One Hit Wonder?

I heard it today while waiting on line in the bank, and while I was overseas, I heard it while eating in a restaurant.

It’s amazing to me how, as a fanbase, we’re wringing our hands to hear SBL, but all we hear of David on the radio is “Crush.”

Is David destined to be a “one-hit wonder,” or will SBL eventually find life on the radio?

If we are to believe David is a “long-term investment” at Jive, they must have big plans for him.

But what does it mean, really, that what I do hear of David on the radio is his debut single and not any new material?

I mean, it does give me chills, still, when I hear “Crush” out there on the airwave.  It certainly seems that his label is making sure we still hear the Voice.

But why an old hit song and not a new one?  Is SBL really a bit of a struggle?

Perhaps it doesn’t have the magic “Crush” has? (And yes, I am one of those who believes SBL is not on par with “Crush”).

Does it mean anything substantial that, when I listen for David on the radio, it’s “Crush” I hear and not “Something ‘Bout Love”?

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  1. I think it’s cause Crush has so much promotion from the start and the sells were great. They have just left SBL to go up the charts on its own. Crush is a song that a lot of young and older people can identify with, because most songs on the radio are about love, or use to be lol. Most songs now are about the act of…well ya know….instead of love.People seem to mainly want songs about relationships between a boy and girl. I think SBL has more of a dance vibe to it and it is more fun, but it also has a deeper meaning of not just the typical boy\girl song. LIke they lyrics “when you were young scared in the night” that makes me think of when I was a child and scared and waiting for my mom to come in my room to comfort me. Crush to me was just a pure pop teen love song. I think SBL in some ways is better than Crush because of the deeper meaning of the song. I love the low notes and then going for the high notes in the chorus. I would have thought it would have done better than, or at least as good as Crush. It has more of a dance feel to it. I have read a lot of djs like it better than Crush and it is sort of a different sound for David. I honestly think it has to do with no major promo of the song before it was released. Putting a song on the internet where people can illegally download it does hurt the sales. You have to build up the anticipation for a song before it’s released. It boils down to his label or whoever not promoting it first. I have woke up the past two mornings with “Elevator” playing over and over in my head. It’s a fun random song that apparently just gets into your head. Songs like that are the ones that make a hit also. I do think he needs a band when he does these live performances. I understand why he doesn’t though. Money is probably not there for it. I just think it is poor promotion and no money to back him. That to me is so sad, because David is a one of a kind artist.

  2. raelovingangels

    I think ( positive) that Arthur Ashe event and Jerry Lewis telephone will give I -Tunes a bump.

    Not sure about the radio adds. That just seems so political. Sigh. Time will tell. I am hwppy for all these amazing performances and David is so popular everywhere he goes. One would think the radio people would get the connection but unless someone connects the dots- guess they sell adds either way- ( with our without playing David)

  3. If David is to become a “one radio hit” wonder, there are quite a few “one radio hit/no big radio hit” wonders out there doing VERY well for themselves. India Arie, Jill Scott, Simply Red, David Matthews Band, etc. They all have had great careers.

    A couple of weeks ago as I watched David singing Jill Scott’s song in his vlog, I kept thinking how cool it would be if five years from now, an up & coming female artist of color is singing one of his songs on talking about how much his music has affected her. For me, a radio hit would be fine but other forms of recognition might be equally or more fulfilling for David and some his fans.

  4. photo caption:

    David: “When you have a dimples like mine, you don’t need radio hits.” 😀

  5. HG, it’s interesting that you chose this video of David listening to Crush for the first time … The difference between Crush and SBL resides only in the promotion : Crush was premiered on Z100 (the biggest US radio station and SBL was released like it was D’s third single on his OS visited only by few fans !

    The promotion is just beginning for SBL so there is still hope. But I think he needs to sing the song on National TV and with a band (even if I love the acoustic version of SBL). People need to hear the song to buy it !

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