Is this David’s Best Vlog Ever?

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  1. The tears, wows, and spazzing around the fandom about a more chiseled, handsome, mature yet subdued David tell the tale – this vlog is being considered his best one yet for many undefined reasons. Maybe its the way he takes the time to sincerely thank the fans for all their support. For me – its love and I just love him to bits in return.

  2. SBL is #342 on iTunes. This will be interesting.

    • peter

      SBL is 100 on Top 40 list this morning & it hasn’t even been released to radio yet, so this is a good sign, I think

      tweet—->@frogcooke: 163 100 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 51 12 39 0.225

    • several radio stations have just started to play SBL on their own 🙂

      wkci: Connecticut
      wlan:Lancaster, PA
      kmxv:Kansas City
      wpro: Rhode Island

    • Thanks for the good news! There’s still hope…

      • I am hoping *fingers crossed*

      • I wonder how a song can be #344 on iTunes & #100 on Top 40?

        I don’t understand how that works?

      • That Top 40 list is based entirely on airplay.

      • Peter – hope is just starting since the radio adds date is next week. There are fan spreadsheets being created watching his spins and hoping for them to takeoff after the adds date (seems like all the stations have been holding off till at least then). If the spins start, lets watch the itunes number start moving back in the right direction. Starting next week is the time to really watch, for now, no reason to look at the sales charts – no one has heard the song yet – just we internet super-fans.

      • thanks peter & collegemom for that explanation 🙂

    • SBL is #336 LOL

  3. raelovingangels

    hmmm. What got me was ” I think people have forgotten about me or something because I have been gone so long” . I suppose there may be some- but I think for every 1 that has fallen off, two have replaced them. And of course there are those of us who will never forget David and struggle to remember music before him.

  4. Comparing this video to his very 1st, you can really see his growth and maturity. And “yay” for SBL moving up on the iTunes chart from #344-336.

  5. I think that this is the best vlog yet. David looks better than any others. Probably because the lighting is good, for a change, and he is fully awake. He is even more antimated with his eyes, mouth and head movement. David is in such a good mood too. Yeah, I just love it!!!

  6. SBL went from 100 to 93 in one day on Top 40……

    from twitter—>@Wave_length: 156 93 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 62 14 48 0.259
    about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

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