David Performs at the Telejano Music Awards

Doing a tribute performance to Selena!

Not sure if and when the show will be televised, but here’s hoping for some vids!

Visit Telejano Music Awards website.


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    • I agree with much of what MCL has to say but I wouldn’t “can” the instruments. To me, that’s like telling Timberlake to perform with out dancing or telling John Legend to sing with out playing the piano. I think removal of instruments could strip some contestants of part of their artistry.

      If the purpose of the show is to produce an artist who can rise to the top of the charts in the current music scene, I’m not convinced that the artist needs to be a stellar vocalist.

  1. from twitter:

    Tejano Music Awards soundcheck. photo via Bonnie Martinez.


  2. Woo hoo!! David got a standing ovation! Can’t wait to see some video.

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