Flashback Series #1

I will be on blog break for the next few days.  And, as always, that means “Series” time on Soul David! 🙂

This time around, I want to highlight some David Flashbacks, like the time he just finished his run on Idol and did some fascinating interviews that showed off his winning charm and personality.

My favorite of these: Michael Slezak with Entertainment Weekly!

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  1. Hi guys. Dropping by from IDF to let you know David’s been nominated for 2 Teen Choice Awards. We think the voting has been going on for awhile, so we have some catching up to do. The categories are Most Fanatic Fans (surprise surprise), and Favorite Idol Alum. It’d be GREAT if he could win for Alum, since he’s the only teen in that category. We’re not sure, but it looks like we’re limited to voting once per computer. Some have suggested clearing cookies. Thanks for helping if you can, and wish us luck! Here is the link to the TCA site. The site is moving very slow right now:

  2. wow, i hadn’t watched these in close to 2 yrs. david looked so happy to be off of the show. part 3 is where i first heard of sara bareilles and the phrase “farmer’s tan”. 🙂

    vj, thanks for the heads up on the tca.

  3. At the age of 19, he composes, performs, writes and presents concerts. Some might say he is a phenomenon, not only musical, but in organizing and responding to his multiple responsibilities.

    People have said that he is missing out on his youth — living as an adult, not as a young man.

    But Archuleta responds emphatically, “I’m living my youth to the fullest. I’m doing what I enjoy doing. I am living my life to the fullest — if not now, then when?”


    • Couldn’t they find a better photo of David? One where his eyes aren’t squinting and he looks like he is in pain? Just sayen.

      • I know, right? I mean, the chance of David taking a not-so-good photo is like one in a thousand. It’s not that hard to find a good picture of him, surely. The boy would be photogenic with a paperbag on his head.

  4. HG, I love that interview too. David looks so happy and CUTE!!!!

  5. What???!!!

    “What up, tweeps!? We’re only hours away from previewing @DavidArchie’s new single! Stay tuned for updates. #MusicMonday”

    • yeah……supposedly it is coming to the mobile fan club

      I’ll have to wait to hear it some other way.

    • Same here. I hope somebody out there, somebody somewhere will post the snippet somewhere.

      • I changed my number and never signed up again. I think I’ll go check the official site now.

    • I’ve got the mp3 of the whole Rexburg concert & have been listening to that almost every day………his voice is just amazing. It really seems richer & clearer than I have ever heard it before. I have never heard a voice like his ever before. So intriguing.

      • burkey, I was amazed at how strong his voice was during the concert. I was going to download the concert, but haven’t had the time. Does it include all the songs? I haven’t seen a full set posted.

      • astrid

        the full concert on mp3 is amazing

        there is on glitch at the beginning……the second song, but the rest is perfect & the sound quality is great.

        here is the link for the full Rexburg concert…..


      • Thanks, burkey!! I’ll get to it later, for sure, when I stop spazzing over “the snippet”. ROTF

  6. OK time for some hand wringing from me.
    1) I am concerned about David’s swollen cheek. (anyone else?) People’s cheeks just don’t swell up (twice) for no reason. I suspect it is a residual issue from the quack who extracted all of his wisdom teeth in one sitting under local anesthetic. (sorry, I view that as unnecessarily painful) David has a major performance in DC on July 4th, plus he’s due to kick off his new single. He can’t afford to be under the weather/in pain/look swollen. I hope he gets it checked out and straightened out once and for all.
    2) Also, if you go to the “Capitol Fourth” website, David is the ONLY performer who doesn’t have a bio listed there – and who doesn’t have a link to his official web site. Come on, this is a major opportunity for promo and his info isn’t listed!

    aauugghh! Sorry for the rant.

    • raelovingangels

      oh my- you know it does not take much to push my worry button. Where did you read/hear David’s cheek was swollen again? Yep does not sound right. Was it the same one as last time?

      Well on the bright side- there seems to be more buzz getting going of this new single- We had better see him on the talk show round- He can push his book too–

      • Yes, it is the same cheek – the left side of his face. David wrote the following in the description of his last vlog: “Photo shoot was so awesome! Just letting you know what’s coming up in the next week, and sorry that I’m a little loopy from lack of sleep. My cheek’s a little puffy too so if you were wondering why my face seemed swollen that’s why haha.”

        You can notice that it is a little puffy in the vlog. I hope they figure out what’s going on.

  7. so guys…call this # 801-386-8196

    & you can hear a preview of David’s new single

    “somethin bout love”

    • The snippet of the new single sounds fabulous!

    • here it is a little clearer & you can download it


      I think I am going to like this better than Crush *ducks* lol

      • raelovingangels

        GREAT LINK- that was a clear one. ok- I am a sucker for lyrics. I love language and words the paint a picutre. I think I love a lyric in this song- I heard- When the world start spilling rain ( from that version)
        What a GREAT line. 🙂

      • raelovingangels

        Is that the line? When the world starts XXXX rain. (now I am doubting myself!) Joymus- Hope you did not leave yet so you could hear the snippet!

    • Thanks for the download link. Sounds really, really good!

    • I like it, I like it!!

      pretty good audio for a phone snippet.

    • here is another pretty darn clear version…really good


    • raelovingangels

      Do we know if David participated in writing this song? It is very catchy and I really like the beat alot! But I peraonlly don’t feel at first listen it is clearly superior to the ones he showcased for the fans yet…. I freely admit I am not an expert on radio play or what is popular so I assume it was the strongest for a single. Never got a good enough listen to If I could only be- but I liked the jazzy sound of it. I am TOTALLY addicted to NAVGL and the PandA- ( with the ground, ground ground that he sings like it is bouncing up and down- everyone notice that?)

    • Hope I’m pleasantly surprised on hearing the whole song. Sounds totally generic to me. But snippets are tricky.

      • I was afraid to say anything…but I think it sounds kinda like …Radio Disney Dance Party?

        ***runs and hides***


      • LOL Cosette! I know what you mean – like some Disney soundtracks, I guess. Well, if it means platinum sales for David, I’ll happily bop to it.

      • Val, me too 🙂

        IMO, the label is trying to latch on to the Justin Beiber phenomenon..to me it sounds a little too youthful for my pop stations, which are more about edge (Derulo, Taio Cruz, etc…) . You never know though, been surprised before!

        Also heard the bridge is great and shows off D’s vocals so def. interested in that 🙂

  8. raelovingangels

    Wow- Kimak-/Twitter thanks for the clear verson! Sorry folks just got home from work and I am spamming Soul David.

  9. Snarky’s possible lyrics: from Something Bout Love:

    Something ‘Bout Love

    Every night it’s all the same
    You’re frozen by the phone
    You wait for something’s changed
    You blame yourself everyday
    You do it again
    Every night

    There’s something ’bout love
    That breaks your heart
    Whoa oh oh oh
    It sets you free

    There’s something ’bout love
    That sets you up
    Whoa oh oh oh
    If you believe
    When the world starts [something] or When the world comes down like the rain
    It’ll bring you to your knees
    There’s something ’bout love that breaks your heart…

  10. raelovingangels

    Just me spamming again…. No not excited at all, nope not at all. After about a dozen listens- I hear David in this now. It has the sound of We the Kings- who is just a great band… 🙂 and we know David is a big fan.

  11. Hey everyone!
    Trying to post. Yes Rae,was able to hear the snippet – loved it at first listen and can’t wait for the rest.

    • Heard it from Trinidad that is. I have great internet connection and now realize that my posts are showing up. Now if only I can stop these dang mosquitos bites 🙂
      Have a great night all!

      Val – Congrats to the Brazil win!

    • raelovingangels

      ok- I am hooked anc cannot WAIT for the whole thing.

  12. here’s another new snippet……pretty dang clear”

  13. ronaldsf at TDC said:

    “hollyre posted on FOD the following:
    Dave Filice just said that Something ‘Bout Love was co-written by David and someone named Chris __________.
    So happy this one is a “David” song!”

    If this is reliable info, then woot woot!!

  14. After hearing the other new songs, I definitely wasn’t a dance song. I think D will have as much fun singing SBL as he does TMH and Zero Gravity.

    I agree that the song is a little generic but to me, many of the good pop songs are. About a year ago D mentioned that he liked David Guetta’s sound; I think he adopted some of it for SBL.

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