Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

Not Another Young’Un!

Oy! Last year, we had to contend with Taylor Swift as the young new sensation, while we Archies were wringing our hands as Jive shuck-and-jived to release a decent single from David’s debut album in the wake of his successful “Crush.”

Now that we patiently wait (yet again!) for new material from David’s sophomore pop album, what am I being bombarded with? Another NEW TEEN SENSATION!

Once again, I’ve been tuning out the Justin Bieber talk.  Once again, I’m trying to get my David Archuleta fix.

And ONCE AGAIN, I’m being expected to pay attention to some other teen star, who couldn’t hold a candle to The Voice.  

What is going on?  Who is pushing these kids down our throats?  

I can’t turn my car radio on without hearing “Baby, baby, baby oh… it’s like baby, baby, baby oooh!!”  I can’t go on Twitter without seeing #JustinBieber as a Twitter Trend for the umpteenth time.  If I go to You Tube, his video is being promoted (seriously, Ludacris, what are you doing with this kid? And doesn’t that girl look too old for the boy?).  He gets to open the We Are the World remake for crying out loud! 

And I want to know who his friggin’ handlers are, because they are doing some serious payola!

See, I remember, last year to be specific, when David Archuleta was attending Mardi Gras with this pipsqueak, and I thought it was beneath him then.  Here is pipsqueak all over my media now, with no mention of David (except to cater to votes for Aaron Kelly on American Idol), and I want to pull my hair out.  Is this payback because I thought Justin Bieber was not worthy to be in the same space as my David?

I tell ya: this is starting to be a Justin Bieber 2010 year, reminiscent of Taylor Swift 2009.  

At least, the Jonas Brothers are no where in sight.