“Organic” Video vs. “Stealth” Video

Interesting conversation we’re having here (and thanks, DR, for that Christian Science Monitor article).

It made me revisit what I consider to be a very “organic” video of David Archuleta, before he appeared on American Idol.  This is an example of David singing “Angels” at BYU in Utah (I believe) for a youth conference. (Isn’t he cute with his “Beatles” hair and Mormon Sunday clothes? heehee!)

Now, compare that video to this Greyson Chance video:

Two things strike me about the GC video:

1. There are only “tween” girls in the background (where are the boys if this is, indeed, a “sixth grade festival”?)

2. They are eerily “quiet” and totally not engaged.  Come on!  Not even any looks of amazement from the girls looking on that he’s doing such a good job at his age, not to mention no involuntary squeals? (This, actually, would concern me as a record label exec because, if your so-called “sensation” can’t get the girls to scream, that’s a problem as far as I’m concerned. But then, if they are a “controlled” audience, which is to say, a planted one, this might explain why they’re not behaving as they “should.”)

Compare the audience in this video to the various reactions coming from David’s audience (whooping and hollering and yelling his name). Not to mention the difference in video quality.

Edited to add:

I have nothing against GC and only paid attention to him because David himself tweeted about him (even when news media had discussed the “viral video” sensation surrounding him, I didn’t bother because I did not care.  Until my beloved said something about it).  I think GC is very talented and miles better than the fetus.  I just don’t appreciate somebody trying to create a so-called “You Tube discovery” when it’s obvious he probably was already signed by his label. If you’ve got somebody new to unleash to the pop music world, just do it upfront is all I’m saying.

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  1. It seems to be a planted audience. I didn’t watch the clip, but judging from the YouTube still image, some of them are actually quite bored. Well, good luck with Justin Bieber II, Ellen and everyone else! You obviously need more money, so may this turn out to be a lucrative endeavor!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a tangled web we weave! The camera person zooms out at the very beginning and you can see a couple of boys, but quickly zooms back in!

    I showed my husband the Greyson video yesterday. I know. I’m part of the problem. haha He was fascinated by how good the video looked. He’s a photojournalist, so that’s what struck him. And no, he didn’t say anything about the performance itself!

  3. There’s definitely someone marketing this kid. The audience is awfully quiet for middle school kids. Also, Greyson just happens to have the latest trendy haircut; I wonder if he wore it like that a month ago.

    And if he is signed by Interscope, I’m surprised he wasn’t advised to wait around and see what other offers were out there. I guess he can’t if Interscope is behind this marketing ploy.

    We’ll see in a couple of weeks what 19E is planning for David in terms of publicity. It better be good. 😉

  4. One of the IDF posters just tweeted this link. There’s yet another prodigy out there and this one is from Queensland. He’s being introduced to the U.S. by Flo Rida. Flo Rida is featured on his single to be released June 1.

  5. This was posted in IDF and Snarky, apparently the lucky Japanese fans have already gotten their book. There were some pictures posted. IF you want to be spoil free , DO NOT there!

    note from Archuleta Japan,
    I just want to inform you that we, Japanese fans of David Archuleta, have just received the “Chords of Strength” written by David Archuleta from Amazon Japan today (May 16). Please find the attached photographs of the book. It seems all the fans who had reserved the book got it today.
    Total number of pages : 248 pages
    Full color pages (photographs) : 16 pages


    • hell0g0rge0us

      Why JAPAN??!!

      • That was my first thought…Why Japan??

        I thought it could be to promote a very soon-to-be visit there?

        My main concern is it may have been an error by Amazon Japan and if not, will those who pre-ordered the book here in the US also get it early? If it was an error, David will not be happy…

        In any case, we will find out soon. Have a great day!
        I’m off to work!

  6. This is a nice timeline video of David done by kristynlovesarchie
    It’s really a nice watching his progression……..

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