Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

On a Higher Plane

I promise a full review (the kind only a devoted fan can give) of Chords of Strength this weekend.  In the mean time, more profound, higher-level DAVIDISMS! 🙂

“I realized that performing for me would be much more than being a good singer, and everything to do with being a good person” (page 198). Seriously? Seriously!

“I didn’t want to be seen only as a teen hearthrob who catered to crying girls; I wanted to sing for as many people as would listen” (page 172).  Didja hear that, Jive?

“When the intent and emotions of the song are right, I get swallowed up in that emotion, and it helps me know for sure that there is a power much higher than you or me that is in charge of all that is good in the world, including certain special types of music” (page 180).  Can I get a witness?

“I’ve learned to step back and think about what works for me and what doesn’t, without feeling bad about upsetting anyone or letting people down.  I now realize that it would ultimately be much worse if I let myself down” (page 219). A truth for ALL ages!

“I’ve been asked, ‘What will it take for me to always be happy?’ I know how I would answer it: I would turn the question around and say that you should be asking yourself, ‘What can I do to make others happy?'” (page 227).  He’s DEEP, I’m telling you!

“To me this is the most beautiful thing about music – it is a give and take between performer and audience, an opportunity to share the emotions of that singular moment” (page 194).  And people wonder why David’s fans are so obsessed. Look who we’re idolizing here!

Here is David’s “Works for Me” from Fox & Friends: