David on Tour Countdown #3

Special Note: Celebrating my birthday today! 🙂

While this tour performance was already selected as my #3 all time favorite, it seems even more timely now, given the latest controversies in Archuworld.  Let’s hope all of David’s fans are reminded of why we love him so with this performance. 

“Apologize” – Jun. 21, 2009 – Hartford, CT on the Demi Lovato Tour

One Word (or more): SOUL-PIERCING!

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hello Gorgeous

    Thanks, Pete! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, HG! I see you weighed in on the Archudrama, but I have to get the kids ready for school!! I’ll have to read it later. Can’t wait!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Signing off until next time.

  6. Happy Birthday,HG!!


  7. Yipee! Feliz cumpleanos. <33

    Thanks for stopping your work to give us your thoughts. Appreciate you and this site.

    This Apologize helps me remember what it's all about for me. What an extraordinary talent he is. And if anybody can come through these difficult times and ultimately show us how its done, it's David. Go DAVEEEDD!!

  8. Happy birthday, HG

  9. Feliz Aniversário, HG!
    Deus te abençõe.

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! I really enjoy your blog. You’re the voice of reason and compassion (with some spunk thrown in).

    • Here here, Utah Mom!
      Couldn’t have said it better!

      Happy Day, Hello Gorgeous (and well preserved, ahem…)

    • Here here, Utah Mom!
      Couldn’t have said it better!

      Happy Day, Hello (Youthful, Amazing and) Gorgeous!


  11. Happy Birthday, HG!

  12. Joyeux Anniversaire HG !
    I love your blog !

  13. Happy birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday HG! We’ll have to find one of those clips of David singing his soulful “happy birthday”.

  15. David’s working with Guy Chambers …. he co-wrote “Angels” w/Robbie Williams.

  16. Thanks again for the B-Day wishes, everyone! The day is going well! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday HG

      Thanks for coming out of your “blog break” to post your “Archies, Lets Be Real” input…… 🙂

  17. You should all go over to TDC and read post #151

    There is a letter there written by David to DreamerJulie in December 09

    wow what a letter from a 18 year old (at that time)…..makes you really see the kind of person he is…..

  18. HG, I hope your special day has brought you everything GOOD!
    The love and respect you show David and his fans on your blog is much appreciated. THANKS, and Happy Birthday! 🙂

  19. I just read an interview w/Michael J. Fox where he offers really good advice based on his battle w/Parkinson’s disease. It made me think of David and my thoughts re. what may be in store for him.

    “Don’t spend a lot of time imagining the worst case scenario. It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.”

    “When things do go bad, don’t run, don’t hide. It will take time, but you’ll find that even the gravest problems are finite, and your choices are infinite.”

    • I agree, and it’s difficult for me to see what the problem is here.

      Some people on Twitter and on the Internet who apparently have miserable lives and who have been waiting for an opportunity to mercilessly attack David, a 19-year-old kid, now (or still) think that he’s gay or a homophobe, whichever happens to bring them more satisfaction. So what?

      (Thanks again for all the career news.)

      • Twitter has become the new bathroom wall.
        “They” are going to cost me one of my
        favorite things-David’s tweets. Ironic that
        the gay/homophobe twitterers are the same
        ones absolutely shrieking b/c David was
        near Charise last Sunday.

        Wise words Desertrat-MJFox has handled
        a devastating illness with such dignity, all
        in the public eye.

      • Isn’t it possible to read David’s tweets without reading what “they” are saying?

      • I don’t read any tweets but David’s. I
        meant he might quit sending any.

  20. Okay…

    Vote for the Worst picked this story from the David Chronicles. Perez Hilton picked this story from Vote for the Worst. And so on and so forth.

    The article at the David Chronicles was originally published to poke fun at David’s “conservative fans” who were expected to freak out because David had been spotted at a gay club — and, of course, to celebrate, with overtones of oh-so-sophisticated self-conceit, his turning out to be the gay activist they always knew he was.

    Too bad David didn’t feel completely at home at the night club and he expressed his feelings. Things took an unexpected turn, and a new section of David’s fanbase freaked out: Cue the Archufan Freakout 2.0

    Congrats to all parties, including Charice’s management, for a job well done. Thank you for totally ignoring David and compulsively continuing to project your agendas onto him, whatever these agendas may be.

    Thank you for once again making one of the most centered, honest and genuine 19-year-olds in the world an easy target for cheap shots.

    • saw this tweet & thought it was funny……well, maybe not THAT funny……lol

      well we’ve learned one thing: the new manager (if there is one now) is not very smart.
      11:33 PM Apr 18th via web

    • LOL. How true.

    • Aren’t we special?
      David’s fanbase is so efficient that we even do his detractors’ job.
      Woot Woot! I guess…

    • raelovingangels

      So, it sounds like you feel the whole thing would have stayed under the radar if not for the TDC article? I had not considered that.

      • raelovingangels

        If that is what started the sequence of events and information flow to bring to mainstream media- I actually would be sick to my stomach.

      • I don’t know about that, Rae. But some of the news reports on my Google alerts came from gay sites that had picked the story somehow from TDC. They even showed the same selection of pictures of the club and quoted from the text. If it didn’t start it, it definitely helped fan the flames.

    • Is that really what happened? Who leaked the gay club story to begin with?

      • Wasn’tit a the Derek guy on twitter?

      • Sorry… wasn’t it the…

      • So, that Derek guy started it all, a few TDC enthusiasts got excited about the idea of David in a gay club, WWIII broke out, David dug himself in a deeper hole trying to explain himself, it’s now all over the gossip sites, and the rest is history? Is that it?

      • :laugh:


      • Yes. VFTW picked the story from TDC and gossip sites picked the story from VFTW. No one was paying attention to the night club before TDC’s article about David The Gay Activist Who Is Supposed To Single-Handedly Right The Wrongs Of The World.

        TDC knows this and was trying to do damage control by blaming the “conservative contingent” of David’s fanbase. In this case, however, the “conservative contingent” on Twitter consisted of teenage girls in the Philippines.

  21. happy birthdaqy hg! 🙂

    • GG, Have I told you I love you?
      Read your long, witty comment on another site. Great read! And true.

  22. I’ve been talking to myself here but here goes

    Allison on Twitter
    @AllisonIraheta At the ASCAP pop music awards @DavidArchie !! Where are u?

    Rumour has it he’s not going. Oh, boy.

  23. HG – Happy Birthday Girl! Woot Woot!

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