The Other Side of the Other Side of Down

Fan Love Series #8
Fan Art by Juanita


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  1. Nice interpretation of the album cover Juanita!

    Sara Bareilles sings “Single Ladies” – great cover!

  2. That’s where I am this morning. TOSOTOSOD.

    Apparently SBL is losing spins. And David has no management. Any good news out there for David fans? We need something. I’m off to work. HG, please come back!!!!!

    • Per twitter, 10,000 are expected at the New Albany event where David will be performing.

      Re. the spins – 😦

  3. 79 64 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 225 101 124 0.709

    SBL is %64 in Top 40

    but I am discouraged. It really isn’t looking good for this song 😦

  4. “. . . don’t give up, there’s something ’bout love”

    My hope? . . . when school starts, SBL will be played at dances and other events.

  5. I am SERIOUSLY thinking of backing off the David news big time. I will be back at work anyway and will have limited time to get depressed, nervous and stressed over single/album/label/management debacle. There is too much speculation and handwringing and I don’t like this era very much. I now know too much background info about the radio business and less about what David wants to achieve for himself – superstar or obscure niche artist, and to be frank – the whole thing sucks.

    At this point how do you go back to being a part-time fan?

  6. indulge me plz in my 1st time venting just a small portion of what’s going on in my head right now… i am more discouraged by the gloom/doom vibes that just seem to be permeating everything and everyplace one goes for david news on his sites – non david sites seem to be more encouraging and positive than certain factions of his own fanbase. i guess it has something to do with that investment factor. no amount of reason, or facts seems to be penetrating, and it is beginning to get tiresome seeing every little twitch or blip being interpreted as some sort of failure, or bad news. it ain’t as good as it could be, but it surely ain’t as bad as some are convincing themselves it is. i’m in no mood any longer to play the ”cheerleader” for those who choose to wallow in worst case scenarios, for a song that hasn’t officially been released a month. i am just a fan, who has seen much worse scenarios play out for faves with less going for them than david, so i just adjust my patience hat, recalibrate my expectations and carry on. it’s david’s talent that hooked me, and it is that talent, and its potential that keeps me here – ready to accept and deal with whatever – whatever happens, and still support him 100 percent. nothing comes w/a guarantee, and the way i still see it, he and this song are still very much in the game.

    • GG, thank you for your words. I’m with your thinking 100%. I’m here to be a fan of David for the rest of my life, through all ups and downs, highs and lows, he is the best artist out there right now and I’m going to be there no matter what. When the fanbase starts getting depressing I just listen to my heart. It says David is doing fine. He is following his dream not mine. I’m just along or the ride.

    • Well Said. Good reminder of why we are all here. I think we all need to hear that.

      Its David and his voice

    • thanks GG………I stick with it as long as David does! 🙂

    • Hi GG!
      My point is just that and I speak only for myself here. I have become a little too invested in this artist. I do not want to feel super gloom or doom and I wouldn’t if I were a typical ‘like David” fan instead of OTT. As much as I love any other artist – I only know enough about their body of work as it stands. All the behind-the scenes-stuff is nullified.

      Rethorical question – Why do you have to be a cheerleader of sorts for everyone concerning David? You are not responsible for how every fan feels. Despite your best intentions – which i admire everytime I go to FOD, we stress and worry only because our investment is seemingly not equating with the output from his team as we see it. Hope in this situation is a given but a large percentage is fueled by what we see before us – stats + radio spins + bullets + view counts + iTunes sales charts + tv apearances = success. This information is on most of the fan sites so we cannot miss it regardless. We keep being told by people in the know that THIS is the formula for a successful single launch. We ache for him to do well and it hurts because of the intricate nature of this industry.

      All I’m saying is perhaps if I were less vested (yeah right!) – I would savor the “journey” even more, for at this point most of us are missing the forest for the trees. I want to be hopeful minus the stress but then again – we not the average artist fan. It goes with the territory. Que sera sera?

      • GG,
        Just to be clear, the 2nd paragraph of my post is directed towards your comment of becoming a bit weary of trying to cheer those fans are wallowing in worst-case scenarios and mine about the reason. Peace.

      • “Rhetorical question – Why do you have to be a cheerleader of sorts for everyone concerning David?”

        Good question. For the record, my next statement isn’t directed at GG or Joymus, it’s merely my opinion. From my experience as a manager, I’ve learned that you can’t change a person’s attitude; s/he has to do that her/himself. All I can do is change their behavior (if needed) and control how I choose to respond.

      • i feel ya joymus… trust me, stepping away from the internet portion of being a fan has been an option i’ve been considering, but everytime i try, something just keeps me logged in, lol. i want to go back to being what i thought was a regular fan. i never posted online, on any public boards for any artist till david, and i like the community of fans there is spread out all over the world. but this is my row to hoe, so to speak, and i will work it out, and find the solution that works best for me. i know i will always support this dude from utah, and whatever happens, i just want to be able to hear and see him singing for a long time.

  7. Thanks GG . I highly recommend the following sites if you enjoy a more positive spin. Peace. love.david Great article by Archugeezer also enjoy Snow anelz and The Voice. Whos says David doesn’t have Management?? He has @ least 11 events coming up and daily has been getting adds. Pamela Pike also recently wrote a nice piece.

    Nothing against this site or any other but some of the above mentioned have Helped me enjoy the ride much more. GG-I always appreciate all you to for David and your organizing the troops on FOD as well as your input @MJ’s and here.

    David has accomplished more @ age 19 than many do in a lifetime.

    • Heidijoy,
      Each poster has their own views on David’s journey to becoming a successful artist in his lifetime. Our love for David is deeply rooted in hope for a bright future that befits his massive talent. However, that hope we hold will always be threatened by the storms of his career. Expressing one’s concerns at those times of crisis is only natural. The fan base is rich with diverse viewpoints but where would we be without valid concerns spoken aloud in this e-community at any given point of David’s journey? There’s something ’bout love that breaks your heart…… 🙂

    • i guess something is getting lost in the translation here from my first post – i too am frustrated w/a lot of things, i have questions and concerns that cannot be answered by anyone on any david site – i believe in going to the source when i really need my questions answered – but having no ties or contact with jive, david, his management, and not being on who easily shares the deep dark of my mind and heart on public forums, whattaya do… i have a nature that is both positive and cynical, both compete and sometimes war with one another for the upper hand, but my positive and hopeful side usually wins. i make no apology for that, am not ashamed to err on the side of the positive, but old cynical habits die hard, and the negativisim expressed around the davidverse in the last month relative to the song has been an eye opener. it’s taking me longer to process and balance it, while trying to take a long view and keep some perspective about it all. i don’t care how people post, where they choose to post, what they choose to talk about wherever they post. i love this site and others for the different flavors of fandom they offer, but lately it just seems everywhere you go around david world, the gloom is there, lol… it’s never really been that way before, so it’s taking some getting used to – and i hope to never have to get used to feeling that, so i’m just going to buckle up, and ride it out.

  8. oops Snow Angelz

  9. Joymus, I have no problem with expressing views but sense a desire to control and just mentioned those other sites as a way to enjoy for a while without feeling a need to worry about radio, numbers, management etc. I thought that would be a way to enjoy David and not feel a need to back a way completely. If nothing else please check out Peace.Love.David and read Archugeezer’s article. It helped me on this journey and good for a laugh. It Works For Me.

    • Heidijoy – when you mention “desire to control” to what are you referring to? I am not the owner of this site. Did I misinterpret the first part of your comment?

      First of all – I totally agree with you about those other sites. I read them regularly as well. I was just trying to make the point that not everyone will be positive all the time. Peace?

  10. Joymus- my input wasn’t directed at you or the site in a negative way, it was meant to be a helpful suggestion. I think I’ll leave it that for now. Peace to you.

  11. Great discussion. For me, I have no problem with people periodically venting concerns re. the direction of D’s career, their dislike for SBL, Jive, etc. Sometimes it’s therapeutic and it lets me know that I’m not alone in my feelings. One of the many reasons I like this site is because people will come here and post what they’re actually thinking. HG doesn’t skirt around the issues; she fosters genuine dialogue.

    I am one who has backed off David news a bit and it has helped me keep perspective. I typically ignore the music reviews that offer nothing constructive and I rarely listen to his radio interviews w/the DJs. Yeah, I’d like for D to have Katy_Perry-like radio spins but a radio spin is just that – a radio spin. There are many other ways for D’s music to reach the public. After hearing him live 5 times, youtube and radio don’t do justice to his voice.

    What helps me to feel better about things is following some some positive tweeters. Quite a few have tickets to the upcoming events and I can feel their excitement. Maybe we just need a cellcast with SBL and some new songs. 🙂

    • raelovingangels

      I also enjoy the repectful honestly on this site. Does anyone here follow any sports teams? Oh my gosh, the discussion and discection surrounding Davi’d’s career is nothing like long time serious fans of a team- be it the Yankees, Soxs, Steelers, Browns, Rays etc. The fans discuss play by play, call in on radio and TV shows, they question decisions, management, they argue, they quit the team, they make peace- the tcuss and throw things at the TV and swear off the team. Then they do it all over again 🙂

      The fans who have been with David since the beginning, will be there for ever- even if the day to day monitoring is reduced- or if they need to support from a distanced. I think we have all been there at times. The fan journey, is also unique to each of us, and we all need to find our way on the journey also as most of us have never followed anyone’s career as closely as we do David.

      • Me! I follow sports and I know EXACTLY what you mean. 🙂
        It took Michael Jordan 7 yrs to get an NBA championship ring. The 1st 6 yrs, I’d sit back angry thinking life wasn’t fair to him, he needed to go to another team, the coach should be fired, his father was interfering w/his game, etc.

        And don’t get me started on Venus & Serena Williams. I thought their dad/coach was holding them back in tennis. When the sisters began taking college courses in fashion design, I worried that they weren’t serious about their sports careers. Oh yes, being a longtime sports fan can take it’s toll. 🙂

      • Ha ha. Tell me about it. In Brazil we have to win every major football tournament. Losing a single match can lead to political unrest!

      • raelovingangels

        Valbraz: ha ha about the football…. Man some pro and college teams om the US- should they have JUST ONE loosing season and the coach has his bags packed. The reporters and the fans can be vicious.

  12. Seriously. What’s so difficult to get when Joymus says she’s tired of being a super fan and would like to be a regular fan? I wish I could back off too and use this time to mind my own business.

    If some don’t like the negative – I call it realistic! -tone of comments here, disagree without preaching, please. I don’t go to FOD to say I find some of the practices there embarrassing or to Snarkies to say they’re childish.

    • Submitted before finishing…

      I appreciate both sites and some of those mentioned by Heidijoy. There’s a place for every mood in this fandom. Me, I need the space to be angsty. I’m just a fan. All I can do is vent, and spazz, and stream, and even buy when I’m allowed to. That doesn’t mean anyone is abandoning David.

      And I already regret saying everything I’ve said. But what is done can’t be undone, right?

    • hello valbraz – it’s not preaching, and i think i have a very clear eyed and realistic view of the challenges faced by david, and everyone else trying to make it in this crazy industry. i too am weary of trying to balance that realism against superfan-ism while trying to balance real life along with everything. and i never participate in preaching, name calling and the relaying of a superior attitude some in this fandom seem to direct at some david sites, when we all i think are here for the same reasons. some may go about expressing their fandom differently, but nobody can claim they have the best way or method in their support of david. i get frustrated like everyone else, but in the absence of real information about a lot of unknowns, people fill them with something – that something lately has been, imo if i am allowed to express it here, has been a drone of repetitive gloom. it can affect even the toughest fan, and i’m pretty tough. i am not seeking like, love, respect or approval from anyone here or elsewhere – i just want to support david, and try to understand and relay to those interested any facts or info to help balance the worry and gloom.


      • no need to have regrets… you said what was on your mind at the time, and i respect that. i can take it as well as dish it out, but i never take any of this personally. we all are on the same page relative to our hopes/dreams/wishes for david, and what is happening i guess is considered normal – everything is not going to play out as abc/123 or as smoothly as we like, the levels of emotional investment vary, and so will the responses to the twists and turns over the course of a career.

        no harm, no foul, it’s friday, and nothing gets me down on friday.

  13. I just heard SBL played for the first time on KREV 92.7 a station out of SF/Bay Area. I will be putting in my daily requests.

    • I live in SF/Bay area as well. How do I put in radio requests for stations in my area, including KREV?

      • My post with all the station’s info is in moderation… so is the url. Phone # is 415-543=7500.

  14. 73 64 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 235 117 118 0.752

    #64 in Top 40 Radio

    SBL is hanging in there 😉

  15. I tend to go up and down in my fandom. When work gets busy, I sometimes don’t check David news for days at a time, which is probably healthy for me. I think what is most frustrating for me is that I don’t know anything that is going on behind the scenes (management, promo, business, if David cares about promo, band, etc.).

    The only thing I do know is that it has been a dismal concert season for many acts. It is no wonder that David is doing these collaborative and charity appearances.

    What I am confused about is the management situation. Is his label handling these appearances? Surely David and his aunt aren’t handling everything? And what happened to Jared Paul? Wasn’t he co-manager?

    As you can see, I know basically nothing. LOL!

    We miss you, HG!

  16. #411. I hope more people will discover this great song.

    • I’ve been requesting SBL at WFLY Albany, NY X1/day. Today I sent a tweet to the DJ & she tweeted me back. It does sound positive:

      MarissaOnFLY @burkey45 you won’t hear it a lot yet…but, we play it. Patience!
      about 1 hour ago via web in reply to burkey45

  17. funny! this cat has good taste. 🙂

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