What Talent Means in a Musical Sea of Mediocrity

Earlier today, while I was late rushing to an appointment, after scraping ice off my car in one of those bizarre freak wintry weather incidents, I turned on my car radio, and lo and behold, the DJs were interviewing Justin Bieber and acting so star-struck it was ridiculous.  Clueless lil ol’ me: I had no idea we were in the midst of a “Bieber Fever” pandemic.  

To my astonishment, Justin “Baby” Bieber spoke in street slang (seriously?) and liberally used a bunch of ebonics in his speaking voice (he’s from Canada, right? I mean, unless he grew up in one of Toronto’s slums, who is he kidding?).  

Sometime after that fiasco, Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” played, and then I decided to turn the station (after finally watching that hideous, utterly trashy music video of theirs, I didn’t want any memories flooding back).  

So, it’s official.  I’m getting old.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it, and that’s pretty depressing. 

And to think I fancied myself getting younger, which was how I felt when I was being energized as an ODD David fan last year.  Which is why it still makes no sense to me when others make fun of David’s “older” fans because we happen to love him and his VOICE.  They act as if we’re “inappropriate” in our admiration of his musicality.  But, the fact that I don’t get what all the fuss is about concerning Justin Bieber or what it was about for the Jonas Brothers, back when they were the “trending” topics, or what tweens see in Twilight stars or High School Musical, etc. should mean that David is someone to take seriously for the mere fact that his “older” fans feel absolutely nothing for the “teen/tween stars” but who go absolutely gaga for David.  

Maybe David really is cheesy.  I mean, is there anything more “uncool” than having fans over 30?  heh.

But, that’s okay b/c David has embraced his cheesy self, and we’re right there with him! 😛

Of course, it helps that, now that everyone else is slowly realizing that today’s music scene is officially in the sewer, more and more folks are appreciating the rare gems that artists like David represent.  I mean, who ever expected that EW’s Michael Sleazak would defend David’s vocal talents from the likes of AI’s unfair comparisons to Aaron Kelly this week?

At the same time, it does make me wonder: how on earth could David possibly fit into the current music scene?  He can SANG, he needs no autotune (in fact, he “hates” it), and he has tremendous musical and personal depth.  Does his level of talent even mean anything, now that the musical landscape has lowered the bar to new levels of mediocrity? I mean, if you’ve got talent, you might actually stand out like a sore thumb (or show up other “sensations” for the crap they really are).

It is with this realization that I look forward to David’s new album.  I have no grand expectations like I used to when he made his debut back in ’08.  I won’t even read into anything or between the lines – whether he tops the charts or barely makes a mark.  It would have absolutely no bearing on what his potential will be. 

The bottom line is: the music industry sucks hard, and perhaps it’s for the best if David stays just below the radar, appealing to those who love him and slowly awakening those who have yet to discover him.  Slowly but surely an audience is out there waiting to be delivered from this cultural armageddon called “pop music.”  Maybe David can be its musical savior.

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  1. It doesn’t even matter anymore if an album gets into the top 10 because now there was a gimmick to that…….Beiber is in the top 10 at itunes, ….the gimmick——> “The Golden Ticket”

    “Now comes the next chapter in Bieber’s media blitz — one that he is borrowing from Willy Wonka. Bieber announced via his Twitter that select copies of his album will come bundled with golden tickets. The recipients of said tickets will be entitled to a fan-friendly prize that is typically Bieber: They will receive a private concert from the singer himself. We expect his legions of rabid fans to pick up copies of My World by the truckload for the opportunity for a personal show from Bieber.”

    I’m so glad we have David around otherwise I would just be listening to good old “oldies”

  2. So you mean, even with all this “Bieber Fever” PR hoopla, he still has to bribe fans to buy his album?

    *rolls eyes.*

    (BTW, does anyone know how to create an eye roll emoticon?)

  3. Hi HG, couldn’t find an email for you. This is from a comment on a blog I get bob@lefsetz.com. Blog premise=what’s wrong w/music and the music industry today.
    “Last night I watched in horror as the top new act of 2010 pretty much committed rock seppuku in front of 20 million people. To recap: Ke$ha has the biggest hit of the year thus far and has at least three number one singles left on her CD, the best of which, “Kiss and Tell”, is better that “Tic Toc”. So, instead of going with that, she, her label, and her team go with “Blah, Blah”, probably the worst song on the CD. Then she gets up in front of this huge audience and sings the song terribly, dances terribly, and dresses terribly. There are also obvious technical problems as the sound drops 85% mid-way through this wreck.
    As if this wasn’t bad enough, she leaves the stage during an instrumental break and comes back with a HEADDRESS made out of animal fur. I guess it was Pocahontas night on American Idol. Even in the new paradigm, you still need some taste and, by God, some common sense.”
    I guess he couldn’t bring himself to mention the dancers with home made TV sets over their heads.

  4. Snarkies has scans up of David in the Idol Magazine, unfortunately his old (ning) web site address is used. Seems like they could fix that to link to new site? They did fix so DavidArchuleta.com goes to new site-grateful for small favors.

    • you’re right..the old ning site does not redirect to the new “official” site

      it would be such a small issue to fix too, oh well……

  5. raelovingangels

    Happy Saturday! I agree- David’s twitter count contiues to steadily grow. His fan base is dedicated and solid. He does sell records. His Christmas album a success. Not as many TV appearances as we would like, but events enough to keep him out there. Picking up a latin fan base. Some solid press coverage and at the end of they day, that Seacrest reference got David some props. It sounds like he is getting more creative control with this new CD. David is magic and I think moving at the right pace to have a long career and will never be yesterdays flash in the pants.

  6. Hi there HG! I’d love to see you do an article on Christina Aguilera’s comback. Her new song is trash and features an f-bomb. I had such high hopes for her. Truly disappointing!

  7. David will probably be closer to 20 (than 19) by the time his album is released. Having a diverse fan base provides him with opportunities that other artists don’t receive. While he’s may be a little under the radar, he’s still nipping on the heels of top selling unique artists such as Mraz, Buble, Jack Johnson and John Legend.

    I would cringe if David were to be marketed primarily to tweens again. Bieber’s marketing people are on top of things and I’m actually glad they’re giving Disney some competition.

    Re. Beyonce, I think her marketing people are desperate in their effort to hang on to the hip, youth market. I mean, Gaga has Bey dueting on a song that isn’t even that good; how desperate is that??

    Per Jive’s website, Nick Lachey and JC Chasez are no longer listed as artists…hmmm. Usher’s new album debuts next week. Usher may have discovered Bieber but in terms of popularity, Usher needs Bieber (more than the other way around).

  8. HG, I would be interested in hearing your opinion of this new video “Telephone” done by Gaga & Beyonce

    I don’t see one redeeming thing in this video…….truely disgusting

    & this will probably end up in the top 10 of something


  9. I was looking for info songwriter, Brenda Russell and found a photo of her w/David at “The Color Purple”. 🙂

  10. 🙄

    Thanks for the tip, Burkey! 😛

    Sorry I’m just now checking back in. I had lost internet connection then had an event to attend today.

    Anywho, I was not paying attention to Christina Aguilera’s new music. But if she too has deteriorated, then all I have to say to that is:

    Drrty!! (Member Sextina back in the day?)

    As for the Telephone video, 🙄

    It’s so cliched and ridiculously banal to the point of being pointless.

    I’m very disappointed in both Lady Gaga and Beyonce, who ARE capable of doing much better work.

    • that is especially why that Telephone video is bad because we expect more from Beyonce & Gaga…….because they actually do have talent…….

      I’m getting too old for this current music scene

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