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Imagine 3.0

Thanks for the link, Burkey!

Not sure about the hair, but I sure did squee with the close-up on his big beautiful fingers on the piano keys! 🙂

As I already stated in the previous thread,  I’m taking a break from my blog break to register my excitement over David’s “Imagine 3.0” return.

He was simply superb, and in many ways – when you compare him not just to the current Season 9 contestants but even current pop stars like Rhianna and Jason Darule –  he needs no pyrotechnics or fancy (and might I add – STOLEN!! Cut the MJ dance moves already!!) footwork.  Just his velvety Voice and much improved piano-playing to make a song come truly alive.

David really is in a class all by himself. 🙂

David on Tour Countdown #9

“Zero Gravity” – Mar. 8, 2009 – House of Blues, Chicago:

One Word: AWESOME!