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  1. Thanks for another great post HG. You really nailed how I feel, and it seems other people view women that admire David.
    I do think “the times they are a changin'” though. It has been encouraging to me to hear the many men newscaster interviews, as well as the women, talking to David with more respect and knowledge of who he REALLY is. Respect for David seems an inevitable result of David’s consistently positive view of the world. And Rickey? He’ll read the book. Hopefullyl, he will “get it” too. With respect for David will come respect for his legions of fans. (One can hope.)

  2. Thanks, Davidlily. It’s been weighing on me for a while now, but of course, as soon as you open your mouth and call people out on their sexism and misogyny, people want to quickly call you a “FemiNazi.”

    Funny, but I don’t hear too many people being quick to call chauvinist posters fascist woman-haters (and I believe some of them are).

    I also think it’s quite interesting that the same forces that are quick to dismiss David as a “12 year old” or “gay” (when uttered in a derisive homophobic tone, which might as well just be calling him the f-word) or “cheesy” are the same forces that are quick to dismiss women no matter what our age: “tween” (if we’re young girls), “babes” (if we’re young adults), “cougars” (if we’re older women) and “frauen” (if we’re older and married or senior age). No matter what the expression, its the same sexist crap.

  3. I am not keen on people of either gender being dismissed, judged, nor pigeon-holed. And I wish for David to receive the respect he deserves. I believe it will come. Talent will prevail.

    Although the use of these new female-specific words is in a different context – and judged negatively versus in a somewhat positive light for male-specific words – I suppose it was a matter of time for female labels to be developed that are somewhat comparable to those used for men, such as: dog, hound, wolf, lecher, perv, sleazebag, dirty old man, etc.

    • I agree but I disagree that the different gender epithets hold the same power.

  4. On occasion, I’ll see a phrase such as “sparkle cows” used to describe overweight, middle-aged, female music fans of a particular artist. I can take a joke but this is an example of what pushes my limit. I just don’t understand the need to degrade a person in that manner for the mere fact that she enjoys the music of an artist.

    On a related topic, recently singer Macy Gray wrote a column on age discrimination in the music industry. A label executive told her: “I don’t know how to get a 40-year-old woman on the radio.” Gray goes on to tell that the label exec. informs her she won’t be signed to do a 5th album. Gray also discusses how the musical tastes of teens and the young are underestimated.


    • Wow, that label exec wasn’t even being subtle about it! They just don’t get it! SMH. I would love to hear a new Macy Gray album. Sade’s new album didn’t hurt her profits, and she’s in her 50s!

      Oy! I forgot about the expression “sparkle cows.”

  5. Just getting home having to work late- yawn and having to head out of town tomorrow….bah. Wish I could enjoy all the new pics, videos etc but… however I came her to check out the “headlines” and loved your article. Have not read all the comments yet. Funny because as I was driving home I was thinking who would have thought that that after two years, we would have two albums, a book, charity events/causes, hillarious twitter, and a quiet persistence and so much character. I actually was kinda mentally patting myself on the back that my instincts about David were right. He is not only a remarakable musical talent but a pretty remarkable person. I was no fool to “follow” and support him and neither is anyone else- regardless of age. People need to get over themse;ves and preconceived notions..

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