Bring On the Cheese (& Macaroni): Or Mozzarella, Take Your Pick

No one NO WHERE should ever, ever, EVER!!!! complain about David being “cheesy” or “boring” or whatever it is he gets flak for because he can sing a ballad like nobody’s business.

And that’s just it, folks! He can SING!!


Which is more than I can say for certain “current” pop music artists out at the moment… Oy veh!

I made the unfortunate mistake of tuning in 10 minutes before the AI results show was over (next time, I’ll be sure to tune in 5 minutes before since I only wanted to see who got voted off this week). Because I tuned in 10 minutes before the show’s end, I was thereby subjected to the most hideous, atrocious, unholiest, crappiest, SUCKTASTIC piece of filth I had ever seen on my tele.

That’s right. Some chick going by the name of Ke$ha performed on AI the most ridiculous song I have ever heard, which is titled “Blah Blah Blah.”  You’ve got to be kidding!

And not only was the song RIDICULOUS, but she looked RIDICULOUS (channeling Lady Gaga, aren’t we? Except, you know, Lady Gaga has some genuine music talent, and she’s inspired by real provocateurs a la Grace Jones, Prince, and the like – does this Ke$ha even know music from before the year 2000?).  And she sounded ten times worse than she looked!

Is this what popular music has come to? I mean, how do you even DANCE to such a tuneless, rhythmless, melody-lacking song like that? (I refuse to imagine my college students dancing to that crap at the clubs – I mean, there’s no beat to stick to).


If that is the state of popular music right now, I’m starting to get a better sense of what it is David might be objecting to and why he all of a sudden must defend himself with “cheese.”

David, baby, give me cheesy music any day!  It’s certainly better than … than… I don’t even know what to call what I heard on my TV tonight.  

It’s many things, but MUSIC it ain’t!

Oh. My. Heck.  

Can David save the music industry from itself? Somebody needs to!

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  1. I have 15 more minutes before I will witness this SUCKTASTIC thing on my TV that you speak of. At this point it’s akin to being drawn to the sight of a roadkill. I actually saw the lyrics to Blah Blah Blah as well as lyrics to a bunch of horrible songs that a post at Orly highlighted as heinous. I didn’t want to hear them so at least checked the lyrics. I can only shake my head and feel incredulous that that is what’s out there as popular music if you can call it that.

    • Brace yourself, Vermeer. It’s pretty painful.

      • Actually I make it a point to completely avoid looking at roadkill for real, but HG you got me too curious! 😉 You are right about everything. It is all kinds of bad!!! Yikes.

        Peter, the parody videos are great, very well made.

  2. From the same people who made the Adam Lambert parody:

  3. Today, I lost all hope in the media.

    David Archuleta, the latest American Idol finalist who has gone country, was in spotted in Nashville last week, ready to write more songs for his next album. According to USA Today, David met up with singer-songwriter Joy Williams and together they collaborated with other writers who have worked with hit-makers like Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw. When all was said and done, David left the studio with about 20 songs for his new album.

    Sigh. Oh, and dear entertainment “writers”: Drop dead, why don’t you.

  4. Personally I love cheese, its good for the teeth and mouth as it is a anticariogenic it makes any casserole taste better, its high in proteins low in carbs, won’t spike your blood sugar levels …so i say go for the cheese David hahaha it tastes good!!!

  5. So I saw where this Ke$ha chick, calls herself “Ke$ha” because she thinks it’s “hip & cool” I guess.
    So somewhere I saw an artlcle where they didn’t think she was so great and they called her “Ke¢ha”.
    I can’t stand her music & persona & can’t even subject myself to 1 minute of that trash.

    Even Perez Hilton was offended:
    “Ke$ha Stinks Up The American Idol Stage!!”

    I love cheese! Bring it on David

  6. If Ke$ha wants a long term career in music, she may want to show another side of her musicality. That drunk, party-girl persona will grow old fast.

    I’m crossing my fingers for at least one country song on D’s upcoming album. I know David can pull it off.

  7. Tweets from Emanuel Kiriakou:

    “We’re taking a break from recording and playing volleyball now..some cheerleaders are here too…”

    “Jeez it took me FOREVER to get these damn cheerleaders out of the studio…David David he’s our man if he can’t sing it NO ONE CAN!!!”

    “GIMME A D!!!!!!”

  8. He was and is too good for AI. Probably one of the most sincere performers the world will ever see.

    • Thanks for that video! Brings back “smoky mountain” memories! 😀

    • just beautiful…..and only 17 years old

    • GAH!! One of my favorite AI performances by David. Say what you want about Paula, but she “got” David. She said, after this performance, “you have a beautiful aura about you. You’re just glorious”. How true. #IMissPaula haha

    • My favourite performance after Shop Around and Love Me Tender. His lower register in this song – ‘keeps me strong’ – is to die for. And the ending? Gah! David’s hair is perfection here! Not an inch too short or too long. Purr-fect!

      *apologises for too many exclamations and bows out of discussing AI*

      • LOL, Valbraz! It’s OK to talk about AI, as it relates to David. I adore Shop Around too. And have recently rediscovered Love Me Tender. Heck, I’ve even fallen madly in love with “America”. I just really miss the guy.

        I will stop spamming this post now. 🙂 Good night to all!

  9. After David, I lost all interest in AI. I watched it once last year when David guest appeared. I wonder if the show will go off the air after Simon leaves. This year sounds awful, from everything I’ve heard!

  10. David’s vlog in case you miss it.
    Always always put a smile on my face viewing his vlog and all the teases about the new song ..argggg, can we have a new song NOW !!!! LOL

    He still hasn’t cut his hair !

    • I’ve been replaying 2:37-2:42. It almost sounds like David thinks this song is a good candidate to be the next single. Or maybe I’m just desperate. lol

  11. More tweets from Emanuel:

    “Just finished @davidarchie’s vocal for a new song. It’s one of my all time favorite songs I’ve ever written..David sounds incredible on it.”

    “It’s called _-_-_n_ _-_-s… me @claudekelly and @jesscatesmusic..figure it out suckas!! Winner get’s a prize!!!”

    In addition to the Steve Fekete Fan Club, we now have a Emanuel Kiriakou Fan Club.

  12. I don’t remember the name of Ke$has first “hit”…but, it sold 6 million copies!?! WTF??? What a mess… 😦

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