David Vlog

I’m rather late with this one…

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  1. A good cover of Parachutes & Airplanes, credit also to the song writer, David Archuleta !!

  2. HG……..looks like Rabid is back :-)

    here is his twitter (@Rabid_R4D)& there are links there of some of his new ‘David’ work

    here are a couple—>

  3. Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Lookie here!

    Upcoming albums from Jive—–>

    Trai’D – Trai’DMark (HiTz Committee/Jive)
    David Archuleta – My Story (2010) (Jive)
    Ciara (Summer 2010 Album Release)(LaFace/Jive)


    • Burkey, thanks for the link. I believe an Archie is playing games with the wikipedia entry. Ijust went to your link and D’s title is listed as below.

      David Archuleta – The Game of Life (2010) (Jive)

  5. Hi everyona,
    Will be out of the country for a couple weeks. I hope to have the opportunity to logon and maybe post from time to time as I will not be on my computer. So in advance Happy July 4th! and WOOTS! for David’s newest single release.

  6. hell0g0rge0us

    Thanks for these updates, everyone!

    Have a safe trip, Joymus! :)

  7. Hi guys. Dropping by from IDF to let you know David’s been nominated for 2 Teen Choice Awards. We think the voting has been going on for awhile, so we have some catching up to do. The categories are Most Fanatic Fans (surprise surprise), and Favorite Idol Alum. It’d be GREAT if he could win for Alum, since he’s the only teen in that category. We’re not sure, but it looks like we’re limited to voting once per computer. Some have suggested clearing cookies. Thanks for helping if you can, and wish us luck! Here is the link to the TCA site. The site is moving very slow right now:


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