You’re the Voice!

This is Top 10 Week on American Idol, and once again, I’m taking a trip down memory lane when David performed “You’re the Voice”:

Ignoring for the moment that David was criticized for selecting a song American audiences never heard of (in fact, Simon implied that it was a song dear ol’ dad chose for him) – on the same night that Cook “rocked” out to Billie Jean – this did show how David was already globally inclined, inspired by pop songs all over the world, as this particular song topped Australia’s pop charts.  But, we can’t give David props for being committed to inspirational pop music now, can we?

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  1. If memory serves me correctly, behind the scenes, the producers insisted that David sing this song. (I like it.)

    • Why would they insist on such an obscure song (at least to American viewers)? And yes, I do like it, another performance that doesn’t get much love.

    • I don’t remember hearing anything about the producers wanting David to sing this. It may be a different song – such as the Clive Davis selection or something like that.

      I like the song, too. If I recall, David expressed that he likes it, too, and seemed surprised that Simon would think that someone other than David himself selected it.

      • raelovingangels

        My recollection is that this was a big hit in Australia. David being a music chart buff was familiar with it. He loved the message and the artist who originally sang it. Simon dissed him and in an off stage interview David made some remariks back sort of challanging Simon in his understated way that he was familiar with the song and had picked it. At any rate, the rest is history because David is the Voice. 🙂
        I could be gettting my stories confused due to blocking out anything related to Simon however.

  2. This song unfortunately always reminds me of the marked decline in David by TPTB in favor of DCook. “DaddyGate” was in full motion by then but that statement by Simon began to put even more doubts in the minds of viewers about whether or nor David was controlled by a puppetmaster. I always believed this more than anything added to whatever it was that made David place 2nd. He managed to bounce back with Smoky Mountain Memories the following week but the damage was already done.

    • in Dean Kaelin’s book he says that David’s father picked this song, You’re The Voice, so unfortunately Simon may have been correct. This song was sung by an Australian on their Idol show. I hope David’s father has less control of song selections now.

      • Thanks for the info. Looks like my memory didn’t serve me correctly. But I remember reading somewhere that the producers (or at least some of them) thought this song choice was a good idea.

      • peter……I do think that what you said was the rumor & everyone thought that until Dean’s book came out

        What was the big deal about his father (not that I am a fan of his father) helping him pick out a song anyway. Weren’t the other idols getting advice from someone on what song to choose?

      • The book mentioned that YTV (picked by Jeff because of uplifting lyrical content) was first considered for 80’s week along with 2 others. The producers loved upon hearing it in practice but it was not approved for use in time.

        TEDA then had to scramble and use Another Day in Paradise as a substitute because David had developed severe strep throat and it was not as demanding vocally.

        For the theme – year they were born, TEDA decided to use YTV because a) the 90’s did not have great hits, b) the song met that criteria and was approved eventually so David and Jeff decided to go ahead with it since most of the prep work for the band had already been done.

        David and Jeff were working hand in glove to some degree and since David had to spend so much time being tutored Jeff was indeed his go-between person at this point. Simon knew this was probably the case and so made the comment. However people started to think that David was getting some kind of unfair advantage because of his father’s musical background and perhaps …. ‘orneriness’ as well.

  3. raelovingangels

    Here it is…. . I also recall seeing a very very brief interview just after the show where David seemed irritated by the remark by simon smarty pants.

  4. Burkey, the “big deal,” from what memory serves, is the snide way Simon insinuated that David didn’t select the song. I didn’t feature a performance that included the judges’ comments (so as to preserve the good points about the performance) but if you found a vid with Simon’s comments, he said something to the effect of “I’d be really really surprised if you picked that song for yourself.” To say such a thing at a time when rumors went wild about David being a “puppet” (as Joymus reminds us) and being controlled by this control-freak “stage dad” is what made Simon’s comments really underhanded. Nothing wrong with Jeff helping David out with a song choice, but in the context of the stage dad rumors, it was the twist Simon put on it that made the difference.

    Sigh. Now I know why people tend not to revisit “You’re the Voice.” The performance is lovely, but it comes with all this extra baggage, doesn’t it?

    • Yep HG – that song always brings back – what if. The turn away tide started with that comment. In a way Simon became the manipulator of the beginning of the rise of Cook.

      Apart from that, David’s vocal was not the best that night as his voice cracked during register changes. The studio version however is masterful.

    • Yes, it did turn out to be a big deal I can see, but why did Simon single out David about song choice help. Don’t you think that the other idols got help selecting songs also?
      Simon didn’t want David to win at this point I can see now, but I really wonder why?

  5. Eek! Ack! Ugh! I will never forgive “Teflon Tim” for RAPING my all time favorite R&B ballad, “Sweet Love,” by the incomparable Anita Baker!!!

    How DARE he? 😦

    It’s like, he VIOLATED the soul in the Soul – he didn’t just STEAL it! Ugh!!

    I need to take a shower… or better yet, refresh my memory of how the song is originally song:

    This so-called R&B/Soul Week could easily be nicknamed “Take the Soul out of Soul Week” considering the botched jobs some of the idol contestants did tonight.

    What would I give to hear “Soul David’s” take on “Ain’t No Sunshine” or even “Sweet Love.”

    That said, I thought Crystal was great, as always, and Casey and Lee found enough “blues” to get their rock- n-roll on. Siobhan’s take on Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire” was totally underrated (another favorite ballad of mine).

    Everyone else: meh (including Big Mike’s messing around with India.Arie).

    There’s a reason why I lamented “the Disappearing Diva” on this show. A powerhouse diva-type would have killed the competition tonight!

    • yes, for sure we need a DIVA in this bunch
      this group is just so so to me…nothing outstanding in the whole lot of them

      • I agree. I am astonished at how bland they ALL are. I compare tem all to David and they lack too much. I just cannot develop any interest. This is my last nite to watch.

  6. wow, look at this..somebody posted this at FOD..I’ve never seen it before

    Aint No Sunshine by a young David

    • Thanks for this, Burkey! I love how David still kicks Aaron Kelly’s behind even at the tender age of 11! haha!

      What was that about “the next David Archuleta”? 🙂

  7. When Dean K. said Jeff picked the song, I took it to mean Jeff chose the song knowing full well that David was very familiar with it and would agree with him that it was a good selection. I would imagine David is still the one who says yes or no to whatever Jeff narrows down to, so it makes perfect sense to me that David would assert that he chose it.

    • Yes Vermeer,

      It really seemed like a group effort on Jeff, Dean and Richard’s part. Jeff’s job before he was prevented from doing so by the producers, was to narrow down the song choices from a list to what David knew and would approve of lyrically. Dean and Richard seemed to provide technical support – like chord mock-ups for the band and for David if he played an instrument. For example, it was Richard who helped to arrange – Think of Me and Dean who gave chord structures for David’s Angels. One thing about Jeff like it or not is that musically up that point – he knew the genres and types of songs David would lean towards.

      Who’s to say what their musical relationship is like now? David is probably more in control now but I’m sure he still solicits advice from Jeff as a sort of wall to bounce ideas around. I’m sure even as we speak that J is listening his butt off to the stuff David has recently recorded witrh a smile on his face.

  8. Looking back, I don’t think Simon ever liked David. His compliments, when David was so good he would have looked like an idiot if he didn’t acknowledge it, were always “I’ve got to admit/I’ve got to hand it to you”, it was always an effort. He usually latched onto some obscure thing, way down the list of what’s important, to criticize about David’s performance and when he flat couldn’t find anything he went to song choice/tempo/TeDa. YTV is like the 2nd national anthem of Australia and Simon (apparently) never heard of it. I thought it was a great song-David’s is the only non-recorded cover listed on the song’s bio in Wiki.
    Brooke said “You have no idea what they put him through” I think that about sums up what went on backstage.

    • Thats the first time I’ve heard of any of the other contestants comment on the shenanigans that went on. When did she make that statement?

      • oh ugh on my memory-after David stayed with her in LA about 12-18 mos ago? Seems like it was (just her) in an interview (radio)? Maybe someone else remembers it?

    • I totally agree with you, Fancy. And Simon worked in the music business in the UK in the 80s, so there’s no way he could NOT have known this song.

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