A New Chapter

In addition to my first-year anniversary of Soul David, this – my 400th post on this blog – is another milestone.  I want to thank you, dear readers, for all of your support and for tuning in to my various musings on the beautiful soul and soulful singing of our beloved David Archuleta.

In celebration, I decided to do some “spring cleaning” and gave my blog a bit of a facelift.  There’s that lovely pic of David by his piano, emerging out of the darkness to give us light.  If there was ever a signature image of “Soul David,” that’s the one!

Also, I decided to close my “All Things David” blog and present the crucial information from that site in a special “All Things David Archuleta” page right on this site.  And then, there are my original fan videos.

With a new single (hopefully) next month, a memoir following, and an album due out by summer (keeping fingers crossed), here’s to a fruitful future for David and the joys of David blogging!

Thanks again for accompanying me on this journey! 🙂

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  1. Good Morning,
    Great pic, great new banner and hopefully soon – great new things from David to discuss. Wouldn’t it be great to have a single release in May, book release in June, and a new album album by summer/fall?

    • oh my gosh! Summer/FALL!!! I can’t wait that long. I need new music deperately and unfortunately no one does it for me like David.

  2. Happy Anniversary HG! I am amazed by how prolific your writing is for this site. You to a great job. You honor David so well.


  3. I really like the new banner! From the post, I see several potential titles for the new album.

    “To Give Us Light”
    “A New Chapter”
    “By My Piano” – (I hope they let him play it on at least one of the songs.)

  4. Neat, CLASSY new banner!

  5. Congrats HG…. looks great, and I appreciate your blogging abilities!

  6. Good morning to all,

    Check out Beebee’s blog , liking the hair alot 😀


  7. Hello Hellogorgeous,

    Congratulations! Don’t post often but do read often.

    Thank you for your great writings.

    Looking forward to a new Archuleta filled year!

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