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Rap Wars: New Battle of the Davids

This is a totally pointless but hilarious opportunity to post.

I happened upon MJ’s Big Blog and couldn’t stop laughing at some of the comments.

I was certain, once MJ posted that Eminem has a new rap, “On Fire,” dissing David Cook as a “flash in the pan,” that there would be an apoplectic fit.  Instead, I’m reading an imaginary “battle of the emcees,” with Cook and his boy Archuleta breaking it down.

Here’s a “rap” offered by a MollyAnnMay:

I’m the boy from KC you can take it from me
Mr. Mathers knows my name guess that means I got game
So get outta my way I’m in the studio today
Singin’ a monster hook that’ll put me in the record books
M you call yourself a crook? You got nothin’ on Cook
Me and my main man Archuleta dude we’re comin’ to get ya
Shove this twinkie so fine up where the sun don’t shine

Word to your mother

And here is our favorite Archie, Ggdoors, representin’ for the “soul man from Utah”:

fo shizzle – david says don’t start no mess, won’t be no mess, lolol :cool: utah peeps roll like that, lolol

😆  I want whatever they’re smokin’!

What a great lesson on how to respond to would be “disses” and “insults.”

Me, personally, would prefer David get “dissed” by the likes of an Eminem than to be answering stupid and infantile questions by radio DJs who don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Showcasing Talent

I’m such a sucker for a cute Latin boy with an easy smile.

David will always be #1 for me, but I found another hottie by the name of Jose Ruiz, the only B-Boy to make the Top 11 dancers on Season 7’s So You Think You Can Dance. Check Jose out in this video as he dances with Twitch, Dominic, and Comfort.

Setting all that aside, I must commend So You Think You Can Dance for being the all time best reality TV talent contest out there.  Tonight’s show just demonstrated why, despite his arrogant pomposity, Nigel Lythgoe is still so adept at producing good television.  He was even overheard bragging to someone earlier this season that, while he was still producing American Idol, it never dropped from its #1 spot, the way that it did this year when Dancing With the Stars overtook it for the first time. While I will never forgive him for not throwing his full support behind David, I give him props for choosing to jump ship and devote to the better TV competition, in this case SYTYCD.

So, I’m super excited about this season, as the talent showcased tonight – including some awesome choreography featuring All Stars – will definitely be worth looking forward to.  How smart of the producers to also allow the competitors to showcase their talent in front of a live audience before the competition gets underway.  Think of the better performances we would get on American Idol if they did the same thing.  I mean, on SYTYCD, this is going to be a contest in which whoever gets voted off will be someone who deserved to make it all the way to the top!  They had to turn away dancers who were so good but they only had so many spots for the show.  When has American Idol ever been in such a position to turn away talent because they can only feature so many amazing contestants?

*Crickets chirping.*

And, once again, in my David-centric point of view, regarding reality TV and talent competitions, I blame American Idol for screwing it up.  See, once SYTYCD started attracting amazing dancers (um, hello? They have folks who danced with Alvin Ailey this season, okay?), the show rightly started upping the ante and raising the friggin’ bar.  They also attracted top choreographers to showcase these dancers in the best possible light.  When have we ever gotten that type of treatment on American Idol?

What does David have to do with it?  Well, after David’s season, the bar should have been raised.  Period.  It did not.  In fact, I highly suspect that, after Melinda Doolittle, after David Archuleta, Idol audiences rightly expected to see talent that not only matched the bar these phenomenal singers raised but that would surpass them.  Alas, Idol producers didn’t even try.  They decided, after David’s “most talented” season, that what the show needed was “more personality,” not “more talent.”  Utter foolishness.

So You Think You Can Dance, by contrast, realized that, once they could get some amazing dancers to compete on their show, they needed to set the bar high and keep it there.  What we now have is a show that is getting stronger while the other “talent competition” is slowly fizzling out.

If only Idol would realize that it’s not their job to find “the next Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift” but to simply find the best singer, they just might have a show on par with SYTYCD. And offer “good TV” while we’re at it.