Texting, Fans, and David

I think I should start calling David my “celebrity boyfriend” from now on.

Picture it.  I’m away on a retreat, where I have no Internet access and, thus, had to leave my laptop behind.

No worries! So what if I can’t update my Soul David blog (other than to schedule a series in advance)?  Because my celebrity boyfriend knows how to find me wherever I am anyway!

There he is sending me a text on my cell phone!  Imagine how coy I behaved in the midst of company when, after wading through voice mails and texts from friends, family, business associates, and a guy I just had coffee with, I almost squeed with delight over a message from David.


And why is my celebrity boyfriend texting me while I’m away on a retreat?

To let me hear a preview of his new single!


David’s so loyal, so awesome, just …SO EVERYTHING!

It’s time to renew those David-Fan vows, dontcha think?

So now that we’ve established that this relationship is the real deal and that we’re committing to David all the way, it’s time for some honesty.

Sigh.  Those Jive Turkeys (sorry, I mean, Jive label) just had to saddle David, perhaps the most talented young artist out there at the moment, with a generic pop song!

Yeah, it’s catchy, and I can even imagine it as a summer hit.  And, sure, I am liking “Something ‘Bout Love” on repeat listens and can only judge the song when I hear the full version.

But seriously?  It sounds like something for Justin Bieber! And what really pi$$es me off about that is the Jive Turkeys had an opportunity to bank on Bieber Fever before Bieber Fever happened had they actually followed up on “Crush” and really went full throttle with David.  But noooooo, they had to be all conservative; they had to rein in on David’s popularity, lest he outshone the Idol winner during his season.  Because of those politics, Jive missed the boat, and now here they are playing catch up – CATCH UP! – when they were in a position to take the lead!

Like I said, the song is catchy, but it brings nothing new to the game, and David is more than capable of doing so.  Once again, David is bringing his A game to a music scene that’s operating on a C+ level at best!

If David must sing this bubble-gum pop to keep his name out there and to get another record and a long-term music career, then I hope “Something ‘Bout Love” does as good as “Crush,” if not better.

We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.  Having heard “If I Could Only Be,” “Not a Very Good Liar,” and “Parachutes and Airplanes,” my expectations had risen exponentially.  I should have known better when it comes to pop music.

Can’t wait for the full version and to see David on my tele come 4th of July!

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted, but I think this is one of David’s better interviews. There is a write-up, but also audio. 101.5 Lite FM in Miami. Worth a listen. http://www.litemiami.com/blogs/ellen/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10123307

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks this way about the new single and the rest of the new songs. I think that you nailed it for me. It’s exactly what I was thinking and thank you for it into words that I can understand. I was so confused about what’s going on with David’s career at this point. You made sense and I agree with you 100%

  3. I guess I represent the opposite view: I’m glad Jive chose a big pop song (which David reportedly co-wrote). I think this is a great career move.

  4. Funny, here’s a comment from MJs, “Ha When I listened to that link you posted, the voice and sound totally sounded like Adam Lambert.”

    From Justin Bieber to Adam Lambert, interesting comparisons.

    I like the song. It is uptempo and fun. I think it will do well on the radio and continue to build his fan base. This may also entice the younger fans to appreciate well-sung music – and some of David’s other offerings. It is like David is following the strategy of “come ye out from among them.”

  5. i love this article about the new song : http://bit.ly/aK5S9v

  6. hell0g0rge0us

    Peter, I agree that it’s a good career move, I just wanted something with a little more umph!, if that makes sense.

    Still, it is catchy, and I do think it can be a catchy summer radio hit, if the label pushes it like they should.

    Plus, if David’s a co-writer, it’s a wonderfully savvy financial move too!

  7. I really like the song, so far, but it wasn’t what I was expecting after hearing the other 3 songs David co-wrote. The man is no fool, though. David pretty much confirmed he co-wrote the song in a tweet. We know he needs a radio hit and so does he! I, too, am thinking he will reel in plenty of new fans and they’ll find more depth on the rest of the album. *crosses fingers*

    I’m just amazed that a David co-write is the lead single! Hope it makes him a nice load of cash. I guess we should have known something was up when Eman stopped teasing us. lol I do want to hear the song he worked on with Claude and David Hodges, though. It sounded like it could have been the power ballad. Remember when Claude tweeted he got chills when he heard David’s interpretation?! 🙂

  8. I probably will be agreeing with Peter. From the small amount that I heard, I love it, and think it will be a great hit. I’m not sure why picking this song makes anyone a “turkey”. I say “Go David!”

    • hell0g0rge0us

      haha! “jive turkey” is an old ’70s expression that I’m coopting to rift on Jive, as per my usual when it comes to the label and my distrust of them.

  9. tweet from AOLRadio

    David Archuleta fans: WE HAVE HIS NEW SONG! Stay tuned…going to drop it soon
    6 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  10. The song is amazing !!!!!! really well produced and David’s voice makes it anything but generic ! impossible to compare this to Beiber !
    It’s the perfect song for the summer, I can’t imagine it not being a hit.
    It’s really good !

    • oh, I just heard a mp3 of the full song, but I’ll buy it as soon as it’ will be available !

      • me too……..I really really like it
        better than Crush

      • yes, better than crush !
        I think it’s going to surprise David’s non fans (those who think he’s just a ballad singer lol). David can sing anything !
        There is zero excuse for the radios to don’t play it !

  11. OMG! I just heard it too!! It’s already on repeat!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  12. Hope the 2nd single is completely different.

    Where do I begin? I think me and Colette were the first to express a slight disappointment in this song. Having heard the whole song minutes ago I haven’t changed my mind. It sounds cheesy and somewhat stale to me – like something that should’ve been a hit years ago. IMHO YMMV!

    Sorry guys, but to hear some say this is better than Crush makes me want to scream! Bieber’s songs sound more urban and edgy in comparison. Back to listening – because it’s David!

    • Valbraz………I was never really crazy abut Crush even from the very beginning, but that is just my taste.

      I am very glad to hear your thoughts. I like the beat of this song
      not crazy about the autotune part, but I still really like the song.

      I did see over at Pulse (i think it was there) that this was not David’s choice as the single. He had said his choice was a song that started with an “E”
      “E” is going to be on the album so we’ll get a chance to hear was his first choice was.

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