Rabid Strikes Again!


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  1. Beautiful art by Rabid!

    Have you guys seen this All Access page?

    David is described as a Jive/JLG artist, while The Daylights, for instance have Terra Firma/Azoff. Who’s JLG? Kris Allen has 19/Jive/JLG.
    Any news on David’s new management?

  2. David tweeted that his face is swollen again. Let’s hope someone gets to the bottom of what is going on.

  3. this is great artwork by rabid! i’ve always liked rabid’s use of colors and shapes.

    off topic but this pic of david beside Flo Rida is making me laugh.
    it’s either laugh at this photo or listen to crickets chirp while i wait for the sbl promo from jive. 🙂

    • SBL was premiered on Boston’s Kiss 108 30 countdown between #1 & #2 so… keeping fingers crossed.

    • 😆

      That picture is so incongruous!

    • Oh lord… why can’t they use more recent photos of him?!?! That picture promotes an image of a AI-controlled David, the balladeer etc. People that haven’t followed him since AI will think he hasn’t changed or evolved at all.

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