Tell It, Masterclass Lady!

Personally, I have had my fill of pointless comparisons of this year’s crop of singers to those who have previously competed on American Idol. I know I have stated that Seasons 5 and 7 were exceptional seasons and difficult to capture on a yearly basis, but, except for one instance (Siobhan/Adam), I have attempted to stay away from comparing the Season 9 singers to those that came before them.

What’s the point? The majority of the time, these comparisons fall flat and put extra pressure on the Season 9 singers.

The most ludicrous comparison has been the  suggestion that Aaron Kelly is a replication of Season 7 Top 2 finalist, David Archuleta.  Look, I think Aaron is a very musical and hard-working young musician, possessing great potential in his future performing career.  

But, David Archuleta came to the Season 7 competition equipped with skills that were very advanced and extremely refined plus he knew how to select songs that captured his unique and creative performing style.  I have never seen a young singer so prepared and so confident for the huge opportunity presented to him by American Idol.

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  1. I luv David’s fluffy hair in this photo. 🙂

    I just saw on MJs blog that Usher, PDiddy and JBieber will appear next Wed on Idol (R&B) week. Of course I’d like them to invite David to perform but for R&B week, it would have been nice to have invited either Fantasia, Rueben, Melinda or Elliot to perform a song off their albums. They could use the promo.

    • How did PDiddy and JBieiber come to represent “R&B” – so much B.S. to this!


    • Yep………Beiber is going to be on idol this week…now I am really sick of that show.
      Can you imagine them having a no talent person versus all the talented people they could ask? I don’t get it…….

      a tweet from jim cantiello……..jambajim
      EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at Justin Bieber’s “Idol” performance: (Yep, he’ll be on “Idol” Wednesday.)

  2. Bieber will sing live? That’s a trainwreck I’m going to watch on YouTube. I haven’t heard any of his songs so far (only the parody).

    • Poster on MJ’s says taped but live would be so much….fun?
      Have you seen the YouTube of his duet w/Jordin? (No Air is

    • can you imagine……these are supposedly Bieber’s stats on twitter
      this sure looks like a manufactured twitter thing to me……. to promote sales?




  3. Good grief! I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to have to go back to an old post of yours, HG. The one about not getting discouraged about where David is in his career right now. I don’t doubt David’s talent, of course. It’s just that so many people don’t seem to care about the art of singing anymore. No matter what is happening in the world, that kid is trending on twitter! lol I laugh… so I don’t cry :/

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