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The Current Electronic Dance Sound: Or, How David Was Way Ahead of the Game!

Yesterday, while watching the results show of So You Think You Can Dance, I was busy yawning over Usher’s copycat Michael Jackson dance moves to his #1 hit, “OMG” (then again, what do I know since the first anniversary of MJ’s passing is only next week; maybe it was a tribute) and then was simply disgusted when he introduced the “world premiere” of his and Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” music video. (It’s official: I hate the fetus!)  Everything irritated me about that video: copying MJ, attempting 1980s breakdancing (is there some kind of ’80s renaissance going on right now?), and mostly that electronic dance track that’s all over the place.

Then it hit me: David’s “Zero Gravity” was released on the Internet this time last year, and we were all so excited for it and wanted to hear it on the radio.  Alas, it never got anywhere beyond Archuworld and David’s live performances.

Now that electronic dance is all over the place, I wince at the thought of how David’s ZG could have easily been a trendsetter last year!  Heck, where would Bieber be if not for the popularity of David Archuleta, introducing the possibility of a popular teen star beyond Disney’s reach (I gotta admire Island Records – the label I would love David to jump ship to BTW – for reaching for the brass ring while Jive was playing all coy and conservative).

As much as I’m looking forward to new music from David, I still kinda sorta woulda like to hear ZG on the new album. I don’t think it got its fair share of public exposure. And now that electronic dance is oh so “current,” it would fit right in, I think.

Rexburg Book Signing

How did I completely forget this was going on today?! Where are my SDers to remind me of these things? haha!

This book signing video has been making the rounds…