Soul David One-Year Anniversary

Blogging ain’t easy! So, I must celebrate that it’s been a full year since I started Soul David.


When I started last year, I only had a handful of readers, mostly my e-friends that I communicated with on TDC and in private.

Now, I’m excited to see that my readership has expanded and perhaps will continue to grow.

Thanks, all you David and Soul David fans! You’ve really added so much to this fan blog, and it’s because of you why I keep keeping on.

Here’s hoping that I’ll continue to have the stamina to keep this going!

Read My First Blog Entry.

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  1. Congratulations to you for keeping the stamina for one year so far. It is surely not an easy task to produce relevant posts regarding David’s music, public performances and artistry while briskly replying to commenters. All this while keeping your own personal and professional life going as well.
    Thank You again for the opportunity this blog affords us to speak what’s on our minds on wide-ranging David interests.

  2. Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog!

  3. HG. Congratulations!

  4. happy anniversary hellogorgeous, and soul david! your commentary and perspectives are much needed in this fanbase, and i look forward to another year of reading your words – and getting that ‘sista’ point of view about david out there that no one else hosting a blog offers. well done hg, and keep on keeping on.

  5. Happy One-Year Anniversary, HG! Thanks for all you do. As long as you are here, I will keep coming!

  6. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! All the time and effort your put into this blog is greatly appreciated.

    I just read thru your first blog. This time a year ago, we were speculating that David’s 2nd album would showcase more of his artistry. Hopefully we will know in a couple of months.

    Random but it seems like a lot of memoirs are coming out right now — David’s, Todd Bridges, Pam Grier and George Bush.

  7. Happy Anniversary. May the upcoming year provide fodder for us all!

  8. Happy One Year Anniversary Soul David thanks HG for this blog. 🙂

    It’s very open & interesting over here without all the crazy extremes…..a really nice balance.

  9. Happy one-year anniversary.
    I love this blog. Thank you HG 😀

  10. thanks HG i rarely post, but i love this sight and all the comments…a great way to keep up on David, thanks again.

  11. Running a blog is not easy and can be tedious at times. Thanks for your work and for providing another DA fan space that I regularly visit for intelligent commentary.

  12. Happy Anniversary HG!! I don’t post often but read everyday. Love your insights and all the commentary, Thank You so much for this blog.

  13. yea!! Congrats, HG. I appreciate the work you do to give us a nice place to comment about all things DA and I especially enjoy reading your thoughts from your particular viewpoint.

    Gracias, chica. 🙂

  14. Happy Anniversary, Soul David and HG! I know I don’t post very much buy I pop in several times a day to see what’s going on and to enjoy the thoughtful, heartfelt commentary. Thank you for doing this for David and for all of us.

  15. HG, Congratulations on your first anniversary for this wonderful blog . I don’t comment often, but I read it everyday and enjoy the commentary form everyone.

    You have a good thing going here. Kudos! Here’s too another great year of reading about David’s Soul on Soul David. 🙂

  16. raelovingangels

    Thank you HG for Soul David. You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate it. You always bring an interesting and thought provoking approach to things. Your regular commentators are funny, smart and respectful. The place has a feel of a corner bar or for those who don’t drink a coffee house. 🙂

  17. Saw this over at IDF…….

    “I am now hearing May 17th for the single guys. Looks like there was a delay after all.” from archiefan13

  18. nice picture..happy looking bunch!

    • Man, could he be any cuter? I am really getting used to the hair! Thanks for the pic, burkey!

  19. Congratulations on SD’s first anniversary! I like what you’ve done to this place! 😉

    I became a fan of your beautiful, thought-provoking texts at Noting David and followed you here when I was about to give up on this ‘fan thing’. I’m glad I’ve done that. I find this blog mostly drama-free and, dare I say, agenda-free. I love the fact that I don’t need to read through or speak in riddles – you say what you mean and mean what you say while also allowing others to do just that. Thanks a million!

    • What do you mean, “mostly drama-free”?

      HOW!!!!! DARE!!!!! YOU?????!!!!!


      • 😆

        I know, right? We always have YOU to fill the “drama void.” 😀

      • I said ‘mostly’ 😉
        Since deliberating on the economical use of exclamation marks, that is, which means we can even discuss the elephant in the room without cheap displays of fanaticism.

  20. Thank YOU, everyone! The commenters here have really made Soul David the kind of “coffee house” drama-free hangout it is. 🙂

  21. Congrats HG…Love this site!!!

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