Daily Archives: March 15, 2010

Defensive David, Assertive David: I Like!

Hold up! Wait a minute! Come again?

I gotta tell ya: these recent interviews with David have had my head spinning!  Is our David (gasp!) growing up?  And… and… ASSERTING his own musical identity? ALREADY?!


I mean, when David starts protesting the use of autotune, to the point where he said he HATES autotune (and a commenter posted being surprised that David could even hate anything), I have to pause a bit, but only to conclude that this was testimony to his organic sense of music-making.

Then, I read an article (thanks for the link, Burkey) in which David says the following:

“Sometimes, people are like, ‘Nashville, it’s only the country and the ballads,'” David said Friday morning, while sitting at Williams’ breakfast table, eating a bowl of cereal and granola. “They are good at that kind of stuff, but they care about the music. Sometimes people forget that special thing and piece to music that is so important. People get lost in ‘We need the hit’ and ‘We need the hook.’ So much is missing from what that I enjoy about music.”

Hmmm… I am sensing a great deal of frustration here.  And I’m totally excited.  Just as I expected, Jive was going to try and put out some jive-a$$, generic, “death by autotune” fluff album – akin to that crap they put out for Jordin Sparks on her sophomore album – and David is protesting.  Go David! Stick up for what’s right and for what you believe in! 😀

But THEN, I read another article from the same Idol Chatter (thanks, Rae), and he says THIS:

Maybe [the next album’s] cheesy, but there’s a point where you have to be brave to be cheesy, because you know it’s what you’re supposed to do. Maybe I’m a cheesy person, but that’s who I am. I’m not going to pretend to be somebody else just to humor society.”

Woah!! Whaaat?! Is David in the midst of a musical battle? He is actually defending himself with the “cheesy” label? OMG! Are we going to get tons of ballads? *jumps up and down.* Perhaps the tweens, teens and young adult fanbase won’t be happy, but I’m sooooo looking forward to this (provided David gets his way; Jive will most likely have the final say).  

On the other hand, I’m concerned.  We’re only talking about, what?, two years since David has been signed?  It didn’t take long for David to go from exhilaration at hearing his recorded voice on the radio for the first time to protesting autotune.  That did not take long AT ALL.  

All I can say is: David, I feel you, honey.  You deserve the best producers in music, and one day, you and said collaborator will produce a golden, super diamond album that will blow us all away.  Your patience has always been a quality of yours that I greatly admire (and which I personally do not have), so I hope you are holding on to it.  For all of us. 

Cannot wait to hear what this sophomore album sounds like!