Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Tell It, Masterclass Lady!

Personally, I have had my fill of pointless comparisons of this year’s crop of singers to those who have previously competed on American Idol. I know I have stated that Seasons 5 and 7 were exceptional seasons and difficult to capture on a yearly basis, but, except for one instance (Siobhan/Adam), I have attempted to stay away from comparing the Season 9 singers to those that came before them.

What’s the point? The majority of the time, these comparisons fall flat and put extra pressure on the Season 9 singers.

The most ludicrous comparison has been the  suggestion that Aaron Kelly is a replication of Season 7 Top 2 finalist, David Archuleta.  Look, I think Aaron is a very musical and hard-working young musician, possessing great potential in his future performing career.  

But, David Archuleta came to the Season 7 competition equipped with skills that were very advanced and extremely refined plus he knew how to select songs that captured his unique and creative performing style.  I have never seen a young singer so prepared and so confident for the huge opportunity presented to him by American Idol.

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