Sweet Caroline! Elvis vs. David

Fan Love Series #10
Authored by Desertrat

August 16 marks the 33rd year since the death of music legend, Elvis Presley. During his career, Elvis left an indelible impact on the entertainment industry. Like David, he was known for his smooth, soulful vocals and he had a penchant for gospel music.

But the similarities don’t stop there. While so much is known about Elvis’ music, it’s a little known fact that just like David, he performed Neil Diamond’s song “Sweet Caroline” before a live audience.

So whataya think? Does Elvis hold his own with David? 😉

David singing “Sweet Caroline”


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  1. 66 60 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 262 174 88 0.83

    #60 top 40 radio today ! Yeah up 4 whole spots!! 🙂

  2. Woohoo! This is great. SBL is still alive! (And it should be, because it’s a great pop song.)

    • So my understanding is as the song climbs the top 40 radio & gets to #50 then there is increased radio promo AND major radio stations like Z100 will start playing it.

      I am just learning this radio stuff…..& who knows if that will all work out!
      Hoping so!!!

    • Wasn’t aware of that… Thanks!

  3. The song keeps falling on iTunes: 587.

  4. Thanks for posting those videos of Elvis and David. It was fun to see the comparison. They were both great!!

  5. elvis was king of the shoulder shimmy! 🙂 (2:24-end)

  6. desertrat, wow I didn’t know that Elvis sang that song. Thanks for finding it and letting us hear both of their versions. I would have to say I enjoyed David’s much better than Elvis. I know he was the king, but for some reason I just never enjoyed his voice. Maybe because I grew up in the Beatles era. IMO, David has him beat in smoothness and voice.

  7. this is kind of neat…..from a tweet:

    wendynjAFAC @DavidArchie your SBL video was on the BIG SCREEN at Planet Hollywood in Orlando! How awesome !
    12 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    • this is good news. i hope this means the video was (will be?) shown in planet hollywoods all over the u.s.

  8. #601. Sigh.

  9. I enjoyed both versions of Sweet Caroline. Elvis definitely added his own flavor to it, but David’s performance seems so much more genuine to me, if that makes sense. David wins, hands down, vocally.

    • yeah, elvis seems to be a bit detached from the song. maybe he was trying to be “mr. cool” in the polyester suit. 🙂

  10. A tweet from Jive:

    “David Archuleta fans! I’ve got some @DavidArchie #TheOtherSideOfDown news but can’t tell ya’ just yet…stay tuned”

    Enough with these little guessing games already. PROMOTE SBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kind of ridiculous, Jive……

    • Seriously.

      Do you guys think Jive maybe miscalculated the current size of the fan base? Not that David doesn’t have alot of fans, but I think that younger fans are more easily distracted without constant news, updates, etc. I think when he went away from the scene for the most part they got more interested in Bieber, Twilight, etc…..they should come back eventually but not without huge promo to let them know about the song and album.

      Still think it’s so weird that the sales are so low with the high level of views on youtube…something doesn’t add up…

      • i think they have an idea of the fanbase size and what % will legally buy the single. his radio promos are in small markets; it’s almost as if jive wants him to be a big fish in a small sea. or maybe jive is just being cheap.

        i remember a year ago when jive released the “zero gravity” fan pack to itunes, it sold ~14k it’s first week w/no promo. i think they were probably expecting something similar for SBL (w/no promo).

    • Amen!!!!!

  11. lol. the daughtry fans are upset that he will be performing at the jetblue terminal at jfk airport. they think he’s too big for this type of gig. as someone pointed out a few posts back, this has been a dismal summer for touring unless your name was gaga or bieber.


  12. todays update—>

    66 59 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 273 193 80 0.848

    #59 on top 40 radio……up 1 spot from yesterday

  13. #544.

    The Pollyanna in me thinks that SBL will be promoted big time when the album comes out.

    The Negative Nellie (or Realistic Raymond) in me thinks that SBL will not be promoted and that the album will only be promoted to the fanbase (and that Jive’s tweet yesterday was about some new type of extra special fan pack).

    • I guess the big news was the official album cover.

      Jive is asking fans to “download it and make it your profile pic all over the place, on this site, on facebook, on Twitter, everywhere!”

      Jive, why don’t you go and do your job?

    • From all the indications, it does look a bit like the album will only be promoted TO the fans, BY the fans, and for getting the maximum profits OFF the fans. I guess we had a different idea in mind. 😦

  14. #525. I’m a little tired of celebrating the little victories (such as possible new songs possibly written by David and possibly included in the album or a random movie or what have you), because he has the potential for so much more.

    • Hopefully, we just need to hang tight a little longer. In his vlog, David said he’s starting promo Saturday, and I think he mentioned cities that we haven’t heard about. Maybe they held off on promo until David was done with the album, so he could focus on it. We’ll wait and see…

  15. David’s latest Vlog!

  16. HG is going to love the song David was singing and jammin to @ the end of the Vlog today. Living my life likes its Golden by J. Scott. Luv the Vlog and looking forward to hearing about ‘David’s upcoming performances and recording with the Celtic Girls for the Christmas show on PBS.

  17. When David mentioned “Louisviile KY”, I got chills! It brought it home to me and made it real! Just 5 more days & I will once again be among all the young adults/teens/tweens! Good thing my grand-daughter is coming with me so I can seem like her “guardian”…that is until David hits the stage…God help me to remain cool, calm, collected & act my age! 😆

  18. Promo is starting next week. I hope this will help SBL!

    “Archie’s Top Secret Performance is @ Ladder 133 Bar & Grill, 133 Douglas Avenue, Providence, RI. He will perform not one, but five songs LIVE in a top secret showcase, plus, free brunch and you meet the Idol favorite! Autographs, Photographs, and YOU getting up close and personal with David!”


  19. Silverfox, I’ll be there Sunday too! My understanding/loving husband is driving my daughter, her friend, and I 11 hours round trip for the opportunity to hear and see David again! 😀 Can’t wait!
    P.S. I’ll be working on the “acting-my-age” thing too!

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