Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Archies, Let’s Be Real Here

Yes, I am taking yet another blog-break break to comment on the latest brouhaha in Archuworld.  First, there are the tweenies who had a meltdown because David was hanging out with Charice.

Next, his conservative fanbase burst a vein because he was spotted in a popular NYC gay club.

Now, his gay fans want to reprimand David for being slightly “bigoted” and for saying he’s got “gay best friends.” 

Look.  I’ll be the first to say that, if David ever said anything that smacked of racial bigotry, I would cry and wail and let everybody know how offended and disappointed I was in him.  So, on that level, I totally and completely get where his gay fans are coming from.

But, what exactly are we expecting from David here? Seriously?

I mean, it was only just yesterday that certain fans were rolling their eyes and expecting David’s homophobic fans to get over the fact that David was hanging out at Club 57.  (And, yes, deep down, I could feel how excited they were that this, this, was the slow and early steps towards David’s public “coming out” ball, to which I say: that ain’t happening in I don’t know how many years.  Be patient, or get over it.)

So, of course, when David doesn’t come out all a-flaming, indeed, disavows that he’s into that scene (Realllllly? Gee, what a suprise! I mean, I could have sworn all those Mormon Temple attendances these past months on all his tour stops was just a cover or something), folks want to get on his case? 

I’m willing to give David a pass here.  I’m not expecting 180-degree changes, and contrary to the belief that David needs a core gay audience to get a “cool pass” (which, for a guy who’s been plagued by these rumors, I would say: no, that’s only for straight diva-type gals a la Charice, Beyonce, Rhianna, Celine, and Lady Gaga – for the boys, they need their straight-approving homies for the cool pass, and if you don’t think so, ask Adam Lambert why he’s still struggling to break out as a superstar), David has to strike a balance between a very homophobic mainstream audience and a liberal, sex-positive alternative crowd who would already have a difficult time accepting a good lil’ Mormon Boy singing “message songs.” 

Those of us who love David, we know why we do, and it’s time we take an assessment of who it is we think we’re following here.  I have no illusions.   David is a beautiful singer with a beautiful soul, and he’s got some flaws to work out.  We can’t expect someone growing up in an ultra conservative religion and community to be completely open and politically savvy.  It’s going to take some time for this 19 year old to figure things out, and I think he’s learning quickly.

Hopefully, he (and the rest of us) will get through this snag.