Speculation Time

So, if rumors are correct, and we’re getting a new single next month, with an album release most likely in the summer, AND David’s new memoir Chords of Strength coming out June 1, what is more likely: a BOOK TOUR or CONCERT TOUR?

Perhaps even a (gasp!) combo of sorts?  How would that even play out? 😛 

Can’t wait either way! (Of course, I’m assuming we’ll get some kind of tour, but I could be wrong).

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  1. David has been working a crazy schedule to get us some quality recordings and I appreciate it but I really don’t understand why this wait has been so excruciating. 😦

    If we had a definite date for a tour would the waiting be any easier? Pretty darn uncomfortable I say. I am hoping his appearance in Utah will help some.

    Taking my peevish self outa here to get some “No Air” relief.

  2. i think it was smart to move the book release date to June which is near the end of the school yr for most kids. i could see david promoting both the book and new cd at signings in stores such as Borders and Walmart. i definitely believe david will be on a musical tour this summer singing songs off the new album. but who will he be touring with? hmmm…

    embe, thanks for posting the original arrangements of “Be Still My Soul” in the previous thread. I enjoyed listening to them.

  3. Can’t wait for the CD and the Book! I’m super excited! and ive been wondering why is David tweeting quotes a lot lately? Maybe he is reading an inspirational book or something.. Anyone knows? But i love those quotes that he tweeted, most of them are relateable to me.
    Anyway, this is OT but, i just watched a movie called “Hachiko” it based on a true story and it brought me to tears, that movie has a lot of good messages and just… Great. I’m looking forward to watch the japannese version of this movie which was released in 1987.
    i think most of you have known the story of Hachiko, because the movie was released August 2009, months ago. But in case you haven’t, follow this link :

  4. I realize that people probably think I am crazy but is Pink touring this summer? I must be strange to like that combination (Pink/David) but I do. Maybe I should do a little research about Pink before I stick my neck out farther?

  5. Happy Passover to all David’s Jewish Fans! 😀

    (I’m sure he has them)

    In other news, [shocker! I kid], Ricky Martin finally, FINALLY came out of the closet. His narrative was really sweet too, about feeling blessed and happy and all that. Good for him!

    • i read that. it was classy the way he chose to do it. he’d been hounded and dogged by speculation for a long time, and i’m glad he reached the point in his life where he decided it was time to live his truth openly and freely.

    • I just read the statement on Ricky’s website – very touching. Earlier today he tweeted this quote by Martin Luther King; it may reveal what he felt during his silence.

      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

  6. More David Love from EW?!


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