Think of David

Last April, during Week 6 of the AI competition, David wowed us with a gifted interpretation of “Think of Me,” from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera; Rascal awed many of David’s fans with a contemplative review of his “Think of Me” performance, titled A Real Musical Soul; and Sonic Ether had us jamming out to the remix. 

In the words of the reverential Rascal:

I’ve started to notice that in the mentor segments, there is a small but discernible difference in how the music industry luminaries talk about David, as compared with how they talk about the others. It’s not as much in what they say as it is in their attitude and composure. Like theyknow something. They seem to get calmer, to speak a bit more quietly, with what I can only interpret as a kind of reverence. Not a reverence for David himself, perhaps, but a reverence for the recognition of something inside him, something maybe a bit familiar, something fine and rare and glimmering. Lord Lloyd Webber gave it a name tonight. He called it a real musical soul.

Welcome to the club, Andrew. If you’d like to pick up a pamphlet on the symptoms of ODD, they’ll be on the table after the meeting.

Musical soul indeed!

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  1. Another “bravo” to your post on TDC!

    I’m glad you raised the issue of the image depicting the “outraged middle-aged white woman”. Once before, I mentioned on TDC that I sensed a bias against the female segment of the fan base. I also see this on IDF. For ex., sometimes opinions by middle-aged women are dismissed as “mothering” and are treated as undeserving of consideration. I would explain more but I have to finish my presentation for work.

  2. I didn’t realize folks were commenting on my TDC post over HERE! haha!

    Thanks for your feedback. I was just trying to give my honest interpretation – even at the risk of sounding biased or what have you.

    Desertrat, yes, there was that whole stereotyping of David’s older female fans. Like, we’re only into “mothering” him and can’t deal with his having a sexuality (whatever the orientation might be). As if!!

  3. looks like a standing ovation for David from Nygel Lythgoe at the BritWeek Gala

    Doesn’t David look handsome there….. 😉

  4. Phantom of the Opera is a classic and is one of the best plays ever`.,

  5. i love classic operatic arias and Phantom Of The Opera is one of the best musical ~’~

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