Daily Archives: June 13, 2010

David’s Appeal Factor

Gee, I can only hope whoever is managing David this time around is going to up the ante when his album drops.

I’m so proud of David for being so dang appealing on his very successful book tour and for now being, from what I understand, the youngest author to debut on the New York Times bestselling nonfiction list, with Chords of Strength coming in strong at #15.

David’s tweet was obviously one of deep gratitude to his fans, and so he should be.  We Archies rock! His book success can be attributed as much to his fans as to any management working diligently.

And, quite frankly, I still think they could be doing more.  A few local Fox TV interviews are all well and good, but that doesn’t go far enough, as a national or syndicated show appearance might.  And I have not overlooked that only one urban area bookstore – Borders in Manhattan – was included on his book tour stop (the New York City-centric in me hesitates to count Minneapolis and its popular Mall of America).  Just imagine how much higher Chords of Strength would have debuted on the New York Times bestseller list if he also included tour stops at other metropolitan area bookstores, say in Philadelphia or D.C. (considering he was doing a gig there) or Atlanta or Miami or L.A. or San Francisco!

It’s nice that whoever managed his book tour assumed smartly that he would have tons of suburban girls (and moms and everyone else in between) showing up to get a signed copy from David, but his handlers would be truly underestimating David’s appeal if they don’t broaden his audience.  I saw how diverse his New York City audience was.  David has the “IT” factor in spades!  Why limit his crowds to small population sites like Idaho?

David comes to the table with so many fine qualities: good looks, winning smile, kind heart, disciplined work ethic, and a helluva Voice!  The rest is packaging, and if Archies can do the ground work and get our beloved off to a wonderful start, I expect nothing but the best in the way he is managed from now on.

Go David!