David to change things up as well…

  4. I just saw David at the Athur Ashe Kid’s day(on CBS ?) and he was truly AMAZING !!! They introduced him as one of the most gifted performers on the planet and as a jive artist ! I didn’t hear anything about “American Idol alumn” lol

    What I don’t understand is why he had to sing a shortened version of the song !

    • Mike K. just tweeted the names of the other band members: “Ben Antelis drums and Kellen Harrison on bass”

    • Here is the video :

      David’s fans are great ! they always share their videos, pics and stories with those that can’t see him live !

      • David was Awesome!! I can’t tell you how much I love SBL and now especially sung live with band and backtrack. It simply makes me happy and the key change – lifts my spirits. It’s the new Zero Gravity in my book.

        Cute drummer btw – he got his fair share of TV time – that’s for sure LOL!

      • In this video you can see David’s reaction when the lady introduced him as one of the most gifted performers on the planet :

        A big yes for the two new young band members !

      • To all you Mike K fans, please don’t throw tomatoes at me 🙂 but I think Mike should have been in the shadows and the other guitarist should have been in the forefront. Mike K didn’t show any energy up on the stage today.

    • I am wondering if the label and/or David requested that he be introduced as a Jive artist. At a Christmas concert I went to, the billboard initially said “American Idol’s David Archuleta,” but when we drove back ’round it had been changed (after the tour bus came in and drove by).

  5. Jive hasn’t convinced me that they have long term plans for David or for any other artist on their label. I have faith in David’s ability so I don’t worry too much anymore. My thinking is, David will need to continue to take responsibility for the planning of his career.

    • So on point DR. I am now taking refuge in the line from Jill Scott’s song. David is living HIS life like its Golden and certainly at HIS speed. Don’t know what else to say at this point.

    • Jive hasn’t convinced me either about the long term plans…
      But if it was the case, it’s not because they see David as “long term investment” (and IMO they should see all their artist like that) that they can’t promote him now. I think that one thing can’t exclude the other. And if they want him to have a long music carreer with them, they should give him opportunities to broaden his fanbase and promotion now, otherwise why bother releasing singles and albums if nobody is able to hear them ? They did the same thing for his great Christmas album (if he was an indie artist it would have been the same in term of promo lol). Just like for any investment, they need to spend money now if they want to earn money later.
      I hope that they have a plan because I’m tired to try to know why they are waiting for the real promotion (and I’m talking about national exposure, not only local radio interviews).

      My opinion is that they count too much on David’s pre-established fanbase and not only for buying everything about David but also for promoting him. For example, he wasn’t considered for a TCA the first time and we made it happen or SBL being #34 the first day it was released just because of the fans etc …

      And you know what, it was easier when we had his dad to blame for his bad promotion lol, now I’m just frustrated that a great talent like him doesn’t get the respect and success he deserves ! The only thing I know for sure is that David is special, so young and so talented, and that people are falling in love with him when they are given the chance to hear him, just look at all the positive comments on twitter and on internet from non fans after he sang at the Arthur Ashe Kids Day yesterday !

      (I don’t know if what I’m trying to say makes sense in English but in my head it’s clear lol)

      • cmoi, i concur with everything you said. david is almost 20, the perfect age to be singing fun, pop songs. this is the perfect time to promote him. if not now, what are they waiting for?

        also, a lot of the musicians hot right now are popular more for controversy or some big story surrounding their rise to fame. Examples, Fantasia (suicide attempt), Katy Perry (semi-nude photos, controversial song, eg, Peacock), Usher (Bieber mentor, divorce), etc. i hope jive doesn’t drag david’s family thru the mud just to create controversy the week his album drops.

  6. #594. Woohoo.

  7. HG,

    Your speculation makes sense. TPTB at Jive are not dumb, deaf or blind. They KNOW what they have in David. We all speculate maybe they simply do not know exactly how to promote an artist of David’s immense talent. Especially when you also have an artist who has certain standards & values which is part of who he is professionally & personally. So yes, you may be right.

    Still, it hurts my heart when he performed here a week ago & I have yet to hear SBL on WDJX. Does not mean they have not played it, but it’s not on their rotation. I just don’t get it!?

    The question is, WHAT DOES DAVID WANT? I wish I knew for sure that David is fine & happy with Jive. And if he is, then great. But if he is not, I would hope he parts ways with them when he fulfills his contractual agreements.

    I’m anxious to hear the rest of his album. I’m anxious to hear how David really “sees” himself…quirks, dorkiness, goofiness & all. And does he really believe WE see him as an amazing talent with insane good looks and exceptional character? Will he ever fully realize & believe how incredible he is to have this unbelievable ability to sing any genre of music. Not many singers would even attempt to sing anything other than their own genre or style. With David, it’s just singing. Give him a song & he makes it his own. He’s truly an artist’s ARTIST. I think Jive knows all this. They must know what they have in David. If SBL & the album are not a success in sales & on the charts, they have no one to blame but themselves as there is so much more they can be doing for David. Unless they are doing what HG has speculated here. I guess only time will tell.

    I just watched my recording of David’s performance on the Arthur Ashe event. I LOVED David’s “new” SBL. The changes, the lower register in parts of the song were IMO, so GOOD. Guess the high notes were getting a little hard on his voice, but OMG, what a VOICE!

  8. collegemom, thanks for that info. I will check those sites as well. 🙂

  9. Sunday evening update:

    54 48 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 323 294 29 0.823

    SBL is finally #48 Yeh!

    so at the #50 mark the Big radio stations like Z100 are supposed to start playing it. Then more people become aware & buy & the iTunes # goes up.

    so it says in the fine print.. lol

    • sorry, YJfanofdavid , I just saw your post…….I should read first before I speak. lol

      • No problem Burkey.:) So it looks like the promos are working albeit slowly? My local station Q92 is doing a “stripped down” concert with him on October 11, and they added him a while ago. But I have yet to hear them spin it. Why?? Let’s hope Z100 get into the act soon.

    • Great! (#659.)

  10. I’ve been thinking along the same lines as you, HG. Perhaps Jive wants David to gain more experience and confidence before they invest a lot of money in him. They’re also giving him time and the opportunity to figure out his music direction (as long as some of it is potential top-40).

    It wasn’t until I read his book that I realized how limited David’s pre-idol performing experience was. Aside from Star Search (which was years earlier), he could practically count his appearances on two hands. I think his voice was ready for the world, but he wasn’t quite there yet. His nerves still show through on some performances. He hasn’t focused his music in one direction (at least until this new album). He’s still a little awkward in interviews and onstage (although he’s improved a lot–just think where he might be in a year from now).

    Appearing at family-friendly events is a safe, smart way to keep his name out there without overplaying the teen idolish aspects of his career. And it allows him to mature and gain experience out of the glare of the mega limelight. If that’s the case, then that would mean that Jive is actually smart and has a heart…hhhhmmmm…

  11. I think his voice was ready for the world, but he wasn’t quite there yet. His nerves still show through on some performances. He hasn’t focused his music in one direction (at least until this new album). He’s still a little awkward in interviews and onstage (although he’s improved a lot–just think where he might be in a year from now).

    Excellent points, Utah Mom. This is something David needs much more work on. Love him to pieces and can’t get enough of the Voice, but at some point David is going to need a choreographer and “swagger coach” to better help him with his posture, pose, and stage demeanor.

  12. “it’s the butterflies that keep you feeling so alive” = that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you feel when your nervous or excited…pretty good lyrics. I wonder if some think he actually means butterflies and that’s why they don’t quite get that song? Ha ha he is pretty good!

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