Daily Archives: June 14, 2010

The Disappearing Art of “David Fan Art”?

I don’t really know the story behind why Rabid’s social network website, which included a number of shared fan art of David (some of them fantastic and furnishing some of my choices for visual displays on my blog) has been closed, but I fear it may have to do with this long holdover for new images?

And yet, this past appearance on the book tour gave us some new “gush-and-drool” worthy pictures, which I would have loved to see get the “Rabid” treatment (see above picture).  Another website featuring a gallery of lovely David photos (I think it was called “David HQ”) also closed down.  Perhaps those sites, more than blogs like my own, run out of things to post and, thus, are unable to remain current.

Still, here’s hoping that, once we have new material (new album, new appearances, hopefully new live performances), they just might pop back up again.

Of all the things David has inspired in his fans (charity work, ODD gushing, “Stream!! Vote!! Buy!!” madness, etc.), the accomplished fan art was one of my favorite things.

I mean, we still need some talented artists out there to “imagine” us a new album cover (considering that what we’ll end up with will pale in comparison).