Something ‘Bout Love

This is the clearest version so far (video by elliiieeeex3):

With a new sound system in my car and lots of road to cover this summer, I absolutely cannot wait for the official single release! This is going to be a fun, on-the-road song for sure!


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  1. This version sounds much less muffled, and you can hear the bass:

  2. “and make it right” is for the moment one of my fav part of the song. So far, the critics are good (they said he’s growing up lol ) and a lot of non fans seem to like it !

  3. I love Something ‘Bout Love. He is talking to us just like he always does and all I can hear is “love, love, love”. It’s Friday afternoon and time to let loose a bit. He is taking me higher and higher woo woo. So . . bear with me please.

    I give you this. Change the gender and you’re there. To the purists out there, forgive me but I can imagine David throwing in a little shoulder shimmy on that strong beat (I don’t forget his mother can dance up a storm so it’s in the genes.)

    Have a great Fourth of July!

    • Thanks for sharing this song; I haven’t listened to Jackie Wilson in a long time.

      Your comment re. the repetition of and connection with the word “love” in SBL reminded me of D’s tweet response to a fan yesterday. Someone asked him if he’s going to have a dance video for this song. His response: “The message in the song really isn’t about dancing though. lol It’s more heartfelt.”

  4. raelovingangels

    This song is going to top the charts for weeks…. I am so sure. It is just so modern and so happy, So not what I expected and so amazing. I still cannot get over the amazing arrangement and the sound effects. Never would have thought that I would love David doing the synthasized thing!

  5. Yes, Rae. The general feeling is that it has to be a hit. Two questions:

    1. Suppose Jive doesn’t push it as hard as it should, can radio peeps simply decide they love it and play the heck out of the song regardless?

    2. Is it possible to love the verses and the bridge and not care about the chorus? Cause I wanna live on those verses.

    • In response to Q1, YES. Remember that program director from Buffalo, New York that held a chat on FOD 1 1/2-yrs ago? She loves David and she had her crew play ALTNOY. However, I don’t think the syndicated shows like Elvis Duran, Open House Party, etc., have as much flexibility.

      Re. Q2, NO, archu_rules state that we must love the chorus too. –just kidding 🙂

      Sorry Brazil lost today. It looks like David was surprised by the outcome.

      • Thanks, DR. Did he tweet about it? We’re sad here but that was expected. Neither coach nor team had our trust. But it doesn’t feel right giving the game away like that.

      • Yes, David tweeted about Brazil several hours ago. I was hoping Ghana could pull out a win but I see they lost too.

        “Wow 2-1 Holland vs. Brazil.”

  6. The song is really growing on me! A fun listen, but it has substance, too. It is modern, happy, and danceable. I can’t wait to see where the song goes on the charts!

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