Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Because Miley Can Teach Us Soooo Much…

In the spirit of American Idol foolishness, here’s Miley Cyrus being ENHANCED by none other than David Archuleta! 🙂

That said, I don’t know which is more insulting:

1. AI inviting Miley to be a “guest mentor” for the Top 11 contestants this week before inviting David as an Idol alum who COULD teach these young’uns something


2. having to watch Crystal Bowersox be “mentored” by Hannah Montana.

Speaking of Crystal, she tweeted today: “Look up Before the Music Dies. Interesting documentary.”  (Is she being facetious?)

Here’s Before the Music Dies (previously linked here on this blog by Desertrat months ago).

Picture Perfect

Getting rid of some extras in the background, I cropped this twitpic to get the right kind of, um, FOCUS!  

Have you ever seen David light up so brightly?  There’s something so endearing and so natural in the way he’s holding this baby.  What a guy! If I were his publicist, I’d be circulating images like these where ever there is media space … guaranteed to melt the hearts of many a young gal (and older ones too).