A Wired Fandom: How Technology Changes the Fan-Artist Relationship

Fan Love Series #6
Archived TDC Article by Freofan (5/31/09)

In 1967, Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan coined the term, “the medium is the message,” to describe how the way that the media’s message is delivered to us (such as through the medium of television) shapes how we think about the information. One of my favorite activities reflects this thinking process. When taking breaks from working during the day, I enjoy listening to David’s song, “Somebody Out There,” at a high volume on our large stereo system. The music’s richness that physically surrounds me helps me reflect on life experiences invoked by the tender lyrics.

McLuhan died in 1980, and thus did not live through the computer age, but he left behind a partial manuscript that described the computer as a new medium that would impact people’s thinking and culture as a while. Focusing on the computer’s general impact on society is beyond the scope here, but we have certainly seen computer technology’s impact on the relationship between musicians and their fans.


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  1. Video: 1,302,862 views (after Aug 5). Amazing.
    iTunes: #400

  2. This was a fun article to write!

    Wow, those numbers are crazy.

  3. I just reread this article – great post Freo!

    In response to: “How has technology changed your experience as a fan?”
    After 2+ years of ODD, I’ve had to reduce the amount of time spent following David while I’m at work. Since I can get tweets on my personal cell phone, I now pretty much follow twitter for David news and read the blogs/forums during the evening or late night. Thank goodness there are quite a few prolific David tweeters!

    Re. SBL, I wonder when Radio Disney will add; their airplay should bump up the iTunes sales.

    • Interesting like time puts things into perspective. When David missed TCA last year after being announced in the media as attending, many fans said it was ok and that this was a show beneath him anyway. Yeah. Look at the amazing buzz he’s getting today. And he looked great and carried himself amazingly well. I hope it helps his song to be played more.

      SBL is # 66 today. Looking good.

      88 66 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 174 75 99 0.578

  4. Hello Gorgeous

    Hey everyone! My first time since being on vacation since I’ve had internet access. I had a hunch the SBL video came out already and finally got to see it! 🙂

    The Good: David looks fabulous (as always)
    The Bad: What an absolutely mundane, unoriginal, and totally mediocre storyline!

    I can think of 10 Archies who would have come up with a better music video concept.

    Oh well. This too shall pass.

    Hope the song is getting more buzz. Not sure when I’ll be back online again, so thanks everyone for keeping Soul David current (especially thanks to Joymus for filling in for me with new posts, versus the already scheduled ones).

    Happy summer! 😀

  5. #357. “We” are making progress. 🙂

  6. raelovingangels

    holy cow! Just turned on TCA & boo hoo missed David- but am watching any way- call me crazy, Anyway watching Beaver perform. He has FILLED what looks to be a huge venue and he can’t sing on key! It is sort of the T Swift thing- but at least she can write. Amazing how these top “performers” cannot sing live.

    How did David do/look? I am sure it will be posted on You Tube shortly. 🙂

  7. raelovingangels

    oh HI HG!! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation. Yep- lots of excitment while you have been gone.

  8. Go buy SBL Video on iTunes. Maybe it will help get the song up the iTunes chart some ?he video is #32 right now!


  9. #21 iTunes overall & #11 iTunes Pop for SBL Video!

  10. SBL Video is #13 in iTunes/overall & #3 iTunes/Pop!

    Here is where you can buy —-> http://fb.me/E6jp488V

    SBL song is being played more everyday on the radio, so that should help sales. It is moving up the top 40 radio chart slowly. It is #66 today.

    85 66 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 193 81 112 0.629

  11. #318.

    The video seems to be #9 on iTunes already.

  12. Good morning Soul David! We are commenting and including the direct link to David’s video, emailing our contacts, buying/gifting the video, requesting over at your local stations, and twittering. Don’t forget to include david’s/Jives in your twitter …. Thanks & Have a great day!

  13. Zoo-A-Palooza on 8/21 is D’s next performance. Anyone going? 🙂

    • I am going to the Greenville concert and M & G. I’ll be there with my husband, daughter, and two little grandaughters. I am so excited. Look for me. I am a red head and my husband is in a wheelchair.

      • Wonderful! I’m sure you and your family will have a great time. From what I’ve read on the other fan sites, quite a few fans are coming from out-of-state. Just think, you’ll be one of the first to hear D sing SBL live.

  14. #306. Woo to da hoo!

  15. SBL video is #5 iTunes/ overall & #2 iTunes/Pop! yeah!

  16. HG! – how are you holding up with the ‘skeeters? 🙂

    Burkey are you on the gifting thing with Val if she needs? I have to step out in a lil bit – so please let me know. If not will do later. I haven’t bought as yet so need to do so.

    • I’m not really in the formal gifting thing but can I gift it through iTunes to an email address?
      Does it work if it’s out of the US?

      • I posted on FOD for info, so am trying to get the “know-how”. It takes time for exchange of posts – lol! Will keep trying.

      • Snarkies just sent me an email & said I could gift to someone out of US if they have a US or Canada iTunes account.

        If you find out more info let me know.

  17. Burks – that is what we need to know from Val. And if that is not the case -how do you go about that? ITunes is such a pain. Why is it so hard to purchase music if you are outside the US? Isn’t more opportunity for sales a good thing?


  18. “We” are in the Top 300 on iTunes: #298.


  19. Joymus & Valbraz…….

    Get a U.S. iTunes Account Anywhere In the World [How To]


    • Thanks…Peter

    • Peter,
      This just goes to show all Jive need to is give David quality face time to better ease his way up the charts. There is something defrinitely compelling about David that make him ‘watchable’ – to the point you want to see him again and again. He is is own best salesman afterall. They really should consider getting him some cameo roles on TV as well.

  20. Freofan-Thanks for this article. Are you a hip techie type? I have not ever been anything close to techie literate so I appreciate all the wonderful information that is passed on in these sites.

    I am a simple person. Yes, I think you can tell that by my comments but there are a lot of us simple people so maybe by keeping it simple it’s a good thing. After David gets his cred and has the luxury of a million dollars to toss at deluxe video production, he can ramp it up. But you know David. He is a practical and careful spender so who knows. If he does decide to spend oodles and oodles of money on a video someday, it will be genius and as long as THE VOICE is there he will be a super hot commodity.

    Interesting thing for me about this video is that like the Crush video I can’t stop watching it. Is it David, is it the concept, is it the message, is it THAT VOICE? I guess on the video “simple” works sometimes and sometimes simple is all you need for people to be appreciative of it and connect with it. Following David is so much fun, sometimes frustrating, but never dull. Thanks for letting me share. 🙂

  21. Burks – Many thanks for the great info. Val just needs to check in again. I still need to buy the vid – lol!

  22. Hi everyone! Sorry, I was at work and just got back home. I have a US i-Tunes account as I’ve been gifted before. I asked you guys because I was tired of being gifted by ‘strangers’ lol. My e-mail is valferreira@hotmail.com.

    Joymus and Burkey,
    I’ll be glad to receive it from any of you, when you can.

  23. Thanks Burkey,
    Just got back in after a late night out. Congrats Val! Hope you enjoy it. Glad to assist anytime in the future.

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