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  1. Just a quick response to the last few commenters on the previous post (particularly in response to Embe):

    I’m kinda curious as to how Cook responded to Daughtry’s question about “kicking that choir boy out of the competition.” That whole “choir-boy” comment is veiled homophobia and masculine bullying crap. That’s why I take such great satisfaction that, when it came down to it:

    1. It was David who kicked the crap out of Cookie in the finale


    2. It was Cookie who ended up reduced to “crying like a girl” after his last performance because he knew David did better than he did.

    Yes, Cook won over David, but he basically had to rely on “sympathy votes” to do so.

    And David is still gonna outlast every single one of them years from now.

    ha ha ha! We’ll see who gets the last laugh. :)

    • HG, sorry to hear about your anxiety attack and I hope all is well now. I’m running late for work but I had to comment on Daughtry. When I read Embe’s comment, I also thought it was “veiled homophobia”. What Daughtry may not realize is that as talented as he is, if he were openly gay (or any other race for that matter), he probably wouldn’t be where he is today because of people with attitudes just like his.

      • I, too, was and still am interested in knowing what Cook said to Daughtry in response. But I don’t believe he would’ve stooped to that level – Cook has always talked about David in a respectful, brotherly way. Some have interpreted it differently, especially when Cook has referred to David as “a kid”. I don’t think Cook has said anything about David in a demeaning manner, and to me his affection towards David seems genuine. Sure I tend to be a “rainbows and unicorns” kinda girl sometimes, but that’s just my opinion on the matter :)

        Anyways, as my 1st language isn’t English, it hadn’t occurred to me that “choirboy” could be construed as a homophobic insult. I just thought it demeaned David’s talent, style, age and appearance.

  2. So sorry about your panic attack! Having one in the middle of the night must really be scary. That was a great idea to listen to soothing music. I had a panic attack several years ago, but have never had another one since. Hopefully, this was just a one time occurrence for you too…I’m curious now about the comments to the last post…off to read it…

  3. that must be really scary. I’m sorry to hear that..
    a panic attack in the middle of the night.. it totally reminds me of this Sleep paralysis that i had when i was still a 11th grader. it was about 1 year ago. i was so panicked too because i couldn’t do anything, it was like, my body was locked. my mom said to me that if you have a sleep paralysis, do nothing and don’t try to move your hand or feet, just keep praying to God and everything will be alright. i was sweaty and i got the instant fever shortly after it ended. it happened about just 6 minutes but felt like an hour.

    P.S this is so random and a bit sensitive and out of topic, but what do you guys think about the Illuminati and Freemason thing? I’ve been reading an interesting article regarding the Pop culture ‘pop stars’ (today’s music Industry) and its relation to it. creeps me out a bit and opens my eyes real wide about how dark and cruel the Music Industry really is.

    • please forgive my grammatical errors.I’m still learning because English is actually not my 1st language. v

    • hi gash, do you have a link to the article? i’m not familiar with illuminati and freemason. showing my ignorance, what are they?

      • the main site : http://vigilantcitizen.com/
        and the article i’m reading now is about Gaga : http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=1676
        i suggest you to first read what this site is about. you can read it by clicking the link “About Vigilant” on the main site.

        the site is of course not only talking about lady Gaga, the writer seems to try to decode symbols that are carried out by some “figures” and are undetectable by general public.

  4. The worst panic attacks are the ones you may experience in the evening. When it happens, keep repeating to yourself that everything is fine and that there is no chance you will get a heart attack. The attack will not last more than 20 minutes. This is how long it takes for the serotonin to be replenished.

    However, if you want to avoid having panic attacks alltogether, you will need to change your lifestyle. Cut down the stressors, start enjoying life more and abover all stop taking any caffeine. In your case, it is worse than poison. Also, if you believe in crystals, carry with you a small piece of smoke quartz. It will help.

  5. Gash, I had a sleep paralysis dream about David 2 years ago:

    Usually, I experience a feeling of some entity pressing down on me and, like you, I pray to God, and all is well.

    As for the Illuminati/Freemason thing, I will say this: take everything with a grain of salt.

    I find Vigilant Citizen to be well thinking and even well informed (I even get the impression he might have insider info).

    However, if the Illuminati secret society does exist, I think it is far more insidious and is probably just a “conspiracy theory” cover to throw us off even further.

    I believe there are higher up PTB that have their hands in everything, including organized crime, and I do not doubt that much of popular culture is a front to either distract the populace from noticing pressing issues or to cultivate certain tastes and demands for certain products that lead further to purchases of other things.

    Case in point: are you aware that human trafficking is climbing up very quickly to surpass drugs as the #1 illegal activity? Right now it’s #2. Why is that?

    There is now a documentary film coming out called “Playground,” which looks at commercial sex exploitation of minors in this country. It’s beyond out of control.


    If we want to talk “conspiracy theory,” it’s a good place to start connecting the dots.

    Anyway, here’s VC’s latest on X-tina:

  6. I was reading the link provided here about the Iluminati and I couldn’t stop thinking of Adam Lambert. His videos and album photos have the same characteristics, I think. Wow, this is crazy.

    • yes it is……very crazy & i sure hope David doesn’t go down this ‘crazy’ path.

  7. This is just speculation, but there may be a group number by past idols on AI Wednesday night….hope David A is one of them. :-)

    a tweet about 2 hours ago…….
    RadioSpecialK I can hear the Idols Practicing a group number! I’m still in the Nokia Theater cutting audio n I m like, what’s that chorus? Should I peek?

    • When was that twitvid taken? If it’s recent, I’m liking the hair! :P

      • it was taken about an hr ago. i believe david is performing for the krbe/at&t/fox idol party. i like the hair too!

  8. i just finished browing the Illuminati/Freemason & Playground Project links. very disturbing stuff. i found omarion’s comment interesting (see below) because he started so young w/the group b2k. i’m sure david has already discovered that you may have to give something to get somewhere in the industry. (e.g., he toured w/demi & did a duet w/miley.) :-)

    “The[entertainment] world [dictates] that you have to be with three or four women, or do this in order to get that [and] I think it’s really interesting. With God and the industry, it’s really dark. The dark side is having to get in, there’s a certain submission you need to have. Just like a gang [initiation], so to speak. You might have to do something against your moral code.” —-Omarion

  9. low david you know when i always listen to your song im fill so much stronger to the problem of life especially in school and i hope that i cannot give up

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