Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Top 12 Week: Game Changer

Tonight is Top 12 Week on American Idol, and this is definitely the point where the game changes.  And, I’m afraid it changed everything for David during his season.

Yikes! Remember this performance? (Most Archies try very hard not to.)  I remember wincing when it was so obvious David messed up the lyrics.  His mistake might have been related to trying to sing and walk down the stairs (something he did brilliantly by the time he went on the AI tour and performed “Apologize”).

Of course, I didn’t think he was a complete trainwreck (this was when David revealed all he could think of was “Dang it!”).  He was the cutest thing, blushing up there in the midst of his blunder and doing what he could to save the performance.  Many of us must have voted like crazy to keep him in the competition.

And at least Vulture kept a great sense of humor about the whole thing.

Of course, the rest of the media (and audience) are not kind when you show any weaknesses, and this was when the #manincap stories started leaking.  It wasn’t just that David was recovering from strep throat.  It was that his big bad daddy was yelling at him in the studios and withholding his water from him! ‘Member that one?

Because these rumors started right around the time David messed up, and gradually built up (while Cook was gaining on him in popularity) I always felt like this was a set-up.  I would love to get the behind-the-scenes story on this one because you know there is one (and it’s not all the doings of #manincap).  

Who knows? Maybe “stage dad” was recognizing show shenanigans this early on, and the sabatoge work was already underway.

No, these are not my own paranoid wonderings.  Last week’s interviews with Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott (both of whom seem pretty naive in the way they handle the press) definitely revealed that the producers do interfere with singers’ song choices, which smack of serious sabatoge to me! Discouraging Alex Lambert from singing Mario’s “Let Me Love You”? Discouraging Lilly Scott from singing Bjork?  Yeah, right. This is a fair competition.

But, David already crossed that bridge and survived.

Now, he just needs to survive the big bad world of record labels.