Young Music Artist vs. Teen Pop Star

David looks young.  I think he will always look young.  However, I think there is a vast difference between looking young and being young.  One of the things I love about the non-official cover for The Other Side of Down, as well as the above picture (obviously David is wearing the same outfit from that photo shoot), is how it captures David’s quirkiness and his artsy side.  You get a full dose of his personality without it seeming like a “pose.”  He does come off as “Just David” and all the things we love about “just David”: sweet, spacey, natural, honest, and an all around good guy.

There is no “look at this teen star! Drool on cue!” shot here.  You look at this natural pose, you see the off-kilter chair, and David’s cheery disposition, and you’re ready to hear what this “young music artist” has to say or sing.

A Young Music Artist.  Not some “Teen Pop Star,” whose images reinforce precociousness and pretend innocence mixed with adult knowingness that comes with the trained child star who learns to perform on cue.

David seems so organic. And so, whatever concerns I have about the promotion of his single, I have none when it comes to how these photos market the essence of David.  Whoever is picturing David, I hope s/he has been collaborating with David on how he wants his public image to appear.  This feels like David has a hand in this.  I can only hope his music comes off with the same organic feel.

It’s quite clear, from these images, that David makes no pretenses of looking young but also projects an image that says, “I may be young, but I certainly have more layers to me than bubble-gum pop.”

I’m ready to explore these deeper layers.

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    • “I’m ready to explore these deeper layers.”

      I’m so ready to explore what’s under David’s layers……… look at the JustJared photos – the fabric on that t-shirt is so thin it might as well not be there at all. I need to lay down in a fetal position and think about the Bible.

      • Bye bye oversized t-shirts! You won’t be missed.

        Gotta love David’s new comfort levels. Just saying.

      • Yes, David does indeed seem bolder when it comes to clothes and his body. I’m glad he’s understanding that you can be modest and still appreciate your good looks 😉

  1. SBL is #81 on iTunes.

  2. I love Jake Chessum’s photography. We know he did the SBL cover, but not sure about the album cover.

    Here’s a youtube clip of a photo shoot that Jake did with Olympic snowboard champion Shaun White. Based on footwear alone, it might be a strong probability that Jake did the ‘chair’ photo, too.

  3. raelovingangels

    So SBL is 38 on I Tunes pop chart- just behind Poker Face. That seems pretty solid to me- considering virtually no radio play. publicity or performances yet…

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