8 comments on “David at Mall of America

    • Whew …. that photo should be captioned:

      “Apollo, Greek god of music, healing and the sun”.

  1. Hey ya’ll, I’m working on a painting for my favorite teacher to thank him for being awesome. He’s my health teacher and he loves inspirational quotes, and of course our man’s chock full of awesome inspirational quotes. Id love to use one right from David…Any ideas?!


  2. Joner, thanks for the video! I like how he pretended not to hear the screams for “Maybe I’m Amazed” at 1:15-1:17. :-)

    • Noticed that too – DR.
      I’ve long suspected David of practiced selective listening. Remember this is the same guy who can whip out his infamous “what?” at a moment’s notice to trip up DJ’s or interviewers with off-color comments when necessary.
      I hope maybe a group of louder voices are able to get through if he asks the same question again at tomorrow’s signing – lol!

      • He does practice some kind of “selective responding.” At some of the VIP’s for the Demi concerts, he would ask people what they wanted to hear, and somehow he would always end up singing Crazy and Heaven. Kind of clever, isn’t it? lol.

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