Flashback Series #2

Omigosh Ashlee!! ‘Nuff said.

Part I:

Part II:

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  1. Whoa-oh-oh-oh.

  2. HQ version of SBL (under “7/26 Mainstream”):


    • Here’s the MP3 link guys!!! (thanks @FSteven) http://tinyurl.com/2522zgv

    • it is really good! I like it a lot & I have only heard 30 seconds of it!

    • Not that this is breaking news or anything, but his voice sounds really good in the “When you were young” part.

      • Peter, I am mesmerized by the “When you were young” bit — there is a certain sound quality that I have not heard from him before. Gah!

      • raelovingangels

        His voice sounds really really really good. ooooo I like the sound of it. The cool little sound effects remind me a bit of Owl City…. Bet this song crushes Crush and those radio stations like the ones in my area will play it. After 2 1/2 years and continued success they cannot deny he his here to stay and a force in the music business.

  3. thx for the new link everyone! can’t wait to get home to listen to them.

    i saw on twitter that g gordon liddy interviewed david this morning and gave him a hard time about his religion. did any of you hear the interview? if so, i would love to hear your thoughts on what was said.

    thx in advance.

    • Bringing my comment here from another site to state my opinion about the interview:

      “Hah, that Radio America interview was kind of painful. Is the DJ alive or…? Too bad the phone was occupied or someone could’ve called 911.

      The interviewer also interrupted David numerous times, not to mention the fact that he kept pushing with the questions about the mission and all in all seemed to be out of it. Fortunately he was very polite to David, even if he didn’t have all his ducks in the pond if ya know what I mean. You probably don’t, though 😀 “

      • haha…I listened to that interview & I know exactly what you mean….lol

        The interviewer was very polite to David, but he really sounded ancient, or from another world??

        Oh well, he was really nice to David except for being very persistent about the mission issue.

        kind of a funny interview……haha

    • I didn’t think it was bad the way Embe took it haha! Yeah G Gordon Liddy IS old (80 years old according to Wiki!) He was persistent with the LDS/mission question and didn’t get that David was explaining that what he is doing is sort of the mission, and hence persisted, but I think it’s good to probe. I learned more as a result! He was very polite and respectful of David I thought.

      I think it’s Stand By Me that he is going to sing in addition to NA, not Lean On Me.

  4. snarky archies has the link to Gorden Liddy interview. He actually was nice but persitant with his quesiions regarding LDS AND David’s obligations ie;mission etc. David handled it well and used Donny Osmond as an example of someone in music who didn’t go on a regular mission but used his influence to help in other ways. You could tell David has discussed this with appropriate advisors and feels he is doing what he needs to be doing. Praise the Lord, he is doing music and using his oppotunities to do good and sees his religion as a strength. Gordon also covered all the bases single,album.book and the 4th of July. It was thorough and ended well.IMO

  5. nice article here 🙂

    A Capitol Fourth 2010 features performances from some of the country’s best known and award-winning musical artists:

    “Singing on stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was a moment musical prodigy David Archuleta will never forget.”


    • Yay, finally a bio. Now all they need to do is have it auto-link from the main page like the others.

    • raelovingangels

      🙂 I don’t want to take credit because I assume it was in the works- and I saw some people tweeting about it- but I sent a message yesterday via the feedback form asking about the missiong bio. I was going to link them to David’s website- but there is not bio there. Then I was going to link them to his my space- but the Christmas picture was still up and they also had not updated his bio to add his book and success of his albums…

      • Oh, we are cut from the same cloth, Rae! I too sent PBS info via their feedback form. They actually replied with the following: “Thanks for your note. We post only officially approved bios and photos from the performers on the site and are in the process of updating with the latest info as it becomes available. We are very excited to have David as part of A Capitol Fourth, performing at America’s biggest birthday celebration.”

        I also tweeted Jive to send bio info to PBS.

        I just don’t understand what took so long. Every other participant had their bios posted. There should be a canned bio ready to go. And, don’t get me started that his official web site does not have a bio.

        I’m grateful that so many good things are happening for David and that he will be getting great exposure. I just wish his team would LEVERAGE these events so that interested viewers can find out more from David’s “official” site.

      • raelovingangels

        good point Brightline. And when they add a bio to the official website- why not have it in spanish also> Or develop a Spanish official website? ( or Spanish section of the website) Since he is going to be an international Latio superstar- need to cater to that fan base as well.

  6. heijoy, embe and burkey – thanks for the liddy updates. i just listened to it and found it sort of funny. perhaps david should have persistenly asked liddy about watergate.

  7. You guys are correct, G. Gordon Liddy is old. He is a contemporary of Richard Nixon. Liddy served time in jail for his role in “Watergate.”

    Did anyone hear David mention that he’ll be singing the National Anthem . . . and that they requested he also sing “Lean on Me!” Should be spectacular!

  8. Frankly, I was a little annoyed with Liddy asking David about serving a mission. Liddy obviously knows very little about LDS missions. So, why did he bring it up? Is David in trouble with the church leaders for not going on a formal mission? Did David’s Bishop talk to him about quitting the music industry to go on a formal mission? Is David less of a Mormon for not going on a mission? Of course not!!! That’s so stupid of Liddy to ask him. Going on a mission is a very personal choice and not one that everyone chooses, of course. Less than half of the 19 year old young men go on missions. It’s not some kind of requirement or duty if you are LDS. No, Liddy is not LDS. He didn’t mention his religion, did he. Geesh

    • raelovingangels

      What a hoot ( sorry) the G Gordon Liddy. I almost started laughing out loud because he was so dense. I really enjoyed the interview and David really shared his thoughts on the topic so well. I think he could tell that Mr. Liddy was a tad slow to get the drift of what he was saying but also could tell that Liddy was not some “investigative reporter” out to get the scoop. He clearly thought highly of David and gave him a great deal of respect. Maybe he is a Columbo but I think he is probalby just a bit hard of hearing and slow on the uptake. On the other hand, he has had an interesting life, he is 80 and if I recall went to prison and had a major fall from grace. Hope I am still bumbling around at 80.

    • The interview was a little painful to listen to because Liddy would not allow David to talk around the question (David obviously feels it’s a personal choice and when pressed will not reveal his choice, if he has already made one). However, Liddy asked questions that many fans were wondering.

      • I wanted to add that one of Liddy’s questions was very personal — I would never have the nerve to ask David if he had talked to his bishop about it. Eekk– that’s a pretty personal thing to ask. If someone had asked me if I had talked to my minister about something, I would say none of your business!

      • I consider it bizarre Liddy, an 80 year old political
        pundit (felon, disbarred lawyer, and Roman
        Catholic) is interviewing David in the first place.
        Then to grill him about whether he will serve a
        “mission”. So many details, “foreign country”
        “2 years” “required” “permission from Bishop”-not
        general knowledge to people of other Faiths.
        David handled it well, just who’s next-Limbaugh?

  9. this was tweeted an hr ago; maybe we’ll see the photo tomorrow. lol

    “my step dad’s friend is at the movies right now and sitting right next to him is David Archuleta. I’m waiting for a photo.” about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone”

  10. I just wanna clear this up: my comment about whether the interviewer was alive or not had nothing to do with his age. I didn’t know he is that old. I just thought he spoke really slowly, sounded like he was struggling to breathe at times and he seemed to not understand David and kept interrupting him in a way that made it look like he didn’t care what David had to say, and wanted to move on to pressuring him further.

    I would never mock elderly people by questioning if they were still breathing 😀 It’s not an age-thing.

    Also, I have never heard of this Gordon person and don’t recall what the Watergate was about – didn’t know he was “famous”.

  11. Sharing a ringtone for Iphone I made from the SBL good audio.
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    Thank you for your video series! Omygoshashlee! Is a classic.


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